The Train-wreck that was the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies By: Peter Snyder

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I like to consider myself as an Olympic guy. Even though I prefer the Summer Olympics, I will most certainly cheer on team USA in the Winter Olympics. Now I was already coming into these Winter Olympics with low expectations because NHL players were not allowed to compete which will make for a less exciting hockey tournament and the fact that there is a 14 hour time difference just grinds my gears. I want to watch these events live and it sucks that I am already going to know the outcome before even watching it. All this aside, I was still going to give the opening ceremonies a chance last night. I was going to turn off the Sixers game to watch the historic parade of nations and I gotta be honest, I’ve never regretted a decision more in my life. The ceremonies started at 8 and by 9:30 I was watching the Oakland-Detroit Mercy Game.

Okay, where do I even begin to explain to you guys how much of a shit show this was. I guess I will start by mentioning how annoying the commentary was the entire night and how unneeded it is. Like we just want to watch the different countries parade around the stadium and do not need to hear stupid, un-meaningful facts about each country that are so unimportant that I couldn’t even tell you one that was mentioned. They also commentated the ceremonies like it is the freaking Masters with this calming voice that you think would be soothing, but is just annoying as hell. At one point I just pressed mute because I literally could not take it anymore. Next, what in God’s name was team USA wearing on their hands. The outfit would have been straight flames but it had to be ruined by an awful choice of hand gear that made the players look like old westerners.


Finally, and what made this truly almost hard to watch, was the fact that I asked myself at least a hundred times a throughout the night, “Where the hell is everybody?” This 190 million dollar stadium that should of been packed was essentially empty and it just made it awkward for the people watching at home. Like the countries would walk around and would be waving but would be waving to absolute nobody. Then you would have these dancers who had do of been exhausted because they were going HAM for hours without stopping. There was also a weird array of music going on and due to the lack of crowd noise, you could here it clear as day. I could only describe the scene as being like the famous ride “It’s a Small World” located in Walt Disney World.


I will give credit to all the dancers and effects that went on during the show portion of the ceremonies because I know how much work is put into it and it did look nice. Overall though, this was just a disappointing night and set a bad precedent on what these winter games might have in store.

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