Cam Newton’s Apology (Follow up Blog) By: Peter Snyder

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cam newton apology.png

Cam Newton has gone on twitter to issue an apology statement. In the Apology he states how apologetic he is over the marks he made and that he wants to set a good example for his two daughters in the future and how he wants them to have an equal opportunity to succeed in this world.

In the video it is clear to see that Newton is being sympathetic and you can see this is not forced, he genuinely feels bad about the remarks he made. My take on it is I am not positive that he did this voluntarily. This could have very easily have been Newtons publicist telling him that this apology was needed in order to save his image. That being said ,we have known true way of knowing what actually provoked the apology. I will say that this apology takes  all the drama off Newtons back. He learned from his mistake and it is time to move on and continue to play the game he loves. As for the reporter that asked Newton the question, she was seen using racial slurs on twitter 4 plus years ago. She has since apologized Two wrongs don’t make a right and this whole thing has become a shit show. A Football Sunday will be the perfect medicine to cure this media hangover. I also have to comment on Newtons outfit during the apology video , what are you wearing my dude.! This is not the 1980’s and the all purple look is a bold choice. Never the less, Newton, I dont think what you did was right at all but I do think you learned from your mistake and feel bad about it and for that, I do forgive you. I wanna leave you guys with an awesome video of a little girl totally owning the moment and showing Newton that girls in fact do know about Routes and in this case pretty well actually.


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