What a Tough Weekend By: Peter Snyder

There are certain days and certain weeks in our lives that we will never forget. The week that Micheal Jackson died, the day the beloved king of rock and roll Elvis Presley was taken from us or even the loss of the late Whitney Houston. We do not know these celebrities personally, but in a way, they feel like our best friends. This weekend, we lost two extraordinary people. On Friday, 28-year-old Swedish DJ Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Avicii has had a known drinking problem and even had to get a part of his liver removed due to his alcoholic problems. Although the problem caught up to him and he eventually lost the battle, Avicii’s legacy will forever live on.  Avicii is one of the most popular DJ’s the world has ever seen and has created hits such as “Hey Brother,” “Wake Me Up,” “Levels,” and “The Nights.” These are some absolute bangers and people will be partying and fist bumping to these tunes for years to come. It is really a shame that such a young talent’s life was cut short and who knows what could have been if he would have just gotten a little bit of help. I hope Avicii rests in peace and turns plenty of tables up in heaven, you will never be forgotten my friend.

Just as I was getting over the fact that Avicii had died, the news broke that Verne Troyer had passed away at the age of 49 years old. Troyer is most famously known as playing “Mini-Me” in the Austin Powers comedies and the dude is just a legend. I remember watching Austin Powers as a kid and Mini-Me was always my favorite character. The guy was no taller than 3 foot 4 but could kick anyones ass and was as loyal as they came, how could you not love that. As Verne got older, I watched some of his stuff on YouTube, which included him playing Antonio Brown in Madden.

I also had seen him on Celebrity Wife Swap and what I found was the guy was just a good person. He seemed like the guy you want to be around and the type of person who makes your life better. It came out that he had also struggled with alcoholism along with depression. The family has not yet stated what the cause of death was. They say that hero’s get remembered but legends never die and that saying could not be more true for these guys. We will still listen to Avicii’s music and we will still cheer on Mini-Me as we watch the Austin Powers movies. May they both rest in peace.

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