Guys Being Cultured: My Dear Melancholy, Full Review By: Peter Snyder

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Let’s get one thing set before I start this review. I am a HUGE fan of The Weeknd and think everything he touches turns into gold. From Trilogy to Starboy, Abel has become one of my favorite artists of all time. His vocals are mesmerizing and lyrics will put you into a trance and let’s be honest, his music makes you feel some type of way. Thursday night out of seemingly nowhere,  The Weekend released his new album/EP entitled “My Dear Melancholy,” and it has vintage Abel written all over it. During his last album entitled “Star Boy,” It seemed like The Weeknd was in the happiest place he has ever been in. This happiness transitioned into a more upbeat, electronic feel towards the songs that were released on the album. Although fans were happy that The Weeknd was happy, they did not like the music. The music that they fell in love with was the hard-core, depressing tone that he provides when he is going through hard times. It is almost as if when he sings, you can feel what emotional state he is in and in a drastic sense. That being said, The Weeknd coming into the release of this new project, was getting through a break up and one of a high magnitude as him and his now former girlfriend, Selena Gomez split after a long-lasting relationship. This put Abel in a dark dark place and he put that emotion down on paper, eventually turning into vocals and then a song. This pain that The Weeknd was experiencing comes across substantially in this album, and the pain is felt right away, in the first track.

Track One – “Call Out My Name”

The first song of this album is a hard hitter and Abel does not hold back. The track has a perfect balance between beautiful vocals, masterful lyrics and a killer beat. It is clear that this song is about Gomez as in the first few verses The Weeknd sings “We found each other, I helped you out of a broken place, you gave me comfort, but falling for you was a mistake.” You can imply that when he is talking about the broken place, he is referring about the tough time that Selena Gomez was going through in which she had lupus and had to get a kidney transplant during the time the two were dating. The Weekend feels spiteful because he feels like he helped her through this tough time and for what in the end? He is angry and that emotion spills out on to this track. The angrier he gets, the more you can feel and vibe to the song and almost submerge yourself into the song. The song ends with a vocal switch up by Abel in which he is letting all his emotion out and you just want to give him a hug because we can all relate to how bad breakups can be and how much it sucks to get your heart-broken. The only differences is that he can turn those emotions into a musical masterpiece and we are the ones listening. This emotional roller coaster is the perfect way to start this album and has already asserted itself as a fan favorite.

Track 2 – “Try Me”

The second song of this album comes in hot and is personally one of my favorites. It is extremely catchy and has a beat that goes hard in the paint. Although this song is not necessarily as dark as the first song of the album, it still has a dark undertone and if you think about it hard enough, you will understand what message he is trying to relay. He is essentially singing to all the previous girls he has been in a relationships with and telling them to hit him up. He is now single and ready to mingle. He is also very cocky in this song by letting “them” know he is the best they will ever have and the best they will ever get. This is nothing new though. In most of The Weeknds songs, he praises how many beautiful women he has been with and all the drugs that come with it. We love that cockiness though. It’s part of who he is and we love him for exactly who he is. This song will not go down as the most memorable lyric wise, but you will remember the chorus to this song and you will find yourself bobbing your head as this track has a flavor to it that just works. I think it’s clear that Abel wants to put his heavy hitters in the top half of the album and the next track is one of the best pieces The Weekend has ever written in his entire career.


Track 3 – “Wasted Time”

The second this song started, I had to pause it. I was almost at a loss for words. The beat was quick but not too quick, the vocals were as pure as I have ever heard from The Weeknd and I knew this was going to be something special. Then when you dive into it, it turns from special into memorable. I’ve always said that The Weekend reminds me of the legendary Micheal Jackson and this song brings that comparison to life. This song has an MJ feel and is one you just want to dance to. The beat is so sick and quick and I can not get over how good it is. The Weeknd also through a subtle lyric that mentioned his ex girlfriend Bella Hadid that had people talking. The lyric goes as follows “You were equestrian so ride it like a champion.” You may ask how this has anything to do with Bella Hadid. Well, Hadid is a big time horse girl and has publicly shown her fascination for the animal. Does this mean that The Weeknd wants her back? Does she want him back? Is love lost or is there still a spark. We will have to find out. The track ends with Abel again, auto-tuning his voice to say “I aint got no business catching feelings.” It is so catchy and just vibes. Vintage Weeknd is officially back and I could not be more happy.

Track 4 – “I Was Never There (Feat Gesaffelstein)”

We are now on the back-end of the album and The Weeknd is ending this thing the right way. This track is funky but smooth at the same time and has a type of beat that I have never heard of before in my life. The beat has a siren like tone and makes you feel like a cop is behind you chasing you. This beat provides a sense of danger and danger in music works. As for the vocals and lyrics go, they are above average. Abel is essentially playing the poor me role in this tract and can you really blame him. He is saying that when he shines and is at his best, no one will be there for him and especially not Selena Gomez. The track then ends with a feature by a person I’ve never heard of but I’m a tad confused, because the dude sounds exactly like The Weeknd. This was not the strongest track on the album, but it was still a good one and this project has failed to have a bad song on it.

Track 5 – “Hurt You (Feat Gesaffelstein)”

Track 5 of this album gives me a heavy Star Boy feel. It feels a lot like this song would fit more perfectly in Star Boy then it would in this one. Never the less it’s a good song and you get an emotional change from Abel. In the first four songs, The Weeknd shows a lot of anger and frustration but in this song, Abel shows a more sympathetic side. He is essentially singing to Selena or whoever he may of hurt and saying I am sorry for hurting you. We also get another smooth feature from Gesaffelstein which features a soulful vibe to the track. I like to think of this track as an apology note and in a way, it is very sweet of him. He is acknowledging that the relationship troubles were not all in part to the significant others and he had has his fair share of mess ups too. This song is a beautiful penultimate to the album and in a way calms us down and gets us ready for the finish. In many ways, this album is like a roller coaster, very hectic and loud in the front and a soft finish towards the end. The Weeknd does this with all his albums and he does it beautifully. This is the type of project you never want to end and could just listen to forever.

Track 6 – “Privilege”

We have come to an end and the album concludes with a beautiful song entitled “Privilege.” The track has a slow pace and is essentially a good-bye song to both his fans and his exes, particularly Selena Gomez. He is telling her to enjoy her privileged life and he will just sit here in pain and sorrow. See, she moved on extremely fast and was seen with Justin Bieber who she had previously dated, shortly after her and Abel split. This had to have torn Abel apart and again, he transferred that emotion over to his music. This song is also much slower than the others and is a good way to just wind down and finish your listening experience when it comes to listening to this masterpiece. It is the small details like that which can turn an album from great to special and that is exactly what you have here.


Overall, I thought this album was pure bliss. From top to bottom, you could feel the pain that The Weeknd was going through and that is what we love so much about him. We love to be able to feel his raw emotion through a microphone and in this case, the emotion has never become more clear, this guy is hurting. If I had to give this an overall grade, I would give it an A-. The only reason it is not an A+ is because it is only 6 songs and I would of liked to have seen an album with more tracks. This will go down as my second favorite project ever done to The Weeknd and takes a small back seat to “Beauty Behind The Madness.” That album in my eyes, was essentially perfect and will almost be impossible to top. That being said, My Dear Melancholy, is a sensational album and I will be listening to this for years on end. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and feel free to like and leave a comment down below!

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