Top 5 SS Heading Into the 2018 Season By: Peter Snyder

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Shortstops, they are some of the most exciting players in baseball and are some of the greatest entertainers on the planet. This is a list compiled of the five most talented shortstops in Major League Baseball both on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball. This list is not compiled of saber-metrics or fancy machines calibrating stats, none of that BS, just pure, raw talent. These 5 guys are the type of players that you will pay to see play and the type of players where you stop and stare when they dig into the batters box. We will start in our nation’s capital, where a lightning fast SS who is coming off an injury, is looking to have a huge year.

5. Trea Turner – WSH Nationals


I am a huge fan of Trea Turner. The 24-year-old Florida native is a 5 tool athlete who is one of the fastest players you will ever see on a diamond. Despite being placed on the DL last season with a broken wrist and missing a lengthy period of time, Turner finished with a .284 BA to go along with 117 hits and 46 stolen bags. If Turner can stay healthy, I like him swiping 60 plus bags this year and hitting .300. Turner is a guy that will score your team runs and score them in bunches and is a nightmare on the base paths for opposing teams. Look for Turner to have a huge year and help lead his team to a NL East title.

4. Didi Gregorius – NY Yankees


When Didi Gregorius came to the Bronx in 2015, he knew he had monumental shoes to fill. Derek Jeter had just retired and the passionate fans had mixed opinions on his replacement. After a mediocre first year with the team, fans were ready to run the Dutchman out-of-town. Didi kept working though and was determined to not replace Jeter, but at least be someone who the Yankees would be proud to call their shortstop, a position that is so historic throughout the organization. Gregorius had a much improved 2016 season, but really broke out during his 2017 campaign and has established himself as one of the elite SS in the game. Sir Didi, as the Yankee faithful call him, finished 2017 with a .287 BA to go along with 87 RBIs and 25 HR. Gregorius is one of the best fielding SS in the game and can flash the leather like no other. The expectations are high for the power hitting lefty and I think he will have a huge year, hitting somewhere in the .290 range, collecting 90 plus RBIs and hitting 25 homers.

3. Corey Seager – LA Dodgers

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven

Corey Seager is truly one of the bright spots we have in our game. His raw talent sheer athleticism is a beautiful thing and he is the type of player that makes the game fun to watch. What some considered as a down year for the 23-year-old from North Carolina, still turned out to be a productive year as Seager finished the season with a .295 BA, hit 22 home runs and collected 159 hits on the year. Where people thought Seager lacked last season, was in his RBI numbers as he only drove in 77 runs, but he has shown so far in his early career that he is not known for driving in a plethora of runs. I think Seager has a huge year this year and would not be surprised if he is in the NL MVP discussion come years end. I like him batting for .300+, hitting 30 hone runs, and scoring over 100 runs. This is definitely a player you want to watch throughout the season.

2. Carlos Correa – HOU Astros


In my opinion when it comes to ranking short stops, there is a clear 1-2 and then a small drop-off before 3. I think these 2 guys are that talented and are clearly superior to every other SS in the majors. I had to evaluate these 2 players for literally hours to decide who to put at one, and who to put at two and the decision was not easy. Landing at the number 2 spot on our list is none other than 23-year-old sensation, Carlos Correa. Correa is one of the most exciting players we have ever seen in our game and watching him play is like a work of art. Whether it is a miraculous play at SS that makes your jaw drop, or the way the ball explodes off Correa’s bat, he never fails to amaze. Last year Correa finished with a sensational .315 BA, had a .391 OBP, knocked in 84 runs, hit 24 home runs and scored 82 runs in the process. As big of this season as this was for Correa, I believe he will have an even bigger 2018 campaign. I think he will hit .320. knock in 90 and hit 30 homers. He along with our guy finishing off the list, have the potential to be the AL MVP this season and I would bet that it is one or the other.

1.Fransisco Lindor – CLE Indians


The number one shortstop in baseball coming into the 2018 season is none other than Frankie Baseball. Fransisco Lindor is young, athletic, powerful, flashy and is everything you want in a shortstop. Lindor is the type of player who I could watch highlights of for hours on end. He has one of the smoothest swings in all of baseball but at the same time fields his position like an art form. The 24-year-old from Puerto Rico finished the 2017 with staggering numbers, hitting for a .273 BA, collecting 178 hits, driving in 89 runs, scoring 99 runs and hitting 33 home runs. Like Correa, I think Lindor will have an even bigger year this season and like him hitting for .290, driving in 100 and hitting for 35 homers. I think you are looking at your 2018 American League MVP.

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