Rest In Peace, Roy Halladay By: Peter Snyder

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This piece will be short and sweet nothing more nothing less. I was having a good today, went to IHop, chilled with some friends and hung with my new dogs. Then I was in my World History class and my mood in less then a millisecond completely changed. I saw on Twitter that the outstanding pitcher and one of my favorite players of all time, Roy Halladay had passed away in a plane crash. My first initial reaction was, this is fake, how is this possible. How is it possible that a man I admired and rooted for, for countless years, had just died. How is it fair that a man who was not only a terrific baseball player but an even more terrific person had been taken away doing something he loved to do. I remember exactly where I was when the news broke that we acquired Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays. It was an early Christmas present as the trade took place right before the holidays. What then transpired was 4 magical years of the Doc going to work, for my team never the less. There are two moments in particular however, that will stand out among the rest. The first came on May 29th, 2010 when Roy was pitching against the Marlins on a sticky Miami night. I remember sitting in my dads room and right the 3rd inning I remember distinctly telling my dad how good he looked. His cutter was on and he was making Marlin batters look foolish. That success continued the entire night and Roy Halladay had done what very few pitchers had done in major league history, throw a perfect game. My dad and I were going absolutely nuts like we were actually at the game. I thought there was no way that the Doc could be more impressive than he was that night. Then came October 6th, 2010. The Phillies were coming into the playoffs as a red hot team. They opened the playoffs up against the Cincinnati Reds in the NLDS and in game one who else would the Phillies turn to than their ace, Roy Halladay. CBP was rocking that afternoon, it was a brisk fall afternoon and with the white rally towels flying, it made the atmosphere absolutely perfect. I can only explain what happened next as something magical, something that only happens in movies. Halladay dominated the entire afternoon and into the night and before I knew it he was one out away from throwing a no-no in the postseason. Standing in his way of greatness was Reds star, Brandon Phillips. He hit a slow chopper that landed right in front of Carlos Ruiz and in the process rolling over his bat and I’m not gonna lie I thought it was gonna be a base hit. Chooch proved me wrong however and threw a strike to Ryan Howard and Halladay had completed the postseason no-no. It was so freaking cool man, I almost had tears in my eyes as the final out was recorded. The thing that made Halladay so special was that he was not only such a great pitcher, but handled the game with such class and that’s how it should be. My thoughts and prayers go to the Halladay family and friends and I cannot even imagine the pain they are going through tonight and for the days to come. To Doc, may you rest in peace and continue to deliver that nasty cutter in heaven, we love you and will miss you. I’m going leave you guys with some of my favorite Roy Halladay moments and look back on the great times in this dark time.




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