Trusting The Process Is Finally Starting to Pay Off By: Peter Snyder

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Indiana Pacers v Philadelphia 76ers

All the long nights, watching the team you love getting blown out but staying loyal because you are “trusting the process” has finally paid off. Last night was the “ah ha”moment in my opinion where we as Sixers fans knew that trusting the process was all worth it. Last night, the Philadelphia Sixers defeated the Indiana Pacers to become over .500 for the the first time since 2013. As shocking as that statistic is, it feels very good to say. The scene at the Fargo last night was nothing short of electric. In a game that was back and forth the whole way an unknown hero arose to close the game out. JJ Redick, a free agent signing in the offseason for the Sixers, caught absolute fire,going off for 31 points to go along with 8 3s. The former dukie was so hot last night that he threw up a shot as the shot clock expired late in the game that most thought had not chance of going in and dropped in perfectly, icing the game away.

The call by the legend, Marc Zumoff made the moment 1000 times better. It was at that exact moment where a sense of clarity came over me , I was a loyal fan who trusted the process and experienced the painful seasons and now it is time for the fun part. We actually have a guy like Ben Simmons who dropped his second career triple double last night and is already proving how special he is. We have a center from Camaroon in the name of Joel Embiid who does stuff, a 7 foot center should not be capable of doping. This is our team and you better buckle up now, because this is going to be a magical season and one that makes us proud to be a Philadelphia 76er fan!

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