Last Night Was Anything But a Merry Christmas By: Peter Snyder

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Last night on Christmas night, the Philadelphia Eagles picked up their 13th win on the season, won their 7th home game and clinched the number one seed in the NFC for the playoffs. I along with many other passionate birds fans should be waking up this morning ecstatic and verklempt, but instead I have woken up with a terrible nights sleep, I’m annoyed and am anything but satisfied with the Eagles team’s performance last night. The Eagles had there worst performance of the season last night and the fact that they were even in the game, nevertheless won comes as a pretty big surprise. O Saint Nick, Nick Foles, the Eagles starting QB, looked like old saint shit last night. I think a lot of Eagles fans tried to trick themselves into believing this guy could somehow, someway lead us to the promise land after Wentz went down. Well if  you haven’t been knocked down to reality yet and still believe in Foles after last’s nights performance, I want to have what you are on. I love myself some Eagles football and would watch them everyday if the opportunity presented itself.  But last night it got so bad, so ugly at one point I literally wanted to turn the TV of and just go to bed. Like I was thinking “Why am I doing this to myself, it’s Christmas I’m supposed to be happy.” Late in the fourth quarter last night, the Eagles offense only had 11 total yards of offense in the half, ELEVEN. Like we have the best scoring offense in football and you’re telling me 11 yards is the best you got. That is just total horse shit. Zach Ertz should have had a MONSTER game, racking up at least 3 TD but oh no Nick Foles can’t hit water in a sinking boat. I am so sick and tired of this lackluster play right now that it is almost sickening. Now credit the defense, they played well and their performance was much needed for their confidence as the prior three weeks have been awful for them. All I’m gonna say is this, if the birds come out like they did last night in the playoffs, they will get ran out of the damn city and it will be embarrassing. You have 3 weeks Philly, it’s time to show the world what you really got.

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