MLB Weekend Recap By: Peter Snyder

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Alex Bregman

Happy Fathers Day my friends! We are through another week of exciting Major League Baseball and might I say, the play is at an all time high. This week we saw a team continue to roll on a road trip for the record books. We also saw a unlikely hero from the west coast who had his way with the opposition on Saturday night and delivered a masterful performance from the rubber. We will start however with a very special day around the majors, where players salute, honor and say thank you to some of the most important people in their lives.

Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. Bobby and Barry Bonds. What do these two couplets have in common? They are both historic father son duos who made a major impact in professional baseball. Sunday was a day where Barry could say  thank you to Bobby for teaching him how to hit, Where Griffey Jr. could  tell Griffey Sr. thank you for blessing him with a cannon for an arm. The beautiful thing about fathers day though, is that you do not need to have a father that played in the major leagues. For many of these players in the MLB today, their playing careers simply started by having a catch with their father or taking hacks while their dad through soft toss. To thank these fathers for all they have done and all the sacrifices they have made, Major League Baseball covered themselves in baby blue from head to toe. Weather it was special eye black that said I love you dad or custom catchers gear, the message of paying tribute to dads far and wide, were evident. Below is a slideshow showing some of the best gear and looks around Major League Baseball during an eventful Fathers Day afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon in Seattle, the red hot Seattle Mariners were set to face the Boston Red Sox who were coming off of a heart breaking defeat to the Mariners just a night before. Getting the start for the Mariners would be Wade LeBlanc, a southpaw from Cali who has a wicked curveball. LeBlanc would be facing one of the best offenses in all of baseball in the Boston Red Sox, so he knew he was going to have a test. The test was tackled early on as LeBlanc had everything working for him and was locating pitches as well as you will ever see. His off speed stuff was landing in the zone and his fastball had a little more pop on it than usual. LeBlanc knew he had something social and at one point in the ball game, he had even retired 22 straight. He ended the night by pitching 7.2 IP, 9SO with only 2 hits allowed in the process. The only offensive production that came during the entire night was in the Bottom of the 3rd when Nelson Cruz hit an RBI single to score speedster, Dee Gordon. The Mariners won the game by the score of 1-0 and had improved their record to 46-25 at the time. A pitching performance that is one of the more dominating performances you will ever see, will be one that will never be forgotten in Seattle where the road back to the postseason is in full force and is showing no signs of slowing down.


On Wednesday night, June 6th, the Houston Astros were set to embrace on a 10 game road trip. They had one just a few hours before and were ready to hit the road. Their first destination took them to Arlington, where the Stros would meet the Texas Rangers, a division foe who always brings 110% precent when they play the Stros. Thanks to a  dominating weekend performance from the three headed beast of Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander and Charlie Morton, the Astros had stormed into Arlington like a hurricane and had taken all 4 games of the series. It was than time to head out west, where the Astros would meet up with another division opponent, this time in the likes of the Oakland Athletics. This series was all about the bats as the Astros offense exploded for a combined 26 runs in just 27 innings of play. They had also outscored the A’s by a margin of 26-11 and had swept the A’s in dominating fashion. They were now 7-0 on their road trip, winners of their last eight and were feeling as confident as any team in Major League Baseball. The last stop of the road trip took Houston to Kansas City, where they would face a struggling Royals team who were in dire need of a win. The main headline in this series was all about the comeback win. On Friday night, Trailing by a run, Astros DH Evan Gattis decided it was time to stop playing childrens games, this is a mans world. Gattis belted a go ahead grand slam, breaking the game open and giving the Astros eventual series opening win. On Saturday, the Astros decided that they wanted to score some runs, putting up a 10 spot like it was their day job. They had won their 10th game in a row and were now just one win away from completing a perfect, 10-0 road trip. On Sunday, the Stros played comeback kids once again, this time doing it in thanks of a big eight inning HR by superstar Shortstop, Carlos Correa. Correa than followed his clutch hitting in the top of the 9th, hitting for a sac fly, giving the Stros a match needed insurance run. The Astros won in comeback fashion by the score of 7-4 and had seemingly done the impossible. Go on a perfect 10-0 road trip. Their is no doubting of just how social this Astros team is, but after what we just witnessed by this team over the last week has made me think that this team is starting to become memorable. keuchel-helps-astros-get-10th-straight-win-10-2-over-royals.jpg


Video of the Week


Some people are HATING this move, some people love it. What do you guys think?

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