Breaking News : Trae Young is Really Freaking Good By: Peter Snyder

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Trae Young is the best player in the country, and I don’t even think there is anybody that is a close second. Young is currently leading the nation is scoring, averaging 28.7 PPG along with leading the nation in assist, averaging 10.4 dimes per contest. Young is only in his Freshman year but is already setting NCAA records, most recently tying the record for most assist in a game with 22 on Tuesday night.

The national hype really started surrounding around this young man when he went into Wichita State last Saturday, who was ranked number 3 at the time and dropped 29 and 10 like it was his day job. This led to a big Sooner upset which would also give the team a national ranking coming into this week. Now, I knew Young was talented but I wanted to watch a full game of his before I really started to buy into the hype. So last night I tuned in to watch Oklahoma host Northwestern. Now keep in mind that this Northwestern team is no cupcake, they have a lot of  talent and were ranked coming into the season. What I observed was that Young is clearly the most talented, the most complete and the most electric player in college basketball. I literally got up to get a drink and when I came back he already had 10 assist. He can also shoot the lights out and his shot reminds me a lot of Steph Curries. At the half, Oklahoma was leading the game by the score of 68-38…..yup they put up 68 in a half and the more impressive stat was that Young had 25 and 10 going into the break. Most players would die to have that stat line in 40 minutes and Young simply said, let me put my work in the first half so I can relax in the second. Being that Oklahoma was literally murdering Northwestern, coach Lon Kruger respectfully sat Young for the majority of the second half because lets face it, it just wouldn’t be fair if he remained in the game, the Sooners might have dropped 200. Young finished with 31 points to go along with 12 assists in just 27 minutes of play. Like are we serious with that stat line??

I am now fully invested and a part of the Trae Young hype and let me tell you something folks… circle your calendars anytime the Sooners play on TV because this kid is as much of “Must See TV” as I have ever seen and even if you’re not a huge basketball fan you will surely be entertained by the Trae show. I would not be surprised if you see this Oklahoma team playing in San Antonio for this years FInal Four as this team, led by this superstar is better than anyone could have imagined coming into this season.

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