The All President’s Basketball Team By: Peter Snyder

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Happy President’s day folks! A day where we honor the men who led our country and gave us the day off from school. I decided to create the ultimate starting 5 if it was possible to get these guys together to play pick up. We start with one of Americas favorite president who would run point and be the captain of the team.

PG – Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt reminds a lot of John Stockton. I feel like he would be there he kind of guy who would have a lethal outside shot but can also distribute the ball to his teammates. Roosevelt is also a natural born leader and would defiantly be the captain of the team. I feel like his only weakness would be his poor vision and he would have to wear the rec speaks at all times.

SG – John F Kennedy


You need the youth, and being that Kennedy was the youngest president, he fills that role perfectly. Also, if you look at his stature a physic, he just looks like an athletic guy who can finish at the rim but also has a nasty jumper. I also feel that Kennedy would be a lock down defender and would have a defensive presence that is suffocating. If I had to compare Kennedy to a current day player I would compare him to a combination of Patrick Beverly and James Harden (just without the beard.)

SF – Barack Obama


Barack Obama is the Lebron James of Presidents. We already know that Obama has the history of an athlete as he has pretty much played every sport during his time at the White House. He also is a very smart basketball fan as he filled out a March Madness bracket all 8 years in office on national television and did pretty well. Obama stands at 6 feet one inch tall so you know he would be a high flyer and would be the type of player that you would throw lobs to on the daily. Obama would be the star of this team but would also stay humble because that is just the kind of guy he is. Michelle would also be the greatest basketball wife of all time.

PF – George Washington


This is the part of the lineup where it begins to become unfair. George Washington stands in at 6 feet 2 inches and reminds me of a gray haired Anthony Davis. Washington would be the type of player who would consistently call for the ball and would annoy his teammates by how much he would score. Washington would care only about his points and himself and would in no way be a team player. That being said he would average at least 50 a game.

C – Abraham Lincoln


Abe Lincoln was the tallest president of all time and stood in at 6 feet 4 inches tall. Abe reminds me a lot of the great Wilt Chamberlain. Abe would dominate the post, block shots and average 20 boards a game. He would also run the floor for a big man at an extremely impressive rate and would look like a guard in a centers body. Abe also has a mean sky hook and wears his top hat during games which makes him 6″8. Abe is not a guy you wanna guard on a nightly basis and would make centers lives a living hell. Abe will help you win championships.

Head Coach – Martin Van Buren


Martin Van Buren would be the Greg Poppovich of president basketball. He would have a no bullshit attitude and would not want to deal with the media at all. He would draw up meticulous, well thought out plays and would become a master of the game.


There it is, your all president basketball team. Now I don’t know about you, but I would take these 5 guys and pair them up against anyone anyway and be confident that they would come up with the win. Now obviously I am kidding as most of these guys are probably stiffer than a chalk board, but it is fun to think about what would happen if these guys ran 5’s. I hope you all have a very patriotic President’s Day!

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