I Am Dead Inside By: Peter Snyder

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It’s finals week at school. On Saturday morning, I began my preparation on a grueling studying process. As I bury my face in my books, I get an alert on my phone that is much to my displeasure. It states that superstar slugger, Giancarlo Stanton, was heading to the national enemy, the New York Yankees. I hate the Yankees, and this is a main example why because they pull shit like this off. Now I have to watch the Yankees completely dominate the game of baseball the entire season and most likely win their 28th World Series. I thought to myself it’s fine, if I can just get to Sunday where I can watch my Birds I will be fine. Sunday rolls around and I’m pumped, tired, but pumped. It was finally game day and my Eagles were looking to get a huge bounce back win against the Los Angeles Rams. As game time approached, I was running on pure adrenaline, and was pumped up to the highest extent because the Vikings had lost, meaning with a win, the Eagles would take back control of the one seed in the NFC. Today was going to be great. The Eagles started out the game with a turnover. It’s fine, plenty of game left to play. Then the offense caught fire and this firestorm was led by the freaking man, our leader, Carson Wentz. Birds go into the locker room with a 24-14 lead and I’m feeling real good. Then late in the third quarter, the Birds, who are now trailing, are ready to punch the ball in and regain the lead. Carson Wentz, like he had done all season, had turned a broken play into a positive and had run it into what had seemed like 6. The play was called back for holding. Now on the play, Carson took a hard hit, but I thought nothing of it, he is North Dakota tough for christ sake, he can handle anything. Wentz stays in the game and delivers a TD pass on 4th and goal to Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

Now at the time I saw nothing wrong with the way Wentz looked during this play but if you watch it again, it is clear something is not right and Wentz can hardly move. After the extra point, Fox went to commercial break and I was feeling good but nervous. Not nervous because of Wentz, but nervous because I knew this game was going to be a nail biter coming down the stretch. Fox comes out of the commercial and the first thing they show is the infamous “tent” on the Eagles sideline. OH SHIT WHO WAS IN THAT TENT. PLEASE GOD DON’T LET IT BE CARSON. Sure enough, it was. My first thought was “He’s just shaken up from that hit, he needs a breather but he’s fine.” Then I saw him walking with the Eagles medical staff to the locker room and this is when a small amount of nervousness came over. But still not panic because he was walking off on his own power. At this immediate point my mind quickly shifted from the game and on to Carson’s well being. The game was quickly irrelevant to me and frankly the out come did not matter until I knew about our QB. The state of panic came when I first saw this tweet from NFL insider, Adam Schefter:

WAIT WHAT, THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! This is literally a nightmare and I need to wake up soon. The eagles went on to win the game and that was great and all. We clinched the NFC East and I am so proud of that, but after the game it felt like a loss, it really did. For the next few hours I was glued to my twitter feed filled with anxiety, waiting to hear any minor update on our beloved QB. But as the expression goes, when it rains, it pours.

It was at this point, I knew I just knew, it was not good. Now of course I am going to hope for the best, I’m human, but I knew deep down in my heart that Carson Wentz had torn his ACL and our savior would be sidelined for the remainder of the season. I went to bed in heartbreak and I woke up this morning, in an utter state of depression. Waiting for the MRI results this morning was miserable. I can only describe it as waiting to here if you got in to an Ivy League school or not. You have that small glimmer of hope that you might of gotten in, but let’s face it kid you were declined and it was bound to happen. At around noon time, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Pederson, addressed the media and confirmed that Carson Wentz had a torn ACL and would miss the remainder of this magical season. Why god? What have I done to you to deserve this? This fanbase has been nothing but loyal to this team even through the tough times and just when it looks like something is gonna go our way, it gets snatched away. I then walked around campus for the rest of the day like a sad puppy. My head was down, my Eagles hoodie was on and everyone had a comment. Today, December 11th, 2017 will go down as the darkest day in Philadelphia sports history and you can quote me on that. I just am almost at a loss for words right now. What do we do now? We are 11-2, in prime position to have home field throughout the playoffs, and we have to do it all without our fearless leader. Who will we turn to in such a desperate time……………


In Nick Foles we trust baby, never lose hope, #FLYEAGLESFLY.

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