Laurel or Yanny? By: Peter Snyder

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I am writing this not because I want to, but because I have to. It is my civic duty to end this debate that has swept through the nation and has left a country split in half. Who would of fathomed that one simple tweet would of caused so much controversy and that one recording could be a ticking time bomb of conflict. Before we dive in to this debate, I want you to listen to this recording 10 times. No more, no less. After you have listened ten times I want you to come to a decisive decision on what you here.

I may have broken the rules here by listening to this about 100 times now, but each time I hear the exact same thing. There is only one true winner. THE TAPE CLEARLY SAYS LAUREL. It doesn’t matter what type of pitch it is in, how high or low the volume is, it clearly says laurel. LA-UR-EL. Like, it boggles my mind that a good lump some of the population is saying that they are hearing Yanny. First of all, what the hell does Yanny even mean. Is is a thing, a place or maybe even a drug? Who the hell knows. Second, last I checked the L sound sounds nothing like the Y sound. Like I could understand if we were comparing Tree and Flee because those words sound very similar but Yanny and Laurel could not be more different.

In a way, this whole craze is quite fascinating. Like we are all humans and in that sense we are the same, but we are also completely different and are capable of hearing two different words on the same recording. I’m sure there are doctors out there that are in the lab right now trying to figure out why we are hearing Yanny or why we are hearing Laurel. This craze is also extremely similar to the whole Black and blue/gold and white dress fiasco that occurred about a year ago. For those of you who don’t know, about a year ago someone on Twitter posted a picture of a Dress and asked their respected followers, “Is this dress Blue and Black or White and Gold.” The tweet became viral and millions argued of what color they saw on the dress. It is amazing just how fast something can blow up on a social media platform and just how fast it can spread.

To conclude, are you at fault for thinking this recording says Yanny. Of course you are. Obviously I am joking. You have zero control on what your brain allows you to hear and in today’s social media heavy society, you have very little control of what you see. It will be interesting to see just how long this debate goes on and if we need up getting scientifically answer of why we are hearing what we are. For now however, I am team Laurel all the way and all you Yanny heads can hit the road.

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