Pete’s Mini Blog: Caroline Wozniacki Is A Fighter

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Close your eyes. Picture that you are the second seed in a major tournament, a former champion, one of the best tennis players in the world, and the expectations for you are to make the final if not win. Then in a blink of an eye you find yourself down 5-1 in the final set and are down two match points to an unranked 21-year-old from Croatia. What would you do? Most people in the world would sit down and come to the realization that you have been defeated and that it had just not been your day. It truly takes someone special and courageous to come back from adversity and win the match to avoid the major upset. This is exactly what happened to world number 2, Caroline Wozniacki. Her second round draw matched her against Jana Fett from Croatia who although talented, was extremely young and inexperienced and was not given much of a chance coming into this match. The match was quickly caught to attention, when Fett won the first set, 6-3 and found herself 1 set away from pulling off a MAJOR upset. Wozniacki bounced back nicely however, taking the second set and we were heading to a winner take all 3rd set in Melbourne. Fett came into the 3rd set like she was Serena Williams, making shots look easy and returning a serve like she had been doing it for 40 years. In a blink of an eye, Fett found herself up 5-1 in the third set and had an opportunity to serve for the match. She then got ahead in the 7th game of the match by the score of 40-15 and the 119th ranked player in the world had found herself just one point away from knocking off the second best women’s tennis player in the world. Then a switch must have gone off. The switch that separates Fett and Wozniacki. The switch that is the reason for one being ranked 119 and the other 2. Fett collapsed and Wozniacki turned on the jets. You could see after Wozniacki broke to win the second game of the set, it was as if she had been awarded a second chance and a whole new wave of confidence had come across the 27-year-old from Denmark. It was also evident that Fett needed to finish that match during that service game because for the rest of the match her confidence on the court was just non-existant. Wozniacki, after being down 5-1 and facing double match point had won 6 straight games to win the third set and the match in thrilling fashion. She had survived and truly had to dig deep for this win but the fact that she was able to come back and win shows a lot about what type of tennis player she is and shows how hard it is to beat a world number 2 in the early rounds of a major. For Fett, this loss is going to sting for a bit, but she is young and it is clear she is very talented and has a bright future in this sport.

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