Diamondbacks 2017 Postseason Preview By: Peter Snyder

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are back in the Postseason for the first time since 2011 and are looking to make some October noise. The Diamondbacks have had the sneakiest, best year any team has had and you need to watch out for them in the playoffs. They have 90 plus wins on the year, 2 stud pitchers and a trade mid-season that turned out to take the team to the next level. The D-backs are hosting the Wild Card game on Wednesday night and will either face the Colorado Rockies or the Milwaukee Brewers. The scheduled starter will surely be Zach Greinke who has done all year what Zach Greinke does, be absolutely filthy. He has a 17-6 record with a 3.18 ERA and has also struck out over 200 batters this year.

At the 2, is Robbie Ray, who is having a break out year. He has a 14-5 record along with an impressive 2.95 ERA. He has also struck out 200 plus batters this year and has nasty strike out stuff. The Diamondbacks really hit their stride in the second half of the season when they acquired Detroit outfielder J.D Martinez. Martinez is known for having a shit ton of pop but nobody expected what was to come from the young righty. He has caught absolute fire and has over 40 home runs along with 100 plus RBIs. He also put on a show on a warm summer evening in Los Angeles where he hit not one, not two, not three, but FOUR home runs in one ball game against the Dodgers. Martinez is going to be a key piece of the puzzle if the Diamondbacks want to go far in the playoffs. Another key piece in the D-Backs success in Diamondbacks superstar, Paul Goldschmidt. He has had another stellar year batting over .300, hitting 30 plus homers and driving in well over 100 runs. Goldy has proved yet again why he is one of the best hitters in the game and people should be absolutely ecstatic to watch him hit in the postseason.


As for a prediction for this team. I think if they continue to stay hot, they will win the WC game with ease and upset arguably the best team in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers. They have owned the Dodgers as of late winning their last 6 games over the boys in blue and have done it in an impressive fashion. I think the Dodgers should be scared of this Diamondbacks team because in a blink of an eye, they could see them celebrating on their own field. I think the magic will end however and have them losing to the Washington Nationals in the NLCS. I think the Nats pitching and offense is going to be too much for the D-Backs to handle. It should be fun to see this “Cinderella” team make a run in the playoffs.



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