Cam Newton Needs To Grow Up! By: Peter Snyder

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Cam Newton is making national news after totally belittling a women during a Wednesday afternoon press conference. Jourdan Rodrigue, a beat writer for the Carolina Panthers, asked Newton a question during the quarterbacks weekly press conference. The question had to do with routes and in Cams response which was followed by a laugh and a grin was and I quote “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes…like its funny.” Really Cam? What is funny about a professional who just happens to be a women asking you an intelligent question. To degrade Rodrigue in that matter which also degraded everyone who is a female in the sports media profession, is just disgusting.

When I first saw the video I was shocked. First off NOTHING was funny about the question at all, it was actually a hell of a question. Second of off, grow the eff up Cam, can you not handle the fact that a women knows her shit and is very capable to ask these type of questions, are you not mature enough to handle that? GROW UP! Newton has always been known to be some what immature so this is not surprising to me at all. He has always had trouble with handling the media, EX. Post Super Bowl but this is a whole new level of awful. Rodrigue was the bigger women and made it clear this was not going to ruin her week or even day as she had a job to do which was to cover the Carolina Panthers. Newton was than non apologetic after Rodrigue went up to him after the pressure. I was a huge Cam Newton fan. The dude is a hell of a player and plays the game the right way but Cam Newton, you have lost a fan today. I can not cheer for a man who does not respect women in the sports profession at all. I can pretty much assure you that Rodrigue knows more about the game of football than most of you reading this. I have a mom, a grandmother cousins and friends, many of them who know there shit when it comes to sports. Cam, for you to become “elite” you are going to have to change your attitude and learn to become more mature because to become elite it takes more than just performing on the field.


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