Shaun White is the Reason We Love Sports By: Peter Snyder

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There are certain moments in sports that will be remembered for hundreds of years. The types of moments where you knew exactly where you were and what was happening when such event occurred. Last night was one of those moments. Shaun White came into these Winter Olympics looking for redemption. After failing to medal at Sochi in 2014 and now being 31, he knew this was most likely going to be his last chance to take gold. White came in as a favorite, but had two snowboarders breathing down his neck looking to pull off this upset. 19-year-old Ayumu Hirano from Japan and the Aussie, Scotty James who looked unstoppable during his qualifying run. It was pretty clear coming in that these three competitors were going to be the three that medalled. What was unclear however, was which medal was going to be given to what guy because all three were very capable of taking the gold. The first round was dominated by the Goat himself, Mr. Shaun White. He landed a massive run which was scored as a 94.25, putting him atop the leaderboard, early in the competition. During the second runs of the final, the 19-year-old sensation from Japan landed a huge run that was heard around the world. Hirano had taken the lead from White, by scoring a 95.25 during his second run. This raised the stakes and certainly increased the pressure on White and it was clear that we were in store for one hell of a finish. During his second run, White fell on the pipe and the margin for error had suddenly increased significantly. If White wanted to take home the gold, he would have to do it during his last run of the whole competition. After an uneventful first six runs during the final run where nobody significantly improved their scores, all eyes began to turn to White. He had one run, one chance to do something LEGENDARY. White with a clear scared nervous look on his face, dropped in the pipe and did something he had never done before during his decorated career, let freaking loose. During his final run, White did not too much but nor too little and graced the snow like it was a muse. When he landed his run and got to the bottom of the hill, the nation held their breath, awaiting his score. The score came in and Shaun had done it. He had scored a 97.75 on his final run, giving him his third career gold medal.

Shaun had trouble holding back his emotions and you could just see how hard he had worked for this very moment. You could see how much this meant to him and you could see sweet revenge tasted as White who just four years ago went home without a medal, was now on top of the world and was bringing home some hardware with him back to the states. It was one of the most pure, surreal moments I have ever seen in my life in the sense of a true sports moment and it made me proud to be an American. Shaun White had to do something legendary to win the gold, instead he did something unforgettable that will live on forever. 

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