MLB Awards Recap By: Peter Snyder

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The 2017 MLB major awards have finally been announced. This is one of the most exciting parts of the offseason and I will break down each award, along with giving a short description of each athlete that won the award. Let’s start with the Gold Gloves.

A.L. Gold Glove Winners 

C : Martin Maldonado: LAA


Didn’t know much about this guy, but when I did my research I found that the dude has a cannon for an arm and very rarely lets a ball get passed him, well deserved.

1B: Eric Hosmer: KC Royals  


Hosmer is as good of a defensive first basemen as you will ever see and I could watch the man flash the leather all day long.

2B: Brian Dozier: Twins

MLB: AUG 25 Tigers at Twins

Big fan of Dozier’s, think he will go down as one of the most underrated second basemen of our generation.

3B: Even Longoria: TB Rays


The old man’s still got it, surprised a guy like Machado didn’t win it, but you can never go wrong with Longo.

SS: Andrelton Simmons : LAA


When healthy, the dude is the best shortstop in baseball no question about it. By a thin margin, perhaps , but he is above the rest and is deserving of his 3rd gold glove award.

LF: Alex Gordon: KC Royals


Gordan brings in his 5th GG award and is as reliable of an outfielder as you will ever see.

CF: Byron Buxton : Twins


The rook takes home is first GG award but I have to disagree with this one, Kevin Pillar got absolutely snubbed for the second year in a row. What else does the dude have to do to win, he gives his body night in and night out and if that doesn’t win him the award, I don’t know what will.

RF: Mookie Betts: BOS Red Sox


I think this is another robbery, thought Aaron Judge had a better year in the field and should have won the award, nevertheless, Mookie is still a phenomenal talent and is one of the best outfielders in the game.

P: Marcus Stroman : Tor Blue Jays


Stroman is one of my favorite players in the game and I adore the swagger he plays with every time he walks on the mound. No-one is smoother than him on the mound and he deserves this hardware.


N.L. Gold Glove Winners 

C:  Tucker Barnhart: Cin Reds  


Buster Posey, Yadi Molina , were really gonna go with this guy?

1B: Paul Goldschmidt: Diamondbacks


This one is a no brainer,  Goldy is as good as they come and you are not going to find a guy who fields his position better than Goldschmidt does.

2B: DJ LeMahieu:  COL Rockies


Big fan of LaMahieu’s , very smooth fielder who has a pretty sweet stick as well, no surprise to me that he won this award, well deserved.

SS: Brandon Crawford : SF Giants


Absolute robbery here. Freddy Galvis got absolutely snubbed and it just infuriates me even talking about this.

3B Nolan Arenado: Colorado Rockies 

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers

Arenado is an absoulute beast at the hot corner, one of the best you will ever see, so it’s no surprise that he brought home his 5th gold glove award this season. Arennado is a type of guy that will surprise you night in and night out with his fielding capabilities.


LF: Marcell Ozuna : Miami Marlins 


Ozuna had a career year and I am a firm believer that this dude is one of the most talented all around players in the game.

CF:  Ender Inciarte: ATL Braves


Really like this guy. Does not get talked about enough, if even at all,  but let me tell you something, watching Ender play CF is truly like watching  an artist make art, it’s a thing of beauty.

RF: Jason Heyward: Chi Cubs


After having somewhat of a disappointing year last season, Heyward got back to his ways with a great 2017 season, earning him his fifth gold glove award.

P: Zach Greinke: Diamondbacks


Greinke is as good as a fielding pitcher as you will ever see. You will rarely see Greinke make an error and he is deserving of taking home his 4th golden glove.

A.L .Manager of the year : Paul Molitor – MIN Twins 


After losing over 100 games in the 2016 season, it is almost unfathomable what the Twins accomplished this year. The Twins made the playoffs in one of the quietest turn around\s in major league history. How could a team go from 100 losses, to October baseball in one season. Well with a Manager like Paul Molitor, anything is possible. Molitor’s patience and leadership this year earned him this prestigious award. Molitor becomes just the third Twins manager to take home this award, as he helped the team clinch its first playoff berth since 2010. He also becomes just the second Hall of Famer in major league history, to win manager of the year. Molitor is as good of a manager as they come and it is no surprise that he was announced the A.L. manager of the year.

N.L Manager of the year: Torey Lovullo – Arizona Diamondbacks 


If it was not for the best team in the regular season, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Diamondbacks would have been the 2017 N.L. West champs. They D- Backs won 93 games and this season’s success was in big thanks to skipper, Troy Lovullo. Lovullo becomes the third Diamondbacks manager to win this award and the teams credits his success on his ability to make the clubhouse culture strong. It is essential that a team becomes a close-knit group in a grind that is the regular season and it seems like Lovullo did just that.

A.L Rookie of the year: Aaron Judge – NYY


This might have been the most “no brainer” choice of this year’s awards and maybe even in the history of all of baseball. Aaron Judge, an absolute beast of a man had a sensational career for the Bronx bombers. He led the American league  in HR with 52, was second in the American League in RBIs with 114 and hit  a respectable .284 . Judge finished second in the American League MVP voting and the powerful popper from the Bronx has a very bright future ahead of him.

N.L Rookie of the year: Cody Bellinger – LA Dodgers


If Aaron Judge was not in the league this year we would be talking about the year that Cody Bellinger had for years to come. Never the less, Bellinger had a historic rookie season blasting 39 homers, knocking in 97 runs and collecting 128 hits. Cody Bellinger started the season in the minors and when asked when he thought he was going to be called up to the big leagues, he stated that he hoped he would be a September call up. Now he is the Rookie of the Year, that’s just sensational.

A.L Cy Young: Corey Kluber – Cleveland Indians 


The Klubot does it again. Corey Kluber had a career year and that’s tough to say because he’s had such a decorated career. Kluber finished the year with a stat line as follows: 18-4 W-L, 2.25 ERA, 265 SO, 0.87 WHIP along with over 200  inning pitched. Video Game numbers.  This is his second Cy Young award and I can promise you, you can expect more in the near future as the Klubot is pitching better than he ever has. I’ll leave you with this to signify to you just how great of a year he had. The second place finisher, Chris Sale struck out 300 batters this season and wasn’t even close to competing with Kluber for the award. 

N.L. Cy Young: Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals


Mr. Back to Back! Max Scherzer has won the NL Cy Young for the second straight year. If you look at the numbers side by side, Scherzer actually had a better season then his 2016 Cy Young winning season , which is hard to do. Mad Max finished the season with the following stat line: 16-6 W-L ,2.51 ERA, 268 SO , .90 WHIP along with 200 innings pitched. Those numbers are just jaw dropping. Scherzer continues to dazzle year in and year out and the amazing thing is he seems to still be getting better. I am a huge Scherzer guy and do not think there is anyone more deserving of this award.

N.L MVP : Giancarlo Stanton- Miami Marlins


Stanton is the most powerful man in baseball, no two ways about it. This year Stanton finished just one homer shy of the historic mark of 60 home runs in a single season. Night in and night out all season long, you knew you could turn on a Marlins game and see something amazing from the big bopper. Stanton also finished with a major league leading 132 Ribbies. It is no surprise that a guy who leads the league in homers and RBIs wins the MVP award. That being said Stanton did not win his first ever MVP award running away. Joey Votto, the Cincinnati Red first basemen, finished only 2 votes behind Stanton in the voting. Either guy would have been deserving of the award but I’m glad to see the California native bring home the hardware.

A.L MVP: Jose Altuve – Hou Astros


It is almost fitting that the last award announced was in my opinion the best player in the 2017 season , period. Better than any pitcher or any position player Jose Altuve had a season that we will be talking about for years. Altuve is listed at 5″5 but plays the game like he’s 7″0. It’s almost remarkable to see a guy at his size be such an explosive player. Altuve had one of the best seasons in major league history and his stat line goes as follows: .346 BA, 24 HR, 81 RBIs 32SB’s and 204 hits. Are we serious with those type of numbers? Altuve was so humbled after winning his first MVP award and it is more than well deserved. The mini man who was doubted all his life is now on top of the mountain, looking down on the rest of the world. 

There you have it , the major awards for the 2017 season along with a run down of the winners and their accomplishments. I hope you guys enjoyed! Can’t wait until spring training.

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