The best two words in all of sports, GAME SEVEN. For the second straight year, we are blessed with a 7th glorious game. Moments are made in October but legends are made in November, here we go baby. Stay tuned for live, up to date updates. We should be getting going in about a half hour.

One good thing about tonight is this is the last time we get to hear Joe Buck call a baseball game until next year rolls around. The dude is talented and there is no doubting that, m he is just annoying and sometimes you just wanna press mute, I wish Vin Scully was on the call, how freaking cool would that be.

First pitch from Yu Darvish to George Springer and we are under way and right off the bat a leadoff double for springer WOW what a start, he has really been special in this series now up Alex Bregman who swings at the first pitch to the right side, Darvish gets over late ball is overthrown run scores, runner moves over to second, 1-0 Astros are you freaking kidding me !!!! Bregman steals third, Altuve gets him in, 2-0 Astros before I can even blink, you literally could not of asked for a better start if you’re the Astros. Now the Racist steps up to the plate, he tipped his helmet to Darvish which is a respectable move but to little to late, I would LOVE to see him get drilled here, right in the elfin noggin. ALERT 🚨  ALERT 🚨  Clayton Kershaw is up in his jacket and starting to get loose. Can’t say I hate the move but I also can’t say I love it. Dave Robbert has literally had the shortest leash this postseason I have ever seen, anyway, Darvish retires Gurriel and its time for the boys win blue to swing the sticks.

Lance McCullers Jr. stands on the bump for the Astros, big fan of his, dude has a nasty curveball and is dripping in confidence. His first victim will be Chris Taylor who crushes a leadoff double into the gab HERE WE GO buckle your seatbelts!!!!!! Corey Seager steps up to the plate looking to continue this early slug fest, but fails to do so as McCullers gets a HUGE strikeout on a nasty curveball. If that pitch is working for him, its gonna be a long night for the Dodger hitters, now up is Justin Turner who is turning into one of the best hitters in the game. Turner gets plunked moving the lineup along, putting two on with 1 out, now up…..the rookie sensation, Cody Bellinger who has struggled thus far in this series, streaking out an astonishing 14 times, that can all be forgotten with one swing of the bat here. STRIKEOUT NUMBER 15, 2 down and now steps in perhaps the cockiest man in all of baseball, Yasiel Puig. This would be ginormous if McCullers could get out of this inning Unscathed after allowing the leadoff double to Taylor, would feel like an extra run in a sense. PUIG GETS PLUNKED TO JUICE THE BASES. Here come perhaps the hottest batter in the entire Dodger lineup, Joc Pederson who is looking to remain hot here with a huge hit here but quickly falls behind 0-2…….BALL IS SMOKED….. BUT RIGHT TO ALTUVE, INNING over , 2-0 Astros end of one. Sorry I’m yelling I am very, VERY excited.

Brian McCann leads off the top of the second for the Astros looking to repeat what was a very successful first inning for the Stros, Kershaw continues to get loose, the jacket however has not came off. McCann gets on to lead off the inning and that is always a rally for a team when the lead off man gets on, Marwin Gonzalez now digs in for the stros. Gonzalez sends a shot into the gap and that will for sure score a run… wait I forgot McCann  was on base, the outfielder would have to literally break his leg in order for him to score, like god he’s slow. Anyway, second and third nobody out. Lance McCullers puts the ball in play, scoring the very slow McCann, 3-0 Astros and the jacket has yet to come off of Kershaw, I am shocked. George Springer now steps up looking to extend this lead, BYE BYE BASEBALL INTO THE NIGHT!!!!! 5-0 STROS!!!!! BYE BYE DARVISH. George Springer sends a ball to Jupiter to give the Astros a 5-0 lead and you can literally hear a pin drop in Dodger Stadium right now. Brandon Marrow checks into the game who is usually a late inning guy, can’t say I understand this move. All I have to say is three words WE WANT KERSHAW. Morrow retires Bregman to end a long top of the second inning, the Dodgers need an answer and need it quickly.

Logan Forsythe leads the inning off with a single and BREAKING NEWS FOLKS, KERSHAW is up, the jacket is off and he is throwing in the pen!! oh happy day, oh happy day. WHAT A PLAY BY ALEX BREGMAN taking a base hit away from Austin Barnes, one down, man at second and up would you look at that Morrow’s night is done after recording only one out in the second inning, what the hell was Dave Roberts thinking!!!!! Kike Hernandez better come up massive here or Roberts is gonna look like a schmuck. Kike is hit by a pitch to bring Chris Taylor up to the plate with 1st and 2nd with one away. He hits one sharply to Correa which is snagged, thrown to second to double off Forsythe, inning over, rally over, 5-0 Stros through 2. HUGE DP!

Altuve leads the inning off with a high fly ball to field followed by a fly ball to RF caught by Puig, 4 pitches, 2 outs for the literal GOD, Clayton Kershaw, talk about efficiency man. Kershaw strikes out Gurriel and we are headed to the bottom of the third, huge shut down inning there for the dodgers and who better to do it than the man himself, Clayton “Stud Muffin” Kershaw.

Corey Seager leads off with a LONG single followed by ANOTHER hbp on Turner which sets  up first and second with no outs, Ballinger up, cam the Dodges Capitalize for the first time tonight? 2-2 count and McCullers gets a MASSIVE strikeout to retire the first batter of the inning and as a reward, he gets pulled from the game, Brad Peacock checks into the game with runners remaining at first and second with one out. Dodgers are desperate for the smallest sign of life, even one run would help. I’m gonna say it, I know it’s early but if the Dodgers fail to score here and blow there third straight scoring opportunity, this game and this series is OVER. PUIG SENDS A DEEP FLY BALL TO CENTER FIELD, HE THINKS ITS GONE BUT NO, its caught by George Springer, 2 down, however Seager tags and advances to third base. They need to get him in here. Its up to Joc. Pederson strikes out and once again the Dodgers fail to score, they have now left SIX men on base, you can’t expect to win ballgames if you can’t convert with runners in scoring position. We head to the fourth, 5-0 Astros.

Brian McCan leads off the inning for the Stros and Kershaw makes him look silly. Bing, Bang, Boom, sit down. Simple as that. Kershaw looks freaking dominant. Of course, right as I’m typing that Marwin Gonzalez singles on a ground ball to SS. Josh Reddick now steps in, he lines to SS Corey Seager who plays it on a sort hop, two down. Brad Peacock steps in and I gotta say this dude looks awkward with a bat in his hand, he does manage to pout the ball in play however, flies out to shallow center and the top half of the fourth is in the books. The Dodgers need runs and need them in bunches, they are running out of time.

Logan Forsythe leads off the inning for the Dodgers, looking for something, anything to spark this offense. I mean they are hitting the ball and getting on base, they just are failing to capitalize on there opportunities, Forsythe grounds out to third base, one down, Austin Barnes now diggs into the dish. Alex Bregman is a busy man this inning as he catches a fly ball hit by Barnes, two down and Clayton Kershaw grabs a bat, he is going YAYA I’m calling it. Welp, can’t get em all right, 4 in the books, the hottest man in the planet, m George Springer will lead off for the Stros in the top of the fifth.

Springer leads the inning off with a SO, Kershaw continues to deal, strikes out Bregman and this dude can not be stopped right now. Tell Alex Wood to sit his butt down. Inning over, Kershaw has been flawless thus far. We head to the bottom of the fifth.

Joe Buck just said Damn, I’m shook, Chris Taylor flies out, this stadium is dead, this team is dead man. I just don’t see how they come back tonight. That being said, one thing this series has taught me is to never give up on a team until the final out is recorded. Seager is up for the Dodgers just trying to get on base and keep the line moving, they can only get back into this game one hit at a time, they can’t worry about the big swings, Seager gets on base, Tuner steps in, I feel something big is about to happen. This in game adds are so freaking annoying, like just play the damn game. Turner gets a base hit and once agin the Dodgers have something brewing, 1st and 2nd, one out. Fransisco Liriano checks into the game to pitch for the Astros. He will face Cody Ballinger who will look to give the Dodgers along with this sold out stadium some much needed life. Cody Bellinger grounds into a force out a second, two down and would you look at that, another damn pitching change at this rate, this ball game wont be over until like 2. Lets play “how many famous people are at this game” like knock it off fox we get it. No shit there are a lot of people its game 7 and its L.A, its a recipe for stardom to come out in a big way, we don’t need to be reminded every 5 seconds. Also side note, Puig needs to stop licking his damn bat, its just gross and flat out weird, I don’t get it, what advantage is Puig gaining by licking, biting or even smelling the bat oh thats right there is none so knock it off. Dodgers fail to convert again, now have left 8 men on base.  5 innings in the books. all Astros.

Carlos Correa leads off the inning with a base hit and you have to figure if its not over already, another run would certainly put the nail ion the coffin. Kershaw makes a nice play, coming off the mound to make the first out, one down, man at second. Brian McCan than hits a ball to right field, Logan Forsythe calls his mother to see how her day is going, gets a bite to eat and still has time to retire McCann at first, two down, now a man on third. This is than followed by back to back intentional walks to bring up Cameron Maybin with the bases loaded. Maybe than hits a weak fly ball to third base, Kershaw wiggles out of the leadoff single without giving up a run, we head to the bottom of the 6th.

Joc Pedersen leads the inning off with a single to CF, bringing up Logan Forsythe who is looking to extend the rally. We now have our 500th Cather, Pitcher conference of the night, did not help, Morton walked em, two on, no outs. Austin Barnes is called on asking to be the spark. Barnes falls quickly behind in the count but oh wait McCan is out again to talk to Morton, it never gets old does it. Barnes sends a shallow fly ball to SS Carlos Correa, one down. Andre Eithier steps in to pinch hit for Kershaw who was absolutely brilliant tonight. Eithier rips a ball through the hole AND THE DODGERS ARE FINALLY ON THE BOARD. CHRIS TAYLOR UP LOOKING TO CONTINUE THE RALLY. Tying man on deck. Charlie Morton gets a huge strike out 2 down, Seager comes up in which is probably the biggest at bat in his young career. First Pitch, Seager swings, shatters his bound weak ground ball to the SS, inning over, huge credit to Charlie Morton for getting out of the jam. Six innings in the books and the Dodgers now have some life, still trail 5-1.

Kenley Jansen now checks into the ballgame? Don’t really get this move what so ever actually. This your dude is your so called stud closer so now who are you expected to close this thing out if even the slightest thing goes wrong. George Springer leads the inning off with a piss rocket, looked to be going in the gap but was rather flagged down by Chris Taylor, great play, one down. Alex Bregman steps into the batters box, and I must say I think he is an absolute work horse and is a young rising star in this league. He strikes out and that brings up the best hitter in baseball, the A.L. Jose Altuve. As we approach the end of this game, a sadness almost comes over because I know this is the end of baseball for awhile. I love this sport so much and have demoted so much time watching it, researching it, Etc. that I’m not ready for it to end. We started this long and I mean LONG journey back in MARCH with the World Baseball Classic where team U.S.A captured the title in Dodgers Stadium and now its gonna end in the exact same place, how ironic is that. This year we saw young talent thrive such and a  Judge come onto the scene on the brightest stage. We saw a team win 22 straight games in Cleveland and a team dominate in L.A. Now we are here in game 7 in the 7th inning how surreal is that man, I dont care what anybody says baseball is the best sport in the world and always will be. I am already juiced up for opening day next year! okay lets get back to the action where the Dodgers come to bat in the bottom of the 7th.

Justin Turner leads the inning off for the Dodgers looking to provide some sort of offense for this some what of a dull night for the Dodgers offense. Turner pops put to first base, one down. Bellinger diggs in as the Dodgers are now down to their last 8 outs of the season.  Bellinger strikes out for the third time tonight but you cant blame him for that one, that pitch was absolutely filthy. Puig turn. Puig grounds outs to short and the Astros are now just 6 outs away from their first ever world championship, we head to the eighth.

Gurriel starts the inning off with a fly out and we get another stupid ass in game add, hopefully, the last one of the night. McCann strikes out and this game is starting to move a little bit, I don’t hate a little pace. Marwin Gonzalez is the batter for the Astros now, grounds out to third base we head to the bottom of the 8th in Los Angeles.

Barring a miracle, I think out World Series MVP is clear, George Springer is just on a different planet right now. His teammate Charlie Morton continues to deal, striking out Joc Pederson, 5 outs away…….Forsythe flies out to Springer, 4 outs to go………. Austin Barnes steps into the plate as Dodgers stadium is completely and I mean COMPLETELY dead and silent, CHARLIE FREAKING MORTON BABY 3 stud innings, the Astros can start to taste it they are 3 outs away from being champions of the world, to the 9th we go.

Charlie Morton picks up his batt stating that he is A.J Hinches guy for the 9th inning, I LOVE this move, go with the hot hand, Morton is dealing right now and deserves to finish it out. He strikes out on 3 pitches followed by a Cameron Maybin strikeout, 2 out, nobody on and your World Series MVP steps up to the plate. Springer flies to center field and here we go, 3 outs away from pandemonium in Houston to the last inning of the 2017 baseball season we go…..

Charlie Morton steps back on to the mound for his fourth inning of work and is looking to finish the deal and bring the Astros there first ever World Championship. Chase Utley will pinch hit to lead off, the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIE LEGEND, god I love Chase Utley, he strikes out, 2 outs away………….Chris Taylor steps up to the plate, grounds out to second and they can feel it now baby, one out away from glory. SEAGER GROUND BALL TO ALTUVE AND THAT IS IT, THE ASTROS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL BABY!!!!!!!!!! HOUSTON STRONG and with that I sign off, I hope you have an amazing night, also huge shoutout to Charlie Morton, that was AWESOME STUFF out of him, PEACE! Congrats to the Astros and the city of Houston everything you guys went through this year, you guys deserve this, go enjoy it!

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