The Mount Rushmore of Snacks By: Peter Snyder

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An age ole debate that has been going on since the start of time. What is the best snack in the world? I can imagine George Washington sitting down and arguing with some of his soldiers about what their favorite chip is or the queen of England bickering about her favorite candy. Today is the day the debate ends. After hours on hours of extensive research I have compiled the Mount Rushmore of snacks. These 4 all stars are snacks that as soon as you hear about them, you get instantly excited. They are snacks that you could eat everyday for the rest of your life and still be satisfied. Now will there be some haters of this MR? Of course. But to that, I say, Hi haters! Before we get to the Mount Rushmore we are going to start with 3 honorable mentions that just missed the cut. These 3 snacks were very hard to leave of the MR but this is strictly business and not everyone makes it to the party.

Honorable Mentions

1.  Cheez It’s


I cannot express to you how many times I put Cheez it’s on the Mount Rushmore, just to take them off. This process was vigorously repeated and the only reason this snack came on the outside looking in is because if you binge each this snack, you will become sick of them fast. There is something special about this mix of the saltiness and cheesiness flavor that entices your mouth. That being said, you have to pick your poison when eating a Cheez It. You can’t eat them everyday or you’ll start to hate the Cheez It but at the same time if you go too long without eating them, you will start to miss them. Bottom line, Cheez It is a legendary snack that you need to find a balance to.


2. Peanut M&M’s


Regular M&M’s are a good snack. They do the job, but they are nothing too special. I like to refer to them as a triple A baseball team. You then get to the major leagues with the peanut M&M. This is a whole new ball game and putting a simple peanut inside of and M&M took the game from average to absolute savage. There is something just right about opening that gold wrapping paper and popping the first few M&M in your mouth. But again, the reason this snack missed out on the Mount Rushmore was because you can only eat these in small consumption. You can not gorge yourself in a trough of these and still be satisfied, they are very heavy. If I had to compare this snack to a celebrity, it would in the likes of  Justin Timberlake. The dude is a legend, but you are not going to go on a 8 hour road trip listening to his songs the whole time.


3. Cracker Jack


Cracker Jack might be the most underrated snack of all time. This snack just brings back so many childhood memories for me. I remember sitting at the ball parks as a kid and downing Cracker Jack like they were pop corn. Sure they make your hands sticky but who cares, when you eat these, you feel like a kid. Cracker Jack are like the Britney Spears of snacks. When you listen to a good Britney Spears song it instantly takes you back to your childhood and you are just taken to a place that makes you happy.

The Mount Rushmore Of Snacks

1. Doritos (Nacho Cheese)

doritos .png

Here we go baby! We have finally entered the big leagues of snacks. These 4 snacks are absolute legends and are frankly the best ever. We start with an all time classic that is a favorite to couch potato’s across the nation, Doritos. And get that weak stuff out of here with the Cool Ranch Doritos and all the specialized kinds like sweet chili and all that jazz. Those can kiss the curb. I am talking about the classic. The OG baby. Nacho Cheese. The Nacho Cheese Dorito is the connoisseur of the snack game. There is something special about the cheesiness flavor that comes with each bite and you can find yourself eating so many of these things, your hands are almost burning because of the cheese residue that is left on your fingers.  The Nacho Cheese Dorito is the Magic Johnson of snacks and is the king of the assist. They give there deliciousness to mouths across the country and we will always appreciate the classic nacho cheese Dorito.

2.  Resse’s Peanut Butter Cup


I am a big tine Reese’s guy. Reese’s pieces, Reese’s Peanut Butter Sticks, the whole nine yards. The best Reese’s however, is undoubtably the original Reese’s peanut butter cup. The smooth peanut butter inside with the hard chocolate outside is literally the perfect blend for your taste buds. My brother is also allergic to peanut butter so the risk factor makes this food taste better. Like I have to make sure I eat every single inch of this candy or I might kill him so I better make sure the plate is licked clean. Reese’s is also the best Easter candy of all time and opening it in your Easter basket is like opening a present on Christmas Day. It was no doubt that these bad boys mad the Mount Rushmore as they are one of the most addictive foods on the entire planet.

3. Oreo’s


Real talk man, Oreo’s are amazing. You can dip them in milk and they will be good. You can eat them dry and they will be good and heck you can even put them in a milkshake or ice cream and they will be slamming. The Oreo was invented in in 1912 by Sam Porcello and has been America’s most popular cookie ever since. Some compare the Oreo to heaven, some compare it to crack but I think it is safe to say it is impossible to dislike the Oreo. Like you don’t have to love them, but there is no way you hate them, to is just to good of a snack to dislike and is the type of snack you dream about at night.  The Oreo is the Micheal Jordan of snacks, legendary, iconic, and the second greatest at it’s place of profession.

4. Fruit Salad (In the Summer)


Fruit Salad in the summer is the best snack of all time. It is the face of our Mount Rushmore and is the king of the snack game you ask. Why you ask. Well when compiling these four snacks I thought to myself “What types of snacks are the most bingeable.” I mean this by, what type of foods could I snack on for a long period of time and never get tired of. Then it clicked. What is better than in the summer time when it is hot as blazes, cooling off with a nice fruit salad. The juices quench your thirst and the flavor of the fruit delights your taste buds. I could eat good seasoned fruits every day for the rest of my life. A good blend of fruits is just the perfect combination for the perfect snack. We are talking Oranges, Blueberries, Watermelon, Grapes, Peaches and so much more. God, even thinking about it makes my mouth water and has me begging for summer to get here shortly.  You can also mix up your fruit salad with different fruits so you would never become tired of it. Fruit changed the game and is the Lebron James of the snack. The best there ever was and the best there ever will be.


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