Yankees, Indians Game 3 Live Blog By: Peter Snyder

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This is a live blog that will take part during game 3 of the ALDS between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are up 2-0 and are looking to complete the sweep tonight on the road. First pitch is moments away so stay tuned for live updates.

Stepping up to the plate to start the game is Indian shortstop, Fransisco Lindor, I love this kid he plays the game with such a swagger to him and it really is a pleasure to watch him pitch. Tanaka is on the hill for the Yankees and quickly makes his marks striking out Lindor, next up is Jason Kipnis where he lines out on the first pitch to third base. Tanaka looks on early. Jose Ramirez now steps in the box for the Tribe, this dude is having a sensational year, so much so he started the all star game. 2 strike count and the Bronx is getting loud…. Tanaka strikes him out and he looks very impressive early on. Now its time for Carlos Carrasco to take the mound for the Indians and time for the Yankees to swing the sticks. It is essential that the Yankees hop out to an early lead if they want to stay alive in this series, they can not play from behind.

Frankie baseball starts the top half of the inning with a nifty grab. lidor is such a smooth SS man. Now stepping up for the Yanks, is there sensational rookie, Aaron Judge. He has struggled so far in this series but that can change in a blink of an eye. Judge strikes out yet again and he reeky is starting to slump, that is followed by a SO form Gary Sanchez and Carrasco looks sensational early. End of 1, score knotted up at 0.

Jay Bruce leads off the top of the second and he has asserted himself as a Yankee killer. The dude has been dynamite during this series and the Yankees need to find a way to get him out tonight. Tanaka does just that, striking Bruce out. Tanaka this season has either been really good or really bad and early on it looks like the really good one showed up tonight. Carlos Santana digs in and he has had a sub average series going 2-8 thus far, the Tribe are waiting for him to heat up this October….  It looks like there prayers have been answered as he wiped a liner into right field to beat the shift, first base runner of the night for either club. Austin Jackson now digs in, former Trenton Thunder legend. Austin Jackson hits a ground ball to third basemen Todd Frazier for a tailor made double play, top of the second in the books, Tanaka cruising.

To lead off the bottom of the second for the Yankees is their shortstop Didi Gregorius who sharply flies out to the CF on the first pitch, this game is flying along man, hard for me to keep up. Starlin Castro diggs in and this is one of the lone Yankees I actually really like, he just plays the game the right way. That being said, Carrasco makes him looks silly and says “you can have a seat on the bench.” I think Carrasco just barely hit Greg Bird for their first runner of the night but I don’t know it happened very fast. Now up is the New Jersey native, Tom Frazier who is looking to make his mark in this series. So far he has been known to make some big errors, especially in game two that turned out to be very costly. Quick observation, with starting pitchers tonight look super calm tonight and that has not been the case so far in this postseason, Carrasco fans Frazier, 2 innings down, still no score.

Micheal Brantley leads off the top of the third, people forget this guy used to be a frteaking superstar in this league and he kinda just fell off. He leads off the innings with a weak dribbler to second base one down. When will we see first blood ? Tank fans another Indian this time in the name of Carlos Perez and he got his splitter working tonight boy. When his splitter is working, Tanaka is dangerous. Followed by the K, Indian third basemen Giovanny Urshela grounds out and we are through 2 and a half here at the Bronx, this is a perfect example of a good old fashion pitchers duel.

Jacoby Ellsbury leads off the inning with a walk and the Yankees have something cooking. A lead off walk in never a good sight for a pitcher. Lead off walk=rally especially in the postseason, Aaron Hicks now up. No sweat though for Carrasco, he’ll just produce a double play, light work. Top of the order back up for the yanks. Brett Gardener flies out to Jason Kipnis and we have played 3 scoreless innings.

Frankie baseball leads the innings off with a ground ball to first base followed by a Error by Aaron Judge that leads to a triple by Jason Kipnis. Hard play for the rookie, but you gotta make that catch, they ruled out a hit but I don’t know about that one. Big opportunity to get first blood here for the tribe. Big and I mean BIG 2 strike count here to Jose Ramirez, have to be looking for the splitter here. HUGE STRIKEOUT BY TANAKA. 2 down. Now up, is the Yankee killer, Jay Bruce here we go baby, you gotta love postseason baseball every pitch matters. He gets out of the jam with another huge strikeout and he is fired the eff up, gotta love the passion.

Aaron Judge leads off the bottom of the 4th with the support of his “all rise” fan section. Well they can “all sit” as he strikes out once again. Fransisco Lindor robes Gary Sanchez of a base hit, 2 up, 2 down. Same shit new inning. Didi gets a base hit and is trying to start a 2 out rally. Starlin Castro is trying to keep this rally going, but fails to do so as he strikes out…. 6 strikeouts for Carrasco and he is dealing.

Carlos Santana leads off the inning trying to get something going for his ball club. They feel if they can pull one across the board this game and this series is over. HERE WE GO LEAD OFF WALK= RALLY.  A Jacksons turn. Big AB here, the fans known it to, the cheers are just nerves. Something big is about to happen, I can feel it. Ball hit deep to Aaron Judge, this time he puts it away, one down, moment increasingly getting tenser. Well my feeling was wrong, double play to get out of the inning. Mid 5th still no score.

Carlos Carrasco is only at 55 pitches thus far, that is pretty remarkable and he is poised to go deep into this game. He starts the innings with his 7th strike out and it came on a nasty 3-2 changeup. Dude is feeling it right now. Carlos Carrasco is pitching the game of his life in perhaps the biggest start of his life this is just awesome, same goes for Tanka. 5 full frames, no score.

Tanaka starts the inning off with a lead off single to Indian catcher, Roberto Perez followed by a line out by Giovanny Urshela. One down and a man on first. Stepping up to the place is one of the best players in all of baseball, Fransisco Lindor, calling a big moment here. THAT BALL IS HIT DEEP AND FAR AND ROBBED BY AARON JUDGE, WOW WHAT A PLAY. Jason Kipnis flies out and an electric half inning is in the books. Inches away from first blood being drawn, no cigar though, we head to the bottom of the 6th where the Yankees look to take advantage of the momentum.

Aaron Hicks starts out the inning with a weak dribbler to the third base side that Urshela had no chance on, opening man aboard for the yanks. Gardener swings on the first pitch and grounds into a HUGE double play. WOW. Aaron Judge up now, 0-9 in this series that is just not going to do it. They need him if they are going to succeed and his bat has been invisible. He draws a 2 out walk again trying to start a two out rally. Sanchez gets a single, keeping the line moving as a huge moment in this ballgame is about to come up. Didi vs Carrasco, 2 outs. Tie  ball game. Could we ask for much more? 3-1 count……. walked em, bases juiced will Francoana go with his stud Andrew Miller, oh I think he will, buckle up folks its gonna be a crazy finish. Due up for the yanks is Starlin Castro, can he come up clutch… we will see. First pitch ball but barely, second pitch….fly ball and THEY ARE UNSCATHED ARE YOU KIDDING ME. ON TO THE 7th MY FRIENDS!

Jose Ramirez leads off the inning for the tribe. Would love to see a absolute piss rocket here. Quiet this crowd. He’s battling this AB fighting off pitches until he gets a pitch to drive, don’t hate this at bat. 9 pitch AB so far somebody is bound to break , in this case its Tanaka who gets Ramirez to roll over on one to the SS, one down. Can Jay Bruce have one more moment to truly become a Villain in the Bronx, not this at bat as he strikes out, 2 up 2 down. Santana just misses a pitch and Tanaka gets another 1-2-3 inning, remarkable! Bottom of the 7th coming up.

Greg Bird leads off the inning for the boys in blue, WHO SENDS ONE INTO THE NIGHT SKY, first blood has been drawn, 1-0 yanks. Wow what a shot. The question now is can they hold it, they failed to do so on Friday night. Andrew Miller says bye to a big Yankee ovation as he has given them a huge lead, perhaps season saving. Tyler Olson checks into the game for the Indians. The Southpaw will face pinch hitter, Chase Headley. Headley struck out, 2 down. Side is retired and here we go do the Indians have a response in them, they have all year, thats why they are one of the best teams in baseball.

Austin Jackson leads of the top of the 8th for the Indians against relief pitcher David Robertson. Jackson flies out to RF, 1 down 5 to go. Micheal Brantleys turn to swing the stick, he does so and draws a 1 out walk, the drama starts to build. Chapman checks into the game for a 5 out save. Can he do it? Or will he crack under the pressure. Yan Gomes pinch hits for the Tribe. As you all know, he was the hero of game 2 on Friday night and is looking to be the hero once again. Chapman is throwing smoke per usual. He gets em on a high fastball, 2 down. Chapman registered at 103 on that fastball, talk about smoke man. Giovanny Urshela steps in hoping to just make contact, fails to do so, 3 outs away for the yanks.

Brett Gardener leads the inning off with a double, looking to get some insurance runs. Ball was misplayed by Jason Kipnis, should of kept to in front of him. Joe Smith checks in for the Indians and makes an impact early, striking out Aaron Judge to get the first out of the inning. It is crucial that the Indians keep this lead at 1 because it is hard nigh to get just one run off of Chapman rather mind 2 or more. Smith gets another huge strikeout, this time striking out Gary Sanchez and the Tribe find themselves one out away form getting around the lead off double and keeping the lead at 1. Starlin Castro grounds out to end the inning and HERE WE GO, TOP OF THE 9th CAN THE YANKEES STAY ALIVE AND LIVE TO FIGHT FOR ONR MORE DAY!

How convenient is it, FRANKIE BASEBALL who was robbed of a homer earlier in the game, is leading off the inning for the Tribe. Can he redeem himself? Chapman would have no part of it retiring him on a nasty sequence of pitches. Next victim, Jason Kipnis. He battling man, this Indians team knows how to fight. Base hit, buckle the hell up, here we go. Jose Ramirez up at bat waiting for one pitch to crank, he is swinging for the fences every time. OH GOD, TOD FRAZIER bobbles the ball and everyone is safe 1st and 2nd one out. Jay Bruce is up, who has been neutralized tonight but it one swing away from breaking the Yankee faithfuls hearts. 2-0….. Bruce is way behind on the fastball 2-2. GOT EM big time strikeout and the Yankees are now one out away and the Indians last hope is Carlos Santana. 1-0….1-1……2-1………….2-2………3-2…………FOUL god my heart is beating out of my chest….OKAY I AM NOT GOING TO LIE, THOUGHT IT WAS GINE OFF THE BAT JESUS, Yankees live to fight another day, this has been a blast thanks for tuning in, hope you have an amazing night and make sure to tune in tomorrow morning as my weekly college football recap is coming out, deuces!


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