MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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We have reached the point in the regular season where teams have finally adjusted to regular season life and are now ready to endure the 162 game grind. This week we learned that a former number one pick is fitting into his new home quite nicely and that if you are a batter you do not want to step into the box against him. We also learned just how good the boys from Boston are and that to beat the Sox at Fenway you need more then just a flashy glove. We will however, start with a lesson we learned this weekend and one that some teams learned a little harder than others.

Baseball in April is cold, there is no doubting that, but I don’t think anyone could of guessed what was to come this weekend around Major League Baseball. Between Friday and Sunday, ten games around Major League Baseball were postponed which included 6 games being postponed on Sunday. There was a blizzard in Minnesota, hurricane conditions in Chicago, a tornado watch in Cleveland and just an overall mess around the country. And if you are a player that was effected by these postponements you either loved it or hated it. If you were a player on the home team you loved it, because this meant a weekend at home with the family, which is a rarity during the MLB regular season. If you are a player of a visiting team like the Yankees who were in Detroit this weekend, you were probably stuck in a team hotel the entire weekend, and could not go out because of the awful conditions. I also noticed that there had been an absurd amount of postponements this month in the MLB so I did some research and found out this stat.

This weather is just not good for the game of baseball and we are going to be seeing doubleheaders everyday, all summer long!


When the Astros acquired pitcher Gerrit Cole during the offseason, Stros fans were excited, but even in their wildest dreams they couldn’t of predicted the start that Cole is off to. Cole was coming off a 2017 campaign where he finished the year with a 12-12 record and a 4.26 ERA. It was a good year but nothing too special so the expectations were not for Cole to be the ace of the Astros staff but rather to be a productive pitcher in the middle of the rotation. Well 3 starts in, Cole has a 1.29 ERA and has had 11 or more stirkeouts in all 3 of his starts. On Friday against the Rangers, Cole looked like Nolan Ryan, striking out 14 batters and only allowing 3 hits in 7 innings pitched. Cole has been out of his mind thus far and I know it’s early, but we are looking at our early AL Cy Young favorite and having this weapon in their rotation makes the Astros an early favorite to repeat as World Series champions.


We are about 15 games into the season, and if you asked me who looked the most impressive thus far, I would have to say the Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox are 13-2 and do not look like a team that are going to cool off any time soon. They have not lost a series yet, have a 2.94 team ERA, have a .275 team BA and are just a well rounded baseball team. This weekend the Sox welcomed their division rivals, the Baltimore Orioles to Fenway Park and they absolutely dominated them. They outscored them 20 to 7, out hit them 36 to 21 and just looked like one of the most dominating teams we have seen in a long time. Now I know it’s early, but this team just does not have a weak spot right now. They have arguably the best offense in baseball led by Mookie Betts and JD Martinez, have a tremendous pitching staff that features a pre-season Cy Young favorite in Chris Sale and the best closer in the game in the likes of Craig Kimbrel. On top of that, they have guys on the DL and are only going to get better with time. If the season ended today and you told me to pick a World Series winner, the Boston Red Sox would be my choice. I can’t wait to see what they do the rest of the year.


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