College Football Week 10 Recap By: Peter Snyder

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It’s hard to believe that we are already 10 weeks into the college football season. This weekend featured a load of High scoring entertainment. we saw a team get shocked in Iowa city, we saw an absolute shootout in Bedlam that is will go down as one of the best games of the year, but we start with the best game you will never hear about.

On Saturday night, I was coming home from a wedding and flicked on the second half of the SMU, UCF game. What I saw was 30 minutes of absolute electrifying football. The game continued to go back and forth the whole second half and let me tell you something, this quarterback for UCF, Mckenzie Milton is an absolute baller and can hang with the best of  them. The last time UCF had a QB this talented well… lets just say his playing on Sunday now for the Jags. SMUs QB, Ben Hicks had a day of his own however, and was not scared of playing an undefeated team. Late in the fourth quarter, UCF held a 31-24 lead and SMU had one final chance to score the ball and send the game into OT. UCF’s defense stood tall however, and UCF improved to 8-0, essentially sealing  up a spot in a the New Years big 6 bowl Game. This was an incredible, gritty, conference game that you love to see. The sad thing about it, is you will never hear about it. An expert is not gonna talk about this on their CFB show or their recap blog and its a shame because games like this happen all the time and they get unnoticed.


Ohio State came into Iowa City Saturday afternoon feeling two things. One, they felt on a high and were riding momentum due to their ginormous win last week against Penn State but at the same time they felt disrespected in a way because they were ranked outside of the top 5 in the first CFP rankings that came out this past Tuesday. Iowa really had nothing to lose and was trying to play spoilers role, and boy did they. It was clear that this game had upset smelled all over it when on the first play of the game from the line of scrimmage, J.T Barrett threw a pick six to Iowa Safety, Amani Hooker. This quickly set the tone of the game and also set the atmosphere as the Hawkeye faithful was rocking early and often. I am convinced that the  J.T Barrett from last week and the J.T Barrett from this week were two different people. He just looked so awful after having such an amazing performance just a week ago. Barrett ended up with 4 interceptions and this game was not even close. Iowa absolutely trounced the Buckeyes, 55-24 shocking the world and putting a big damper on Ohio States playoff hopes. Losing to a team like Oklahoma who is most likely going to be a playoff team is deemed “acceptable” by the playoff committee. Getting absolutely blown out to an unranked Iowa team after your biggest win of the season is not.


This years match up between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State was perhaps the most hyped up game in the history of this great rilvalry. Both teams have Heisman calabar QBs, two of the most explosive offenses in the nation and both teams were ranked in the top 12 in the CFP rankings.  It was safe to say, the hype did not disappoint. This game was an absolute track meet. If you are a fan of points and good offense, you must have felt like you were in heaven for 4 hours. It seems like both teams just went back and forth, back and forth, continuing to drive down the field and score a touchdown. Anything Baker would do, Mason had an answer and vise versa. It was clear at a very early point in the ballgame, that the team that was going to win this game would be the team that would make a big play on defense. And don’t get me wrong there were defensive stops in this ballgame but they came at a premium. At the half, the score was tied up at 38 and it looked like this game was going to end up in the 80’s. As the second half didn’t feature as much scoring, it still featured a hell of a finish to a football game. You have to give credit to the Sooners defense, after giving up 38 points to Oklahoma State in the first half they responded by shutting the Cowboys out in the third. This gave the Sooners some breathing room but I use that term lightly, it was more like a gasp. Late in the fourth quarter with the Cowboys trailing 55-52, they knew their defense had to make a play. They did just that. Baker Mayfield there a pick in the end zone and Oklahoma State was going to have a chance to win this ballgame. The Sooners defense had other ideas though. They came up with a huge stop, followed by a TD run Trey Sermon to put an icing on the cake,  and the Sooners came up with a massive 62-52 win in Bedlam. The player of the game had to be Sooner QB, Baker Mayfield who threw for 598 passing yards to go with 5 TD passes, pure video game numbers. The Sooners have no time to relax as next week they play host to TCU who will not be afraid of the Sooners high-powered offense one bit. This highlighted another amazing week in College Football and I wish there was a way to slow down time because this season is going way to fast.


Video Of The Week 

The “U” is officially back and they’re better than ever.

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