How Good Are The Celtics 🍀 ? By: Peter Snyder

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Terry Rozier III, Kyrie Irving

13 straight,a 13-2 overall record and to do it all without a key piece. If I asked you which team this was you would probably say the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but both those answers would be incorrect. There is a new top team in town  and it is the Boston Celtics. Boston began their season with a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers but they lost something much bigger that night. Gordon Hayward, a key acquisition for the Celtics this past offseason, snapped his leg during the season opener in what was a gruesome injury that would cost him the entire season and a long recovery process ahead. This was a huge blow to Boston and the team along with many of the Celtics faithful wondered how they would fare without their new star. I think its safe to say thus far, they’ve adjusted pretty damn well. The Celtics have won a baker’s dozen in a row and have been the best team in the NBA so far, no questions asked. They are quick, physical, flashy and are just better than any team that walks out on the floor with them night in and night out. The question now becomes, “How good are the Celtics?” Do we have a new sheriff in town? Are we not going to see a fourth straight meeting between the Warriors and the Cavs but rather a matchup between the Celtics and Rockets? Is this finally the year we start to see a change? I don’t know yet. A big sign however is going to come this Thursday as the Celtics will go for their 14th straight win. Who’s in their way of that goal? Oh only the defending world champions, the Golden State Warriors. The game will be played in Boston and I can assure you that the TD Garden will be ROCKING. If the Celtics can win that game convincingly the belief has to start to begin that we will start to see the dethroning of the King or will we……?


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