Baker Mayfield is Your 2017 Heisman Winner By: Peter Snyder

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It’s official, the flag planting, crotch grabbing gun slinger from the Sooner state has won the Heisman Trophy. Am I surprised? Absolutely not. Baker had an absolutely sensational year racking up a total of 4,340 yards of offense in the air to go along with 41 passing TDs and had a remarkable 71% complete percentage this season.

Baker quickly became a human highlight reel racking up the “ah hah” Heisman moments throughout the season.

Mayfield led his Sooner team to a 12-1 regular season record that was capped off with a Big 12 conference championship title, defeating TCU in the title game. Due to this success, Oklahoma has found themselves in the CFP and are just 2 games away from winning a national championship. They will face Georgia on New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl and the country will be on the edge of their seat to watch Mayfield play in his first game since winning the prestigious award. Mayfield will be entering the draft next year and a question has come up if Baker is in fact ready to be an NFL QB and if he really will ever be ready. There are two main concerns that people have when it comes to Baker in the NFL. The first concern is that Baker is a scrambling QB and for the most part other than a few exceptions, to be a successful QB in the NFL you have to be able to stand in the pocket and some people can just not see Mayfield being able to do that. The second concern is Mayfield’s maturity and there are two main examples that transpired during this season that perhaps showed that Baker bas some growing up to do before he steps up to the professional level. The first example happened in Columbus on September 9th. After Oklahoma had shocked the Buckeyes, Mayfield decided it would be a good idea to make a statement to all of Sooner nation. He took an Oklahoma flag, ran to the 50 yard line and planted it on the Ohio State O. This did not go over well and many people perceived it as extremely disrespectful. Baker would later on apologize for his actions.

Then on November 18th while battling Kansas, Baker really made a poor decision. Although it was provoked as some of the Kansas players refused to shake Mayfield’s hand pregame, there is no excuse for what transpired. Late in the third quarter and with Oklahoma in control of the game, Mayfield was shown on the sidelines grabbing his crotch and shouting vulgar profanity to the Jayhawks Sideline.

This act caused a firestorm and people were not happy to say the least including myself. Like grow up dude. You are a hell of a football player but if you can’t get your act together, you are gonna go nowhere at the professional level, the NFL doesn’t put up with childish bullshit, it’s a mans league. To conclude, it was clear that Baker Mayfield was the best player on the field this year but in an award that is so prestigious in the Heisman, I believe there should be some sort of character criteria that goes with it and in that regard, Baker Mayfield is not my Heisman.

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