Guys Being Cultured; Beerbongs and Bentleys Album Review By: Pete Snyder

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Post Malone. A hip hop artist that has one of the most unique flavors in the game and has a style that makes him one in a million. He also has the vocal ability to create music that both moves and inspires and makes Post one of the most talented men in the music industry. After his debut album, Stoney was released in December of 2016, fans have been begging for the 22-year-old from NY to release his sophomore album. It took awhile, but nearly two years after his debut album, we have a new album from Malone. The 18 track album entitled “Beerbongs and Bentleys” covers an array of genres along with a smooth ability to change emotions with the flick of a wrist. Throughout this review, we will cover all 18 songs and discuss the highs and lows of each song. What worked, what didn’t. What made us dance and what made us cry. We will start will the first song on the album entitled “Paranoid” which set a perfect pace to the records mood and tone.

Track One: Paranoid

It is essential when you start an album, that the first song you put out becomes a so-called “Pace setter.” I mean this by that the track needs to set a pace and a tone for the entire album. The tone can change. But you need to start with a solid song that will hook the listener in. Paranoid does just that. The first few seconds feature a soft voice that quickly turns into a crescendo that is followed by a beat after the climax of the crescendo. It only takes 10 seconds to get you fully submersed in the album. The first sequence is ()(hat pretty and Post is that talented. Paranoid is a song about Malone singing about a man who is paranoid and is struggling to find his peace. However, many are speculating that Malone is speaking about himself in a third person and insinuate that he does it quite frequently throughout the album. Overall, this is a beautiful first track to the record that is not to fast where it will feel like the album will be rushed, but is also not a slow song that will get you in your feels way to early.

Track Two: Spoil My Night (feat. Swae Lee)

Track two is personally one of my favorites and is the type of song that will be featured on summer playlist around the world. You don’t need to speak English to fully understand this song. There is no deep meaning. It is just a fun song that you can vibe to with your friends. The use of Swae Lee as a future here is absolute perfection as the man is becoming a cheat code. His unique voice mixed with smooth flows makes his style admirable and he adds flavor to this track in a substantial way. Malone set the bar high as the first two songs of this record were bangers but boy did he keep to petal to the metal as it was evident that this man does not slow down.

Track Three: Rich and Sad

Rich and sad has quickly become not only my favorite song on this album, but one of my favorite songs of all time. During this track, we start to see just how talented Malone’s vocal range is as he seemingly dominates the song with his stellar vocals. We also find out that even though Post has all the money he could ever imagine, he is still not happy. He does not have love and that is the only thing that will truly make him happy. He states that he would literally throw it all away (it referencing money) to make her stay. Who is this her girl post is referencing? We have no idea, but it is clear that he has gotten his heart-broken in the past and it has correlated to some incredible music. The beat to this track is also insanely catchy and at the end when the beat gets totally cut, only to get amplified in the final chorus, you find yourself closing your eyes and just nodding your head. Saying to yourself “This man really did that.” Rich and Sad will go down as one of most memorable tracks and I will even compare it to the likes of “Congratulations” and “White Iverson.” Everyone knows how special Post Malone is, but this track alone is going to turn him memorable and maybe even legendary.

Track Four: Zack and Codeine

This is the first track on this record that I am not crazy about. Although the name is extremely clever and is not a title you are going to forget, the song itself is sub par. This song is essentially a musical humble brag. Malone is sharing with his audience how sweet his life is and compares it to the narcotic “codeine.” The positive side of this song comes from its catchy beat and is one that the radio stations will eat up. This track will be overplayed by the radio stations due to the simplistic flow and catchiness of the beat. We see this a lot with Hip Hop albums where radio stations will find one or two songs that they find the most main stream, which they will than proceed to overplay on their respective stations. This makes the songs that get selected hard to truly enjoy because it will become main stream and will start to lack originality. This is exactly what is going to happen here with this track and that is why this is one of my least favorite on B&B.

Track Five: Takin’ Shots

It is almost impossible to have an album that has 18 or 19 perfect tracks. It is just unrealistic. Some songs are going to be stronger than the other and that is just how albums work. That being said though, it is essential when following  a track that is not as strong as others, you come with one of the stronger songs on the record to tune your listener back in. Post does a great job here doing just that with Takin’ Shots. First things first, the beat goes in on this song. It flows nicely and if you have a good set of headphones on, it will sound insane. Post also raps this song in a very choppy manner but I mean it in a good way. Think of it as a da-da-da-dada pattern. If a rapper can pull that style off, the song will be very clean and successful. Malone also adds some vocal sound effects to enhance his beat such as a “BRAAAAA” right before the chorus, and it ties the song together perfectly. As far as the meaning of this song, nothing too special. Your classic taking shots and getting drunk but what makes this song special is the way it is rapped and the beat. It was crucial that Malone got back of track after a weak song in Z and C and I think it is safe to say, he exceeded expectations.

Track Six: Rockstar (Feat. 21 Savage)

We all know about Rockstar, so this review will be short and sweet. After Post released  this single in September of 2017, it instantly became a hit and had since gone platinum. The song is catchy, is easy to sing along to and has a cold feature by nobody else, but by the man himself, 21 savage. We can all be honest with ourselves and say without Savage, this track would be just bland. Overall, this track brings nothing too special to the album because it has been played so many times and fans have become accustom to it, before this record even surfaced.

Track Seven: Over Now

Song seven of this album entitled “Over Now” begins with a motivational beat that has resemblance to some sort of a electric guitar. That song in itself, is essentially one big crescendo and builds up steam as the song progresses. This song obviously comes from a place of anger by Malone, as he states that he has going to put a bitch in a body bag. With a song like Rich and Sad, we saw a side of Post that was sad and venerable but in this track we see and angry side of White Iverson who is going to show no remorse. Post states that he essentially begged on his knees for this mysterious girl and she left him out to dry and treated him as if he was nothing. Post is sick of it and fully let his angry emotions out in the hard, violent song. Although this song is violent and has a demonstrative message, it works. It has a Hip Hop flare with a splash of hard rock and that unique combo is something that is rarely seen in. todays music. After this song, you just want to give Post a hug, because you know just how much pain he has been through just by listening to this one song.

Track Eight: Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Track eight features another single that Malone dropped previous to the albums release. This single I would say, is an overall better song than Rockstar for a plethora of reasons. The first reason is that Psycho is a song that utilizes Malone’s beautiful vocal range and is a song that you can vibe to with ease. It also brings a R&B flavor by featuring Ty Dolls $ign who has one of the smoothest voices in the game. The song also does a nice job of telling a story and if you really pay attention to the lyrics, you can conclude that Malone is using this platform to tell us a story about his life. This technique is almost impossible to do, but if you can pull it off you are bound to come up with a special record which is what we found here with Psycho.

Track Nine: Better Now

A lot of times with an album that features an artist that has gotten his heart-broken, you will see the artist tell his stories in three parts. You will one see the sad and somber song that shows a rapper who has been through the lowest of lows, and finds himself playing g the poor me card. You find this with Rich and Sad. Stage two features an angry track that shows no remorse from an artist and features a tone that is angry and violent. We see this with Over Now. And we have now moved to stage three with a track entitled “Better Now: that shows Post sympathetic side and is essentially an apology note. On the song, Malone is showing clear remorse and regret saying that the girl thinks that she is better now that Post is not around. He also expresses what the girl would have missed saying that he would have given her the world and back if she would have just given him the chance. The song has a great beat, beautiful lyrics and is easily a top five song on this record.

Track Ten: Ball for Me ( feat. Nicki Minaj)

We are now making the turn to this album, and I must say that the record does an incredible job of keeping momentum up and keeping the listeners focus dialed in. Song ten of this album features a heavy heating tune featuring one of the best female rappers to ever live, miss Nicki Minaj. This song has an awesome beat and is a tune that you can kick back to and just drink a beer. There is no deep underlining meaning. It is just a vibe of a tune and Nicki Minaj’s feature takes it to the next level. If I had to compare this song to a celebrity it would be one of an Adam Sandler. Really Good, but not great.

Track Eleven: Otherside

Otherside is the type of song where you just close your eyes and feel the song take over your body. You are completely focused and while listening to this song, you do not have one worry in the world. During this song, Post describes a feeling of depression. He paints a picture to the viewing audience of long, lonely nights alone with nothing but a bottle of liquor in his hand. If you really get into this song you can almost feel the pain the Malone is experiencing and it is evident that this girl broke him, both mentally and emotionally. This song brings a good balance of a sad song, following an up beat, more happy song. This is something that Post has done in his previous work and is something that makes his style so special.

Track Twelve: Stay

Song twelve on this record is the most emotional song written on this album, one of the most emotional pieces Malone has every written and is an absolute sheer thing of beauty. Stay is a song about Malone literally pouring his heart out to the women that has broken his heart. He wants this mysterious women to stay and will literally go to any extent to get her back. He as long as the listener know however, that it is just an unrealistic expectation. The chorus has a beautiful medley that makes one feel like they are weightless and although the song has a very deep meaning, the tune is very light. The deepest and most meaningful line in the entire album is when Malone states “Figure it out with no intoxication, We carry on, what is our motivation?” Although this is not the best song on the album, it is easily the most meaningful and is a song we will remember for a long time.

Track Thirteen: Blame it on Me

After a song like stay, Malone knew he needed to bring the mood up after breaking millions of hearts and shedding millions of tears in the process. Post however, failed to pull of this technique as Blame it on me is another sad song with a dark undertone. Yes, the chorus is loud and concludes a creshendo that is built up in the verses, but the meaning of this song is dark. Malone is expressing that he was once free, and now he is a totally changed person and his brain his filled with a bunch of negative thoughts and emotions. This mysterious girl who we still do not know the identity of and most likely never will, is being portrayed as a monster and in Malone’s eyes, he did nothing wrong. The constant bashing in this album, is a tad repetitive and at times, gets annoying. With an artist like The Weeknd, he will not put on the blame on the girl or situation that broke his heart, but will take responsibility and empathize in some of his songs. Overall, this is a decent track, but it could have been much better.

Track Fourteen: Same Bitches (feat G-Easy & YG)

Same bitches comes in as the fourteenth song on this album and in my opinion, is easily the worst track on this record. There are two types of hip hop artist out their., The ones that talks about getting bitches and money and making it rain on the hoes and then the ones that pour their heart out and share their personal experiences to their respected following. Malone has been known as being the type of guy that shares story and experiences with his listeners, and that is one trait that makes him so special. In this song however, he is talking about seeing bitches in LA and the second you title your song “Same Bitches” it transforms you into the first type of rapper. It just doesn’t fit on this album. The previous song is talking about him getting his brain filled with heart shattering thoughts and this song talks about hitting DM’s and asking people who there daddy is. It doesn’t work at all and this album would of been much better off without this song on it. G-Easy and YG also bring in really weak features and are the first features on the album that really didn’t work. This is the first song on this album that I truly didn’t like and I am almost positive this song will be forgotten about in the upcoming months.

Track Fifteen: Jonestown (interlude)

Oh the famous interlude of an album. For those of you who do not know, an interlude is a term that refers to something that is preformed at a theater during an intermission. In this sense, Malone is giving his listening audience a small break from the album, with a short, light balid. The interlude entitled “Jonestown”  references the infamous Jonestown cult massacre . Jonestown was located in Guyana: the residence of the Peoples Temple, an American cult led by and named after Reverend Jim Jones. Malone also uses the phrase Kool Aid during the song which one can infer that the term referred to blindly trusting something that may have devastating consequences. It can be traced back to the Jonestown massacre, where Jim Jones convince his congregation to drink ‘Kool-Aid’ (which was actually grape Flavor Aid) poisoned with cyanide that resulted in 909 casualties. ( Malone is known to be a history buff so it is no surprise that he gave us all a brief history lesson during this fascinating track.

Track Sixteen: 92 Explorer

The best song on this album comes here with the song “92 Explorer.” The song does an array of things that just makes one happy and is the type of tune that will change a mood in the snap of a finger. First of all, the beat of this song is absolutely insane. There is some sort of repetitive sound that sounds like a xylophone that sounds like it wouldn’t work but in this case, is used to perfection. The lyrics to this song also are a heater and when Malone says the words “Choppa Choppa” I found myself getting up and just bouncing, like I was a little kid again. The last time that Post produced a song that made people this happy and had such a funky groove, was his overall best hit, Congratulations. Both songs although different, are both similar in the way that they make people feel, which is happy. If comparing this song to an athlete, I would say it would be compared to the great  Lebron James. The GOAT.

Track Seventeen: Candy Paint

Candy Paint is the third single on this album that was released prior to the albums release. This song first made its debut on the some what recent “Fate of the Furious” album. Most know the song, but what I found interesting was that most people did not know that it was Malone’s song. The song does not have a dark meaning and is not a song you are necessarily going to remember, but overall, it is a well produced, catchy track. This is a song where when it comes on, you crack the radio up, roll the windows and just cruise. This is a common theme with some of Malone’s songs and is an asset that separates him from other artist and puts him near the top-tier.

Track Eighteen: Sugar Wraith

We have reached the end of the album and what a wild ride it was. Throughout this album, we have experienced a bunch of ups and some unfortunate downs. The albums conclusion comes here with a track entitled “Sugar Wraith.” The song is a feel good tune and is an ultimate pick me up song for Post. He has told a journey throughout this album, but he is picking himself up and has come to the realization, that everything is going to be okay. He changed his life for the better. Buckle up and join this crazy ride that he is experiencing called life. Malone also makes another car reference which he makes quite frequently in this album, but you can’t really blame him for liking cars because if you are rich and famous you would to. This is a special end to what was a truly special album.

Overall, if I had to give this album a letter grade, I would give it an A. Not an A+ due to the weaker songs weighing the better songs down and not an A minus due to the stronger songs be so strong. I feel like if you have an album that is 18 tracks long, it is almost impossible to make all eighteen smash hits. You are bound to come across some weak points. That being said, I can’t recall and artist that has gotten so close to completing a perfect album. You feel this album and this album will be one that the hip hop game remembers for a long damn time. White Iverson has delivered again and I can’t wait to see what is next for this young superstar who has a beer in his hand and a dream in his pocket.

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