Cincinnati Reds 2018 Season Preview By: Noah Gugliotta

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It is time to see whether the Reds can start to make the turn around. As it stands right now this team is in a spot where it will be next to impossible to find a path to the postseason. October baseball may be extremely far away, but it is pretty apparent that this is a team that needs help. This is not to say that this Cincinnati team isn’t improving. In the next couple of years this could be a dynamic team but some more work needs to be done.

Rebuilding is not always an exciting process, especially for the fans, but it is sometimes a necessity for teams that need to start winning.

The Reds were 68-94 in 2017. This will be a season of looking to improve. Nobody should be discouraged however the changes will not be seen overnight, so this will take some patience, as most rebuilds do.


This is a team last season that struggled most with pitching with 5.17 ERA last season. Their lineup ranked in the middle of the pack in most offensive categories which illuminates where they have most of their problems.

They need pitching. Anthony Desclafani who missed all of 2016 and Luis Castillo had a solid 15 starts last season and should have a solid sophomore year. These guys especially have to perform and help this team win some more games.

Now onto the offense which has some pretty big positives. Joey Votto is well, Joey Votto. He is an unbelievable player all-around. This man played in every game and deserved all the playing time he received last season. Of his eleven years in the majors he has only two seasons which he had a batting average over .300.


The Cubs will end up being the class of the National League Central, and having to face them might be tough to handle for this team, and their fans. With an improving Cardinals team and the Reds being so far behind last season in their division, it will be a tough road for this Cincinnati team.

This team will make strides this season and I think they will end up improving and getting 73 wins, five more than the previous season.

This may not seem like much, but for a team trying to bounce back they can’t do much worse than they did during the 2017 season.

I want to see a team with this young talent all over the roster prove themselves as formidable. A team that won’t back down, and fight in every game. This is almost a guarantee. We are on the road to opening day and another season of Major League Baseball. Good luck to the Cincinnati Reds.

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