Top 5 1B Heading Into the 2018 Season By: Peter Snyder

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First basemen. They wear different gloves and are some of the strongest guys on the entire planet. These 5 athletes are the best 1B money can buy and make summers at the ballpark enjoyable. We start our list with a player who was a late free agent sign but has been one of the most consistent players in the game.

5. Eric Hosmer – SD Padres


Eric Hosmer was one of the key signings during the 2018 offseason. He signed a massive 8 year, 144 million dollar contract with the Padres and is excited to call San Diego his new home. The Padres are very thankful to have the power hitting lefty as he will drastically improve their team on both sides of the ball. Hos has one of the sweeter gloves you will see at the first base position and can absolutely rake at the plate. He finished the 2017 season with a .318 BA, drove in 94 runs, collected 192 hits and hit 25 homers. I like Hosmer to have a huge debut year with his new team and have him finishing the year with a .315 BA, have him driving in 100 runs and hitting 28 homers. Hos is definitely a guy you want to keep your eye on in 2018.

4. Freddie Freeman – ATL Braves


Even though Freddie Freeman plays for a divisional rival, you will not hear a bad word come out of my mouth about this Canadian superstar. Freddie Freeman is as pure as they come. He has a swing that makes your mouth water, has the power to make your jaw drop and can flash the leather like it’s nobody business. Freeman had an impressive 2017 campaign and finished the year with a .307 BA, drove in 71 runs and hit 28 big flies on the year. Freeman has been the type of player who has never been satisfied, always wants to improve and I think this year will be no different. I like Freeman slightly improving his numbers in 2018 and have him finishing with a .310 have him driving in around 80 runs and have him hitting 39 homers. Freeman is a great guy both on and off the field and is truly one of baseballs treasures.

3. Anthony Rizzo – CHI Cubs


Now we get to the big three. These 3 guys are absolute studs and can be flipped around and the list would still be satisfying. That’s how good they are and that’s how close in talent they are. We start with Anthony Rizzo who is one of the best run producers in all of baseball. This fun-loving goofy guy plays the game like he is still in little league, and it is a beautiful thing to watch. Rizzo had a massive 2017 season, finishing the year with a .273 BA, drove in 109 runs and hitting 32 homers on the year. As hard as it may seem, I think Rizzo is gonna have an even better season in 2018. I have him batting .300, hitting 40 homers and driving in 120. I think we are possibly looking at an NL MVP finalist.

2. Joey Votto – CIN Reds 


Joey Votto is the most underrated player in the history of Major League Baseball. Votto puts up historic numbers season after season and does not get the national resignation that he deserves. He deserves to be talked about every night on MLB Network and should be compared to guys like Paul Goldschmidt. If you disagree with me just listen to the 2017 year that Votto had. He finished the year with a .320 BA drove in 100 runs, scored 106 runs, collected 179 hits, hit 36 homers and had a .454 OBP. Those numbers are video game like. It is hard to say if Votto keeps up these staggering numbers during the 2018 season but if I was a betting man, I would not bet against him. I like Votto finishing with a .315 BA, have him hitting around 35 homers and have him driving in 110 runs. Votto needs more attention and is one of the best players in all of baseball.

1.Paul Goldschmidt – ARI Diamondbacks


Paul Goldschmidt is America’s favorite hitter and I might have just made that up but boy oh boy is it fun watching him swing the stick. Goldschmidt year after year continues to produce with huge numbers and is starting to establish himself as one of the greatest to ever play the first base position. He is also an incredible defensive first basemen and has brought home 3 Gold Glove awards. Goldschmidt had a huge 2017 season and finished the year with a .297 BA, scored 117 runs, collected 166 hits, drove in 120 runs, stole 18 bases and hit 36 home runs. We have no way in telling when Goldschmidt will start to slow down but I think it’s safe to say we have awhile until we have to start worrying about that. I think Goldschmidt will have a huge 2018 season and have him finishing with .305 BA, have him driving in 130, have him hitting 40 homers and stealing 20 bags. Enjoy this while you can because Goldschmidt is not a player you run into everyday and is truly a once in a generation type of player.

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