MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those who have served for the greatest country in the world! In a weekend that featured everything from special uniforms in support of the troops to a masterful performance from the games best, this weekend had no shortage of action. We even saw a team that has been accustomed to failure in past years finally reach the top of the ranks. We will start however in Milwaukee where one of the hottest teams in all of baseball flexed their muscles in a Saturday afternoon slaughter fest.

This weekend, the struggling New York Mets went into Milwaukee to face a red-hot Brewer team who owned the best record in the National League. After taking the first of the four game set on Thursday, the Mets felt confident and were expecting good things for the duration of the series. Those good things must have stayed in New York because the Mets would go on to lose the next three and in ugly fashion. After dropping a game in extras on Friday, the Mets looked to bounce back on Saturday and put themselves in a position to win the series on Sunday. This failed to happen however, as the Brewers offense exploded for a season high 17 runs in a Saturday afternoon massacre. The Brew Crew collected 19 hits on the day, racked up 9 extra base hits and exploded for 7 runs in the 7th inning. This was no surprise to anybody as this Brewers offense led by Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain is one of the best in baseball. The Brewers would go on to take the series on Sunday with a 8-7 comeback win and have now found themselves 14 games over .500 with a 34-20 record. It may be early on in the season but with the way the Brewers have been playing as of late, there is no telling just how far this team could go or how much they can accomplish.

Brew .jpg

Over the past 7 years the Philadelphia Phillies have been flat-out bad, there are no two ways about it. They have not made the postseason since 2011, and year in and year out find themselves well below the .500 mark. This year however was a breath of fresh air with the hiring of Gabe Kapler. Kapler was hired to be the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and in spring training made a promise to the fans and the media. He promised that come September, his team would be in the hunt and come October, they would be in the postseason. With a promise of such magnitude, the fans are going to jump on Kapler with every mistake he made. That was apparent early as he was booed at the Phillies home opener after making a controversial pitching change on Opening Day. Fast forward to present day, and the fans are booing Kapler no more. Coming into Saturday’s game, the Phillies had found themselves 8 games over .500 and more importantly, just a half game back of the Atlanta Braves for first place in the NL East. After the Braves had fallen to the Boston Red Sox early in the afternoon, the Phillies just needed to defeat the Toronto Blue Jays to take control of first place in the division. Thanks to a dominating performance by Aaron Nola and a clutch pinch hit HR by Nick Williams, the Phillies had defeated the Toronto Blue Jays by the score of 2-1 and had found themselves in a place they had not been since 2011, first place. Again, it is very early, but to be in first place for the time being means a lot to the ball club and will do wonders to their confidence. A team that was expected to win about 70 games on the year already has 29 in late May and have shown no signs of slowing down. (Side Note: The Phillies lost on Sunday, the Braves won, the Phillies are no longer in first place.)


On Saturday night, Joe Buck and the FOX crew headed to the Bronx for the game of the week that featured a matchup between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. If you looked at these two teams on paper, it is pretty obvious that the Yankees are the better team and by a wide margin. That being said, the Angels have the best player on both rosters on their team and sometimes that player is enough to beat a team that is more talented than you. That was the exact scenario that played out on Saturday when Mike Trout put on an absolute show in front of a national TV audience, going 5-5 which included 3 doubles and a homer. This dominating performance led to a dominating win, and the Angels took down the star-studded Yankees by the score of 11-4. Everyone knows how good Mike Trout is, he’s the best player in baseball, but what he is doing right now is just flat-out incredible. Mike Trout is currently batting for a .313 BA, has stolen 12 bags, has hit 17 homers, has driven in 34 and has a .461 OBP. He is currently on pace for the greatest single season performance by a player in major league history and the scary thing is, he is still getting better. The New Jersey native is truly special and when his career is all said in done, there is a very real chance that he will go down as the best player to ever step foot on a diamond.


Video of the Week 

Buddy is a savage and he should never change.

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