Pete’s Preparation for the Big Game By: Peter Snyder

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Hi. My name is Peter Snyder and I have been a die-hard Eagles fan since I came out of the womb in 1998. My first Eagles experience was on November 15th, 1998. I was only 4 days old but that does not mean I wasn’t rooting for a Birds win. In Eagles fashion, we got blown out that day by the Washington Redskins by the score of 28 to 3. I had been welcomed to the world with an Eagles beat down and it would be one of many I have experienced throughout my life. I have had my fair share of ups (living in the NFC championship game during the early 2000’s) and have had PLENTY of downs (too many to name.) But now we are here. I’m 19, a college student studying sports communication and my beloved Eagles are in the Super Bowl. I have experienced this feeling once in the 2004-2005 season when the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl but I was too young to fully remember. The only recollection I have of that game is me chanting “This is our time, their time (the patriots) is over!” Their time wasn’t over. This time however, I am fully aware of my surroundings and this feeling is truly surreal. A team I have lived and died with and have endured countless painful years, countless painful moments when I thought to myself  “Will I ever see a Super Bowl in my lifetime” is now only 60 minutes away from a SB. Now I’m still young and have not had it that bad. My dad and our old neighbor and still close friend Scott have gone close to upwards of 60 years of Super Bowl less football. But all the pain, all the suffering is going to make it so much sweeter when we hoist that Lombardi Trophy for the first time.

Now the purpose of this blog is to give you guys an idea, an understanding of what my day is going to be like this upcoming Sunday. A day that could honestly be the happiest day of my life.



It’s officially game day but I don’t realize it yet because I have not gone to bed. I can’t. I am way too excited and nervous and there are a plethora of butterflies entering my stomach.This is like Christmas Eve as an 8-year-old all over again.  I finally manage to fall asleep and dream of Nick Foles throwing touchdown passes to Zach Ertz and Fletcher Cox making Tom Brady’s night a living hell.




I wake up to the Rocky music playing as my alarm and start swinging my fist up like I am the champ himself. I yell down to my mom to crack some eggs, put em into a glass and serve it up with nails. I down that shit. Then I watch a countless amount of Eagles pump up videos until my eyes start to burn. Okay I have to pace myself or it’s going to be a LOOOONG day.



They say that athletes that play in the SB have to pace them self because if they use all their energy getting pumped up for the big game, you will have no adrenaline left when it’s time for the ball to get in the air and you will burn out easily. I feel like the same can be said about fans. If I spend the entire day getting fired up for the biggest Eagles game I have watched in my life, I will be knocked out by the time JT hits the stage. So instead, I’m gonna watch Nova take on Seton Hall and watch Jalen Brunson tear it up against an awful Seton Hall defense. By the time the games over it’ll be time to really get into football mode.




It’s wing time! Time to pick up the wings and the pizza and make sure it is HOURS ahead of kickoff because I’m sure as hell not gonna cut things close. I’m watching every second and every moment in this game and it’s gonna be awesome. Also get the hell outa here if you are a buffalo kinda guy or gal. It’s all about that honey BBQ baby. I’m trying to enjoy my food and not trying to have my food be on fire on the way in and especially on the way out, no thanks.




We are now an hour and a half from kickoff and it’s time to lock the eff in. I do it before every game and have been doing it for years. I go to my room or a separate room if I’m at a place, put my Beats head phones in and get pumped up with the most bad ass tunes around. I have the same 8 songs that I play every week but have recently added a new one, God’s Plan by Drake. Freaking heat. As the tunes are flowing and my heart is pumping I almost feel like an actual player that is getting ready to play in the biggest game of my life. I listen to music for about an hour and at this moment I have transformed from a die-hard fan to an actual eagle.




It’s game time, my heart cannot actually take this. Is this actually happening? Yes it is Peter, yes it is. These are the moments that you live for man, the moments you would give a ligament for a win. I would literally give someone my pinky if we were guaranteed to win this game. At this point I have literally been waiting for the ball to be in the air for two weeks, my emotions are at an all time high, I have already lost my voice, my heart is pumping, my palms are sweaty and I am ready, LETS GO!!




Midnight strikes……Super……..Bowl……….Champs


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