The Ten Songs You Must Have on Your Summer Playlist By: Peter Snyder

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cacimba-do-padre-beach-brazil-365BEACHES1217B.jpgThe weather is warm, the shorts are on and summertime is officially here! There is nothing better than sitting by the beach or pool, drinking a cold beverage and listening to some tunes that make your heart happy. That being said, the tunes you play throughout the summer will play a big factor in whether or not you will enjoy your days in the scorching heat so it is essential that you have a great summer playlist. That is where I come in to help. Now I could spend all day listing hundreds of songs to fill your playlist up but let’s be honest, nobody will read that. Instead I have meticulously selected ten songs that must go on your summer playlist immediately. Some are old, some are new, some are diamonds in the rough, but all of them will make you happy and help you to have the best summer imaginable. To kick off the list we go to the country side of things where a band from the south made us all get up and dance during this classic.

10. Chicken Fired – Zac Brown Band

Chicken-Fried-Zac-Brown-Band.jpgWhen I was compiling the list, there’s no doubt in my mind that this hit was going to kick things off. If you don’t have this song on your summer playlist lets face it, you just don’t like to have fun. This song is the epitome of what summertime is about. Having fun with the people you love, enjoying the things you cherish and appreciating the people who let us do those things. This is the type of song that it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, what genre of music you listen to, what sexual orientation you are, when this song comes on you drop what you are doing, put your arm around the person around you and sing the song word for word. This song brings people together and is a tune that will go down as one of the best summer songs of all time.

9. All Summer Long – Kid Rock

kid .jpg

With a song that literally has the word summer in the title, it is no surprise that this tune makes the list. All Summer Long, released in 2007 by Kid Rock, has been a smashing hit for over a decade. The song tells a story about Rocks upbringing in Northern Michigan and all the wild adventures that went with it. The song is quite relatable by that we have all in a time in our lives, gone trough wild experiences in the summer time and have made memories that we will keep with us of the rest of our lives. This is also a song where you find yourself rolling your windows down and cruising on the open road as the summer breeze hits your face. While this song plays, you don’t have to worry about the future, the past or even the present, you can just have fun and reminisce for a few minutes and just simply be a teenager again.

8. Slide – Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)

Slide-Single.jpgIf you are looking for a song with a deep meaning and beautiful vocals, this track may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a catchy song with a sick beat and great features, Slide is the perfect song for you. After this song was released in early 2017, it immediately blew up and was widely considered as the “song of the summer” in 2017. Calvin Harris, who is one of the worlds most talented and popular DJs, did an amazing job of both making the beat and finding the perfect vocalist to complete the song. The first musician he asked to be on it was the soulful Frank Ocean who delivers a sexy R&B vibe to this anthem. Harris than added Migos to the song who at the time of release, were the hottest hip hop group in the world. They brought a rap verse and brought with them their massive following. When mixing all these factors together, you get a massively successful ballad and one that still can be enjoyed today.

7. Penut Butter Jelly – Galantis

PB .jpgThis song is one that just makes you get up, clap your hands and go wild. Sure it has a silly name and yea, it has no real meaning, but this EDM song is ridiculously fun. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not move or not smile. When the beat drops, it is pure bliss and this wave of happy thoughts fills your body. Summer is about good times with good people and this song does exactly that. I also suggest playing this song on full blast because the louder this song is, the higher you will jump, the crazier you will dance, and the more fun you will have.

6. The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy


This one is for all my college guys out there. You have been separated from your boys during a traitorous winter and it is time to come home. As you drive home with all the crap piled in the back of your moms mini van, this song plays on the radio. You slowly start to nod your head as you put your sunglasses on your face. You are back, the boys are back and it is going to be one hell of a summer. This song may be an oldie, but even 40 years since the release date, it still packs a great punch and should be on every summer playlist across America.

5. You May Be Right – Billy Joel


Okay let’s be honest, you can make a whole summer playlist of purely Billy Joel songs and it would satisfy your needs. The dude is a legend. The reason I picked this particular Billy Joel song was because it is up beat and is one that is very easy to sing along to. In his prime, Billy Joel was as bad ass of a guy as they came and his music showed that. This song is literally saying that he is a mad man who crashes parties, drives fast motorcycles, gets all the girls he wants and won’t be loyal but guess what, you are still going to want him. There is also a guitar solo near the end of the song that has a beachy vibe to it. The Piano man is one of my favorite musicians of all time and you will not regret putting a few songs of his on your summer playlist.

4. Last Friday Night – Katy Perry

katy_perry_last_friday_night.jpgOh man, I almost forgot about this song and when I found it on one of my old playlists I was ecstatic. Katy Perry can be described as many things and one of those things is extremely talented. Although she fell off and is no longer relevant, in her prime, nobody was better. This song signifies so many of us out there who are not here for a long time, but for a good time. The song signifies Perry partying so hard, she doesn’t remember what happened the night before and for a majority of millennials, that’s what summer is all about. It is also insanely catchy, easy to dance to, and a song that is memorable. To add-on top of how good the song is, I would highly recommend watching the music video as well because boy oh boy, what a dousey. This is a song that you will play before going out to the club this summer or the morning after and maybe just maybe, you will have a listening parter in the AM.

3. Girls Like You – Maroon 5 (feat. Cardi B)

maxresdefault.jpgThis is the newest song on this list and was freshly released to the world but I am telling you right now, you are looking at the song of the summer in 2018. When it looked like Maroon 5 was heading into the sunset as a group, Adam Levine’s genius of a musical mind stepped up to the plate in a big way. This is the type of song that you play with your crush when the sun is setting. Let me tell you something friend, if you play this at the right moment, you will get that kiss from your crush. It is a beautiful ensemble, that is soft yet rhythmic and is a tune that makes you vibe. It also features the hottest female rap artist in the game in Cardi B and as of late, whatever Cardi has touched has turned to gold. This song has a huge future and you want to make sure you add it to your playlist now, so you can tell people who you were ahead of the curve and are in many ways a trend setter.

2. Congratulations – Post Malone (feat. Quavo)

post-malone-stoney-republic.jpgYou guys really thought I was about to go through ten songs without mentioning this classic. Words can not describe how great this song is. It relays a great message about how hard work pays off, has a hook that goes straight to your soul, is a party song if I have ever heard one and possibly might be one of the greatest songs of all time. A lot of people say that “White Iverson” was Post Malone’s coming out party but I disagree with that. Congratulations turned him from a likable rapper, to an absolute legend. One of my fondest memories in all of high school was blasting this song with me and my friends on our way to graduation. We had accomplished an amazing feat and it was now our time to celebrate. Let this song play throughout the summer but more importantly, let it play at the end of the summer so you can reflect on all the great memories you have made.

1.  Closing Time – Semisonic

We.jpgIt’s kinda fitting that this is the song that caps off our list. This song is a classic and is a song you should end every summer night with. Look out into the night sky, drink a beer, be with friends and sing it for the world to hear. When the chorus rings out and says “I know who I want to take me home” a wave of nostalgia overtakes you and you can not help but sing out loud and smile ear to ear. This song is an anthem and every time you hear it, you automatically think of a girl or guy that you have always wanted. Maybe they got away and maybe they haven’t but for that song, they are in your brain and it takes you to a good place.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list and I hope you all have a safe and awesome summer!

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