Atlanta Braves 2018 Season Preview By Noah P. Gugliotta

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The Atlanta Braves are a tricky team, because of the rebuild and coming off a 90 loss season, they are primed to improve this season. The playoffs for this team is a pretty big longshot, but there is no reason that this team can’t at least be respectable.

Freddie Freeman is THE GUY on this team and should be treated like one. He is in his prime and needs some help in most efforts but this team is making strides and going in the right direction.


One other important player on this team is Nick Markakis. He is one of the best outfielders in this fine league with one of the best arms. He is so consistent and doesn’t get injured. He played a whopping 160 games last season. Entering his 13th season in the majors, it will be paramount for him to produce, and be a consistent force the entirety of the season.

Ender Inciarte as an outfielder is one of the best around and had a solid year with the bat with an batting average of .304. These players are going to be crucial to their success now and in the future, and becoming a high caliber team won’t be easy, but the structure is there for this rebuilding Braves team.usa_today_9550503.0

The manager of the Braves Brian Snitker has been in the Braves organization for 42 seasons, and this extensive experiencing in baseball will keep this team on a steady path.

As for their pitching, Julio Teheran and Mike Foltynewicz should hopefully be exciting to watch. They and the other starters need run support and with how young this team and the lineup is that may be extremely difficult.

Knowing that this team has to deal with the dominant Nationals and a talented Mets team in their division won’t be easy to deal with, but they will fight and claw but I don’t think they can be over .500 for the season.

The youth on this team is promising, but making a run into the playoffs is not much of a probability for this Atlanta Braves team.

This team may have a tough year but will show glimpses of success and talent. Prove me wrong Atlanta. Exceed expectations and good luck.

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