The Michigan Football Documentary, “All or Nothing” Trailer is Finally here and it is Freaking Epic By: Peter Snyder

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This is the third season that Amazon Prime has shot the documentary series entitled “All or Nothing.” The premise of the doc is to put it simply, a regular season version of Hard Knocks. The first two seasons featured professional teams in the likes of The Arizona Cardinals and The Los Angeles Rams. It was decent, but nothing to special in which I would drop whatever I was doing to watch every episode back to back. This year is different. While there will be a third season following an NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, Amazon has decided to go to the collegiate level as well, following one of the most historic programs in college football, the Michigan Wolverines. Now before you continue to read this I want you to watch the trailer and then we will dive into it together.

First of all, wow. I have watched this a decent 10 times now and continue to get goosebumps every time I watch it. From a video production standpoint, you can immediately tell how well the cinematography was done on this project. The shots are tight, pure and crisp and is a product that will make your eyes horny. Two, Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan and the main character of this doc, is absolute must see TV. If you know anything about football, you know that there are very few men in this world that are as passionate and fiery about the game of football than Harbaugh is. The dude literally craves the game. I think if the game was taken away from him, he would literally just drop dead. As the general public, we can see how passionate he is just by the public eye. Imagine how much we will learn to get a full, behind the scene season with the mad man that eats, sleeps and breathes the game of football. Also, the atmosphere that is the Big House, is one of the most electric in the country and that will add a nostalgic vibe to the series. I think the fact that Amazon will feature both a pro and college team will create a new experience for viewers. This is new, this is fresh and this project just looks sexy. The doc comes out on April 6th on Amazon Prime and all episodes will be released at the same time. Now being that I am a Penn State fan, I am in no way a Michigan supporter, but you better bet your biscuits come April 6th I will be sitting down in my recliner and binging the shit out of this. Football doc’s are back and in a big way.

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