Wake up to the Creative Genius That is Lil Dicky By: Peter Snyder

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We’ve all seen the movie, Freaky Friday. It’s a classic film that features Jamie Lynn Curtis  and Lindsey Lohan in which their characters switch bodies for a duration of time. Have you ever thought of what this concept would be like if it were to happen in the music world? Of course not. You along with me are nowhere near creative to come up with that concept and we have to leave it to guys like Lil Dicky to come up with this gold.

For starters, this song is very catchy and is one that you can listen to on repeat, but the premise of it and the video is what makes this track truly memorable. The video starts with Lil Dicky and his buddies at a Chinese restaurant which is exactly where the movie, “Freaky Friday” took place when the change went down.

After being confronted by a fan who defines him as a comedic rapper, Dicky describes to his friends how he is tired of not being respected in the rap industry and not being considered as “Cool.” They then switch to a TV in the Chinese restaurant that shows superstar Chris Brown saying that he would do anything to be “normal” for a day. The strange waiter overhears the whole encounter and switches the two men, so LD is now in Chris Brown’s body and vice versa. The next scene is shot in the perspective of Lil Dicky in Chris Brown’s body and it’s honestly hysterical. He wakes up next to two beautiful women in a mansion, can dance, sing and is living the life. On the other hand, Chris Brown, in Lil Dicky’s body wakes up in an average house, is not noticed by paparazzi and is seemingly less popular than what he is accustom to. He than tries to find himself because he notices that his daughter is probably not being taken care of. He goes looking around the city for himself and that concept alone is just so funny.  He finds out that Lil Dicky is just blowing around his cash on the streets and has no regard for human life. The funniest part of the video is when Chris Brown finally finds Lil Dicky and goes to punch him but LD says you would be essentially punching yourself so the two just start dancing in the club. The concept is so out of this world and silly that it works and in a huge way. Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and Kendal Jenner cap the video off with cameos which added a laugh. To conclude, this is one of the most creative music videos and is one of the most creative concepts to a song I have ever heard. For Lil Dicky to be the captain behind the ship does not surprise me at all. From “Save That Money” to “Pillow Talking,” LD has always had one of the most creative minds in the music industry. You should expect big things from his Sophomore album because when a first single from an album drops and is this good, it sets a precedent for how good the album has the potential to be, but this also means the expectations will be through the roof for this Philly boy.

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