7 Things I Hate About Sports By: Peter Snyder

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It is no surprise that I love sports. I live, breathe and eat them and without them my life would be shit. That being said, I constantly praise sports as a whole and act like there are no negatives involving the subject. But that is just not true. We hate certain aspects about sports but just don’t talk about them because it is considered taboo. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 7 things I hate about sports and why they get under my skin so much. We will start with a classic that is part of our everyday sport watching experience that frequently is just annoying.



I’m okay with an occasional boo, but oh my god, this shit gets so far overused its ridiculous. There is a time and place to “boo” at a sporting event. It is okay to boo a player if they have previously done wrong to the team you are rooting for and it is okay to boo a rival team. It is not however, okay to boo just for the hell of it. You would think that some fans think booing is literally a form of communication. Some boo after a pickoff attempt at the ballpark (which is annoying because trying to pick a guy off is a smart thing to do), some boo at their own team if they perform poorly which will only make you look like an awful, unloyal fan base and some even boo at FANS for not catching a foul ball. Like seriously bro, you are going to boo at a guy for not catching a ball? He is in the stands for a reason and is not in the field making millions of dollars, give him a GD break. Booing as a whole is one of the most played out, overused, annoying, connotations in sports and is one part of the game that I absolutely despise.

2. TV Commercials


I spend a lot of time watching sports. To be frank, I probably spend 85% of my time consuming sports and with that, I am consuming an astronomical amount of commercials and advertisements. When I sit down to watch a ballgame, I want to watch the game. I want to watch the game and not be distracted by commercials. And I get it, sports are not just sports anymore, they are businesses and businesses have to be promoted, but the amount of commercials that are shown during sporting events have become ridiculous. Heck, we have even gotten to the point where there are built in media time outs in the game, that allow advertisers to get their commercial time in. That is just ridiculous. For example, in football when a team scores a touchdown they will kick the extra point and go to commercial. They will then do the kickoff and after the play is blown dead, the station will take another commercial break. After that commercial, if there is any timeout or stoppage in play there will be a third commercial break in the span of minutes and the flow of the game gets completely taken away. I have found myself memorizing these commercials that are being shown word by word and this is when you know there is a problem and that these ads are being over played during these sporting events.

3. Bandwagon Fans


I CANNOT STAND BANDWAGON FANS. As a die hard fan of Philadelphia sports, and being as “4 for 4” as you come, I will not tolerate the Patriots fan from New Jersey. Now that I am winning I can ridicule these fans, but trust me I have had my fair share of losing and have stuck with my teams no matter what. If you are a Seahawks fan from Pennsylvania or a Warriors fan from Toronto, don’t even bother talking to me. Now, I know what you all are thinking. “Wait Pete aren’t you a Duke basketball fan?” Hell yea I am but I have been one since the day I was born and there are pictures to prove it. I lived through the Leigh loss, I suffered through the Mercer upset, but I stuck with the team I am so passionate about through every single game, through the good and the bad. That is what makes winning so sweet. You go through the pain of losing so when you finally do experience what it is like to win, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world (A La Eagles SB 52). What would be fun if all you did was win and if you kept switching teams? Nothing. Get out of here bandwagonner’s.

4. Drunk People At Sporting Events


Drinking at sporting events. What a fun occurrence…NOT. Now maybe this take is coming because I am underage and cannot yet drinking at a sporting event, but there is nothing more annoying then when I am sitting at a sporting event, and a drunk ass hole is sitting behind me. As the drinks keep flowing and the game progresses, the annoying level progresses and my anger heightens. The drunker these people get, the more erratic their behavior gets and it causes for an overall, unpleasant experience. It creates anxiety and angst when your purpose to go to the game in the first place, is to relax. This is a big reason why I do not like to sit in the nose bleeds when I attend sporting events, because that’s where most of the drunk idiots are. Yes, I do like having a better view, but I would also spend more money to ensure that I will have a more pleasant experience at the event. The next time you want to get shit faced and hang with buds, just go to a frat party, it’ll save you some money and save us from dealing with you.

5. Spectators Yelling at Golfing Events and how Golfers React to Them


Golf, the worlds most elegant sport. A game played on clean cut, green grass and one that is performed in complete silence. As the golfer sets up for his shot, the gallery sits in complete silence, awaiting for the golfer to strike his shot. As the ball is struck and it makes its way to the pin terms such as “DILLY DILLY”, “BA BA BOEY”, “MASHED POTATOES” and my personal favorite “GET IN THE WHOLE” ring throughout the air by spectators. The get in the hole one cracks me up because fans will still say it even if it is the tee Shot on a 525 yard Par 5. This concept in general however, is very annoying. Golf is supposed to be a classy game, there is no need to yell stuff out just to look cool or get heard on TV. It is also extremely distasteful the way that these golfers handle these so call “chants.” Some golfers, such as Justin Thomas, even go to the extent as to kick the spectator out of the event after they have shouted that saying out. And although these shouts might be annoying, they are in no way malicious and do not tamper with the golfers shot at all. The sayings are said after the shot so it is ridiculous that fans are being thrown out. You would think that they are making physical, harmful contact with these golfers. I don’t know how, but the PGA is going to have to find a way to stop this problem because I juts hate this whole culture of the game and it sometimes makes my viewing experience of golf unenjoyable.

6. “The Corrector”


Small disclaimer (I hate this type of sports fan but am totally this type of sports fan so in a way I am about to rag on myself). Do you ever say a statement that you are really proud of and think people would be super impressed by, only to be ruined by a person who corrects the statement to make it correct? I hate that person when it is concerning the world of sports. Nothing is more annoying then someone who corrects every little stat you say, every score you report and just breathes down your neck to make sure you don’t mess up a “crucial fact.” Who cares if on a Saturday afternoon in 2003, Jason Varitek went 3-4 or 4-4 against the Yankees and who scares if the score was 4-3 or 4-4. Johnny cares. Johnny cares way too much and he is a sports perfectionist and it is frankly annoying as shit. It is so annoying that you don’t even want to talk sports with Johnny because he is just going to correct everything you say. Johnny makes you question if you know anything about sports at all even though you very well do, he just knows that much more and wants to make sure you know it. We hate guys like Johnny.

7. The Play by Play Guy


You’re sitting at a baseball game. You are trying to enjoy yourself and just watch 9 peaceful innings. But instead you have to deal with a wannabe Vin Scully in the background the entire game. There are certain people out there who like to do a play by play call the entire afternoon. “Just a bit outside!” “Babe, that pitch was a 12-6 curve and was hung just a bit high.” “That will retire the side and we will be right back with the bottom half of the 4th inning.” WHAT! What do you mean we will be right back? Be back from where? We are at the game, we are not going anywhere. If I wanted to hear commentary for this game, I would have just stayed home and watched in on TV or listened to it on the radio. I am here to chill, I do not need to feel like I am in the booth with Joe Buck. These people just flat out suck. (My friends low key think I am this person but shhhh.)

There you guys have it. 7 things I hate about sports. Feel free to let me know if I missed one that was pretty obvious down in the comments below and I want to here what you guys hate about sports. Tweet me @PeterSnyder23 and use the hashtag #whatIhateaboutsports. I will RT the top 3 and am very excited to see the type of replies you guys are going to come up with!

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