Sam ponder Rips Barstool Prior to the Company’s Merge By: Peter Snyder

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Barstool has prided themselves on being exactly what ESPN is not. They have refused to be censored by anything or anyone and ESPN has been quite the opposite. The two companies however are set to merge due to the recent hire of PFT, Hank and Big Cat and the debut of their show Barstool Van Talk that debuts tonight on ESPN2. This hire was bound to cause some conflict and boy has it. Samantha Ponder, ESPN football analysis and the people at Barstool do not get along. Ponder has previously made comments bashing Barstool for being misogynistic pigs who tend to make sexist, discriminatory jokes. As only. a true company who is fueled by not being held down, they responded in a big way.  One of Barstool bloggers known as “Feitz” slammed ponder using derogatory and vulgar language. He also stated that the only reason that she was successful was because she was essentially hot. They also did some digging on Ponders Twitter and found some misogynistic tweets Ponder shared in the early 2000s, making her look like a huge hypocrite. This was than thrown back at Ponder where she sarcastically “welcomed” Barstool Blogger Dan Katz to ESPN. This lead to a huge beef and this merge between the 2 companies is already off to an awkward start. This is my take on it. Barstool is selling out yes, but it is not a bad thing. Selling out leads to money so they can not be at fault for that. It will be interesting to see how they will or at least attempt to censor themselves. I also do not think its fair that Ponder is being accredited on her success for her sole fact of her being attractive. Ponder is actually very knowledgeable about sports and is very good at what she does, whether she was a man or women. ESPN and Barstool are going to have to figure out a way to get along. As much as Barstool states that this move is very separated to ESPN, the facts are that the two million dollar companies are now business partners and to succeed they are going to have to work together in peace and put the opinions and drama aside.


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