College Football Week 12 Recap By: Peter Snyder

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In a week that featured a boring slate of games that featured only one ranked vs ranked matchup, we did see a share of competitive excitement. We saw a badger thrash a wolverine, a cavalier surprising a hurricane and we will start in California where the almighty Trojans of USC had a classic matchup with the Bruins from UCLA.

On Saturday night in the Coliseum, dozens of NFL scouts sat in and watched two of the most NFL ready college quarterbacks in the country go at it. Josh Rosen of UCLA and Sam Darnold of USC will most likely both be top ten picks in next years NFL Draft. The lights were bright and both QB’s shined. It is clear that both Rosen and Darnold will be playing on Sundays in the near future and whatever teams get to land either one of these two will be counting their blessings. As for the game goes, USC was the better team from the jump. The Trojans dominated most of the game but due top the fact that UCLA had Josh Rosen on their team, they remained  in the ball game. UCLA actually had a chance late in the game to take the lead and win, but the Trojan defense stood tall and USC hung on in a 28-23 thriller. UCLA’s reward for competing with the 11th best team in the country was the firing of their head coach, Jim Mora the following morning. Not a great day to be a Bruin.

s-l1600.jpgVirginia came into Saturdays matchup against Miami ranked 6-4 and was not even given a fighting chance against the undefeated Canes of Miami. Virginia QB, Kevin Benkert wanted to show the nation that him and his team were here to compete. and not just sit there and look pretty. Benkert was feeling it early, dropping dimes left and right and before you could even blink, the Canes were on major upset watch. Early in the third quarter Virginia even found themselves up by two touchdowns, with the score being 28-14 and the belief from Bronco Mendenhall’s bunch started to emerge, they could actually do this thing. Then  a Hurricane hit in full force. Miamis offense exploded, scoring 30 unanswered points to win the game, 44-28. The defense also finished the game out strong, living in Virginia’s back field the entire fourth quarter and helping Miami improve to a 10-0 record on the season. The Canes will finish the regular season next week on the road against the University of Pittsburg and then will play in the ACC championship on Dec 2nd against the Clemson Tigers. If Miami can finish the season out with 2 wins, they are in the playoff without a doubt but if they slip up in just the slightest way and lose, even if it’s by a point, the Canes will be on the outside looking in.

Malik Rosier, Eli HanbackThe most anticipated matchup of the weekend was between the Michigan Wolverines and the undefeated Wisconsin badgers. Both teams were ranked in  the CFP rankings so the game was sure to be an exiting one. Both defenses were dominant early. At the half, the score was tied up at 7 and the only score that came from the Badgers was a 50 yard punt return for a TD by Nick Nelson. Wisconsin’s offense was nowhere to be found and they needed to step it up or they could kiss their undefeated season and playoff hopes goodbye. Alex Hornibrook, the QB for Wisconsin, being the leader he is, took over the ballgame. He came out of the half firing early and often, even connecting for a 24 yard TD pass to Wisconsin WR, A.J Taylor to give the Badgers a 14-10 lead. Wisconsin RB, Kendrick Pryor ran for a late third quarter score to pad the lead to 21-10 and there was no turning back from there. In the fourth quarter, the Badger defense continued to do what they did the entire ball game, FLAT OUT BALL. They held Michigan to only 3 points in the second half and Wisconsin moved to 11-0 on the season with a 24-10 win over Michigan. This was  a  classic, gritty, cold big ten football game  in Madison that you love to see as a college football fan.


Video Of The Week 

Does it get any better than this?

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