New York Yankees 2017 Postseason Prediction By: Peter Snyder

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The boys in pinstripes are back in the playoffs and what a year it has been for the Yanks. A Judge has come into the Bronx and turned it upside down, we found out that its always Sonny in New York and that there is a pretty good SS replacing good ol number 2.

Aaron Judge took the world by storm this year. The rookie has had such an outstanding year he will most likely be a finalist for the A.L MVP. He hit 50 homers this season along with driving in well over 100 runs, walking over a hundred times, and breaking Mark Maguire’s rookie record for the most home runs in a their rookie season. Judge has been sensational this season but if there is one flaw, it is his ability to strike out. He leads the league in strike outs and that will be interesting to see how that translates in the postseason and how the rookie will perform when the light shines bright on the New York lights. Another big part of the Yankees success has been the pitching dominance from Yankee Ace, Luis Severino. Sevi has been lights out this season, striking out over 200 batters and having a 3.03 ERA (as of Wednesdays start). Sevi also throws absolute cheddar and can crank 100 even in late innings of the ballgame. For the Yankees to make a run this October he is going to have to perform well and have his stuff every time because the margin of error is that thin in the playoffs.


As for predictions, I think this team will win the Wild Card game against the Twins, but their season will end vs the Indians. I just think the Indians are flat-out better in every sense of the word. That is nothing against the Yankees; I think they are better than every team in all of baseball by a big margin. I think the series will go to 4 at most and the only way that the series will go to 5 is if Aaron Judge literally catches absolute fire against a really good Indian pitching staff. Its possible, I just don’t see it happening. Never the less, the Yankees are pumped to be back in the postseason and are looking to do more then the last time they were in it, where they lost in the Wild Card game to the Houston Astros. Will this year be a different story, or different year same stuff?  We will have to find out.


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