Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time By: Peter Snyder

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The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest event of the year and millions tune in year after year, some of which are not even football fans. This gives businesses a perfect opportunity to promote their product on the biggest stage and Super Bowl Commercials are like no other. They are more expensive than regular commercials, funnier and more extravagant. With the expectations so high, we have seen our fair share of great SB commercials and commercials that were just flat-out awful. This is a list of the 5 best SB commercials of all time and if I missed one, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. We get started with a commercial in 2010 that featured a star who was quite grumpy during this ad.

5. Snickers: Betty White (2010)

This video doesn’t exist

There is something incredibly funny about 88-year-old Betty White running a route and getting absolutely drilled into a puddle of mud. Then after the initial laugh, Snickers hooks you in again with a Betty White zinger as she cracks a good old “that’s not what your girlfriend said (last night).” I think what makes this add so successful is that it’s relatable. We all know that guy who acts like a complete buzz kill when he is hungry and acts like a fidgety, cranky old lady. Bro just eat a Snickers. It’s catchy, it’s funny, it’s relatable and this commercial will go down as an all time great.

4. E* Trade “Baby Burp” (2008)

This video doesn’t exist

People love cute babies and people love to laugh. E* Trade did the perfect job of blending these two together perfectly. In this commercial that aired during the 2008 SB, a baby was talking to an audience, and was telling us about how he bought stock and how easy it was. The point they were trying to cross was it’s so easy even a baby can do it. This commercial would have been great with just the baby talking in a deep man’s voice, but E* Trade decided to go one step further and had the baby spit up some sort of substance at the end of the commercial and of course we laughed because we as a society love to see people suffer at our comedic expense.

3. Budweiser “Brotherhood” (2013)

This video doesn’t exist

A really memorable commercial will make you do one of two things. You will either laugh your ass off and start to feel pain in your ribs or you will sob uncontrollably and will need to go to another room to control yourself. In this case, the water works were flowing and the tissues were needed. Budweiser has always come up with great Super Bowl ads and what makes them so iconic when it comes to Super Bowl advertising are their historic clydesdales. During the 2013 SB, Budweiser came up with their best ad to date as the story between a young baby horse and a man was told in a quick time. The two were separated but as the horse grew up, he never forgot the man. The man goes to see the horse all grown up in a parade as a Clydesdale and just as the man is about to leave the parade in his truck, the horse comes rushing to the man. The two embrace in a hug and all of America starts bawling their eyes out. It is a beautiful commercial that symbolizes friendship and never forgetting where you came from or the people who made you what you were.


2. Volkswagen “The Force” (2011)

This video doesn’t exist

Star Wars is one of the biggest phenomenon’s this world has ever seen so to have a Star Wars themed commercial, if done right, is going to be wildly popular. In this commercial made by Volkswagen in 2011, a little boy dressed up in his Darth Vader costume, is having a hard day. Throughout the day, he tried to use the force to move certain objects, but nothing would work. He seemed to get more and more frustrated until suddenly something magical happened. His dad came home from work, driving a Volkswagen of course, and was immediately greeted by his frustrated son. As a parent, one of your main goals in life is to make your kids happy and thanks to the new remote start that Volkswagen was promoting, dad had a chance to do just that. He started the car from inside, making his son believe that his powers were the reason that the car started and his mind was blown. It was a sweet moment, and a phenomenal commercial.

1. Coca-Cola: “Mean” Joe Greene (1980)

This video doesn’t exist

The clear, undisputed champion is this iconic Coca-Cola ad where an innocent little boy has the courage to go up approach one of the most bad ass dudes on the planet, Mean Joe Greene. Greene is hobbling of the field and into the tunnel with an injury when a young boy in a scared voice says “Mr. Greene do you need any help?” Greene is obviously not in the mood but the kid does not give up. The boy then offers him his Coke and the mood instantly changes. Greene accepts the Coke, feels better while drinking it and the commercial concludes with Greene tossing the boy his jersey. The point of the ad is that even the meanest dude can be happy by drinking a Coke and although it’s a tad cheesy, it’s an absolute classic and is talked today even 30 plus years since it first aired in 1980. This ad was so popular that remakes have been attempted, but nothing comes close to that historic shoot and the words heard around the world, “Thanks Mean Joe.”


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