Houston Astros 2017 Postseason Preview By: Peter Snyder

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051016_Jose_Altuve_1280_35si9uws_3og8hnv5The Houston Astros are stocked and loaded, geared for a postseason run. This is perhaps the most talented team the Astros organization has ever brought to the postseason. They have potentially the American League MVP, a 3 headed beast on the mound that is arguably the best in the majors and a leadoff hitter with an insane amount of pop. The Stros are poised to make a postseason run and have a load of momentum which is crucial to coming into the playoffs.

A big thanks to the Astros success this year was the production of the small but mighty, Jose Altuve. The Venezuelan has been an absolute hit machine this year, collecting over 200 hits on the year, scoring over 100 runs and knocking in 80. The most impressive stat of all is that there is a good chance by Sunday, that Altuve will be hitting 50 points over .300. That is literally insane. He deserves to be the A.L MVP and I cannot wait to see him shine under the bright lights of October baseball. Another key piece to the Astros success and factor to their postseason success is going to be the production of their 1-2-3 starters. Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers and Justin Verlander when healthy, are as close to an unstoppable as you will find. Dallas Keuchel who had a lackluster year last year is back and in prime form. He has one of the best change-up in the game and will be a dangerous weapon for the Stros during this postseason. Another weapon, if he can stay healthy,  will be Lance McCullers who has had a breakout year for the team. The only problem for McCullers has been his inability to stay healthy throughout the year. If he can not stay healthy for the Astros in the playoffs  that is going to be a major problem for the ball club. Since picking up Justin Verlander in the second half of the season, Verlander has done nothing but dominant and made the Stros very happy buyers. Even though age is starting to become a factor, when Verlander has his stuff which is more times than not, he is one of the best pitchers in the game. He also has plenty of playoff experience and that will be used to his advantage. If these 3 pitchers click in the playoffs, this team can very well be in the Fall Classic this year.


The Astros will face the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS. The two teams are pretty much evenly matched but I think the Astros have a slight advantage in one way, they are hot and the Sox are banged up and cold. I think game one will be one for the books but having the Red Sox taking it due to the fact that Chris Sale will be on the mound and if he’s on, he’s untouchable. I however, have the Astros taking the next 3 and advancing to the ALCS without a true test from the Sox. I then have them running into the Cleveland Indians. This has potential to be a series for the ages but in the end of it, I think the Indians are the best team in baseball and will win the series in 6. That being said I would not be shocked if the Astros won the pennant. They are strong, fast and flashy and it should be exciting to watch them play in this year’s postseason.

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