A Lady Just got Sucked Out of a Plane……MID FLIGHT By: Peter Snyder

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Yea sooooo…like I am never flying again.

Okay first of all, thank god this person is okay and safe. Second of all, how in holy hell did the people have the strength to pull this lady back on the plane. Like, do you realize how strong the air is 10,000 feet in the sky. Third off, WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT. Imagine being this women right. The flight was reportedly taking off to Dallas before this happened. So let’s call this girl Sue. Sue was getting ready to go to Dallas with her father. She goes through TSA, everything is GUCCI. Sue has an occasional fear of flying, but she feels that the worst thing that would happen is some bad turbulence. Then Sue, who is sitting in the window seat, goes to lay her head down to take a rest. The second her head hits the window, it breaks open and Sue casually get’s sucked out of the plane. People around her then suddenly turn into the Hulk and pull her back to safety. I can not even fathom what the conversations must have been like on that flight. “Oh Jim I heard it is supposed to be so nice in Dallas, Oh shit there goes that lady being sucked out of a plane.” Like how do you even respond to a situation like that. I mean, I have Seen an SNL Skit with Amy Schumer that is very similar to this situation, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this would actually happen.

Also, let’s look at this from the prospective of Southwest Airlines. If this isn’t Crisis Communication to an extreme I don’t know what is. They better hope they have the best PR team in the world to dig them out of this massive hole that they dug themselves into. Like would you rather pay a little more for Delta, or get a cheaper flight for an airline  who dee-pressurized mid-flight and sucked a lady out of a plane. I am just totally shook and needed to blog this story. From now on, I will never sit on a window seat on airplane again, no matter how uncomfortable I may be. Before you go look at some of these pictures and videos, and just be glad you were not on this horrific flight.


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