Detroit Tigers Preview: By Dominick DeRosa

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cabi.jpgThe Detroit Tigers are not expected to be anything fascinating next season, in fact, they have a high chance of being not only last in their division, but also the worst team overall in the league. The Tigers had no choice but to press the reset button to have a bright look on the future for years to come. The answer to the Tigers trading away their talent is obvious, age. All of their players that they have made into stars are well past their primes and are ready to go to another rebuild to contend as soon as possible. It questions many including myself on why the Tigers have not traded Miguel Cabrera as of now. Is he too old for teams? Are no teams willing to give up prospects for a 34 year old 1B? They have to look past that and seek any options available for Cabrera.

fulmer 88.jpg

Former American League Rookie of the Year, Michael Fulmer is on the cusp of reaching the elite. He started off the 2017 season by going 9-6 with a 3.19 ERA but received surgery on his right elbow ending his season with a 10-12 record and 3.83 ERA. Otherwise, the Tigers have a promising first or secondary starting pitcher to protect the team and carry them past games with multiple wins.


So what is the future for Detroit? Strongly considered to be their #1 prospect is RHP Franklin Perez. The Tigers acquired Perez in the Justin Verlander trade to Houston. At only 19 years old, they see a lot of potential and nasty pitches being thrown at a fast rate. Put Perez (Imagining he is as good as people believe) along with Fulmer and that is a deadly 1-2 pitching rotation to start off in the regular season and go against in the postseason. It is unclear where the Tigers are heading for the future, but do not be shocked to see this team contending once again with great pitching and all around good baseball.


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