San Diego Padres 2018 Preview By: Dominick DeRosa

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The San Diego Padres had a disappointing finish on the 2017 season by going 71-91. On the bright side to their .438 season, they finished second-to-last in the division, being in front of the 64-98 San Fransisco Giants. Despite not making the playoffs for over a decade, the San Diego Padres have the number one ranked farm system in the Major League Baseball association.

Wil Myers

Believed to be the best player on the Padres roster, Wil Myers had a disappointing season overall. He struggled on the offensive end by batting .243 but had 138 hits along with 80 RBI’s. The Padres have now hired Matt Stairs as the new batting coach to improve on the .234 batting average, last in the Major League Baseball association. They also finished last in the league in OBP, which was only .299. Myers is looking to forget about his negative 2017 year on the offense and not only improve on the offense in 2018, but return to his original position at RF to have new addition Eric Hosmer take over 1B.

Manuel Margot

Pitching has been one continuous struggle for the San Diego Padres for recent amount of years. The top three rotating starters struggled throughout the season but have a great closer in Brad Hand. They are currently waiting patiently for their top prospects to hit the majors such as Mackenzie Gore, a left-handed pitcher who has a high profile compared to Clayton Kershaw.

Brad Hand

The addition of adding 1B Eric Hosmer was a “stolen base” for the Friars future as an organization. Their future is not to mess around with adding Hosmer and having prospects such as Mackenzie Gore and Fernando Tatis Jr. on the rise soon. Very soon the San Diego Padres will be on the cusp of World Series contention.Eric Hosmer

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