Top 10 Uniforms in College Football By: Peter Snyder

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at Cincinnati

College football, a sport that is filled with electrifying plays, breathtaking atmospheres and gaudy uniforms. Since I have already covered the best atmospheres in CFB and have vastly focused on the brilliance of CFB players, I thought I would take the time to write a piece about the best and most flashy uniforms in America. The 10 uniforms featured on this list are jerseys that are nothing short of a show stopper and when worn on Saturdays, make your jaw hit the floor. The list will go in numerical order and by the end of the article, we will determine who has the nicest uniforms in the entire nation. We start the list off with a classic uniform, one that has made very few changes over the years and has a pristine simplicity that can only be described as elegant.

10. Ohio State – Home Scarlet’s



It’s quaint, it’s simple and it freaking works. The Ohio State Buckeyes have one of the oldest, most historic programs in college football and are considered to be “The Big Brothers of College Football.” They are seemingly good year in and year out and are on national TV more than the Kardashians. With that, comes a look. A look that football fans across the nation have gotten used to seeing on Saturdays for years. Silver helmets with a red and white stripe trimmed with black down the middle, a scarlet top with the same line pattern as the helmet across the shoulders, and gray pants. Nothing too flashy, nothing that screams oh my goodness you have to see it, just a clean-cut jersey that looks as clean as the outfield cut grass at a Major League Baseball stadium. There is one more detail to the Buckeyes jersey that makes them extra special and lands them on this list. That is of course, the famous helmet stickers. Throughout the season, if a Buckeye player does something exceptionally special on the field during a game, they will be rewarded with a Buckeye Leaf sticker which they can put on their helmet for the remainder of the season. The leaf represents integrity, leadership and grit and to earn one is a great honor. What makes this tradition so fun as a CFB fan, is that throughout the season, you can see what Ohio State players are becoming leaders just by the amount of stickers they have on their helmet. This tradition is one of the more special traditions in all of football and one that I hope will be carried on for generations to come.

9. Tennessee – Rocky Top Creamsicles

Tennesse .png


Rocky Top! Tennessee drops in at number 9 on our list with some extremely bright jerseys that are everything a college uniform should be. For starters, I am an absolute sucker for the white helmets. There is nothing better than tuning into a game on Saturday afternoon and seeing a team rock some clean white uniforms. There is something sexy about a white face-mask complimented with a white base and a big stripe going up the middle. Tennessee does a nice job of showing their University with these helmets in two ways. For starters, they of course have their logo on the side of the helmet but they also have an orange and white checkered pattern on the back side of the helmet to finish the stripe and I must say, it is exceptional. The checkered pattern is a symbol that is plastered all over Tennessee’s campus and to incorporate that into your helmet is just phenomenal. As for the jersey and pants regard, I think they do a nice job complimenting each other. The jersey is a bright orange creamsicle color that is no easy color to pull off, but is pulled off exceptionally well in this instance. The Vols go with a nice SEC patch representing the conference they play in on the left side of their chest and have a Nike swoosh on the right side. The pants are a simple white with an orange stripe down the pant leg, that is finished off with the checkered pattern that is used on the helmet. It is the little details of a jersey sometimes that can make it both unique and special, but also land you on a list as one of the best uniforms in college football.

8. UAB – Fiery Whites


The UAB Dragons come in at number 8 on our list and also come in as the sleeper team on this list. They are not the most popular team in the country, their games are very rarely televised, but boy are these unis straight heat….literally. The pant, sock and cleat combo here is nothing too special and where this jersey makes its money is through the top and the helmet. The top is a clean white uni with gold numbers surrounded by a green trim, to go along with a highlight of the University name, as well as the players last names on the back. What really makes this top stand out is the attention to detail on the shoulders. On each shoulder, UAB goes with a sleek green look that is sharply refined and detailed to look like dragon scales. When your uniform is a dragon, it is essential that you dress the part. We than move on to the best part of this uniform with what was the main reason this uni ended up on this list, the helmets. I mean, where do I even begin. For starters, they are white which is already huge because as I alluded to earlier, white helmets stay winning on the collegiate level. Second, there is literally a dragon, BREATHING FIRE out of his mouth on this helmet and it is absolutely epic. I also feel that the green facemask compliments the helmet nicely and feel like they did a good job with attention to detail, adding the green scaly pattern on the helmet, replicating what you see on the shoulder of the jersey. Overall, I think this is like the AJR of College Football Uniforms. Not the most popular uniform, but boy when you dive into it, you are going to like what you see.

7. Colorado – Boulder Grays



To be honest, I never realized how much I liked the colors gray and white together, until I saw this jersey last year and now I am completely in love with the color gray. At first glance, I immediately noticed the gray helmet. A gray helmet is not very common in college football and for someone to attempt to put it in a uniform is a very ballsy move, as gray can sometimes come off as a boring color. This was the complete opposite however, as the gray off this helmet provides a sleek undertone and makes the jersey look extremely smooth. You than move to the white jersey where nothing stands out too much, but the big black letters that highlight the “Colorado” on the chest, the numbers and the player’s name, make the jersey pop. Colorado decides to go back to gray with the pants and again you see this look more sleek and smooth, rather than boring and bland. My favorite thing about this entire uniform is the fact that instead of staying with the Gray for the socks and spikes, the Uni makers decided to go back to the white, making the Gray, White pattern look exceptionally elegant. They could have easily gone with the safe route and stuck with the all gray everything on the bottom, but to take a risk and go with white one more time, is a risk that paid off in a big way. This is the smoothest looking Uniform on this list by far, and as this team runs out of the tunnel with these on Saturday afternoons, fans are going to take notice and say “These are some clean ass uniforms.”

6. UCF- All Black Everything


South Florida vs Central Florida


These uniforms represent everything that represents what is good about college football and just how special of a sport it was. November 24th, 2017 is a day that the University of Central Florida will never forget. They not only beat their rival USF in a high scoring thriller that only a CFB fan could dream of, but also won their 11th straight game, conserving their perfect season. That day, of course I remember the big plays and the exciting finish, but one more thing stood out to me. The Uniforms that UCF was wearing. UCF decided to spice things up during rivalry week and rocked and all black, intimidating jersey. I remember thinking to myself just how bad ass these jerseys were. All black uniforms are a hard thing to pull off but if you hit it on the head, you are looking at a memorable uniform which is exactly the case here. We start with the pants and top which are and all black piece with the exclusion of the gold lettering on the chest, to go along with a thick white V on the collar and a white trim on the shoulders. What makes this uniform truly special however, is the helmets worn on this special day. Former UCF Head Coach Scott Frost wanted to do something special for his players and reward them for the magical season they were having. He did this by contacting the guys over at Nike, pulling some strings, and eventually getting custom-made black helmets just for the USF game. What made the helmets so special was that inside the UCF lettering across the side of the helmet, were action shots of the players that were taken throughout their perfect season. It was a nostalgic present that both the players and fans embraced with open arms and sincere gratitude. It is to be unsaid if these exact Uniforms will ever be worn again, but for that one afternoon in late night November, we all got to see just how special a piece of equipment can mean and just how momentous of an impact it can have on a group of men.

5. Maryland – It’s more than just a flag




In 1992, a young man named Kevin Plank stepped on to the campus of the University of Maryland to start his undergrad life as both a student and embark on life as a student athlete as Plank was on the football team. After graduating with a degree in Business Administrations, Plank became the CEO of one of the worlds biggest companies, Under Armor. In Lue of wanting to give back to his alma mater, Plank decided to put not only his company’s headquarters right outside of campus in Baltimore, but also took pride in calling Maryland, Under Armor University. When you think of Maryland athletics, you think of Under Armor, just like you would think of Nike being associated with Oregon. Year in and year out, Under Armor spends millions upon millions of dollars providing the best gear for their athletes to wear. This effort is none more prevalent than it is with the football team. Under Armor had an absolute field day making these jerseys. They are vibrant, colorful, clean, sleek and flat-out hot. I choose the red home jersey of Maryland to be featured on this list because I felt that it did the best job of representing what Under Armor has done for this University along with a sense of state pride that is littered around the uniform. The Jersey is a sleek red with white numbers, highlighted by yellow letters saying Maryland on the chest and the players back name on the upper-back. You also see that there are under armor accessories, cleats and a logo throughout the uniform to make sure everyone knows who was the master mind behind this masterpiece. You than move up to the helmets which are one of the most unique and outlandish helmets in all of America. The helmet is essentially, a Maryland state flag, plastered on a helmet with the world Maryland written on the back with big, yellow letters. Some people hate it but I find it personally nostalgic and find the helmet to show a grade deal of state pride. The next time you see Maryland trout out on to the field in these flashy uniforms, just remember there is always a man behind the brand and always a story behind a great product. In this case, Kevin Plank came into The University of Maryland as a scared freshman, but left with a great sense of knowledge and  is now considered to be one of the most successful people in the world.

4. UCLA – Baby Blue Bangers



I’m gonna be honest these were hard not to put in the top 3. These jerseys are one of the freshest, most clean jerseys I have ever seen and I honestly don’t know where to even begin talking about these bad boys. There is something spectacularly special when you see and all white uniform and there is something extraordinarily special when you see that white get complimented by a baby blue. Baby Blue has always been a color that looks extremely sexy on jerseys. An example of this would be to reference the UNC basketball teams uniforms who have always dominated the jersey game at the CB level. When UCLA decided to mesh a light blue in with a white, they knew it would be either a hit or miss. It was a big hit. Let’s start with the pants. The Pants are a white sleek pair of slacks that are highlighted by a classic gold UCLA stripe, sandwiched in between two baby blue stripes. There is also an Under Armor Logo on the right side of the pant, as we see our second UA jersey crack the top 5 on our list. You than move to the Jersey itself which features a sleek white base, baby blue numbers, player last names, Pac 12 logo, UA logo and a repeat gold and blue pattern that we saw on the pants, around the shoulder pad. We than move up to the helmet and all I can say is wow. As you can probably tell by now, I am a sucker for a good helmet and in my opinion a good helmet can make a jersey. This helmet is no different. It is an all white helmet that features a white face mask and a big blue UCLA logo, that rides its way down the side of the helmet. You also get the players numbers in blue on the back of the helmet which is a nice touch, as well as an American flag sticker and a Pac 12 conference sticker. All and All this is one of the cleanest looking Uniforms in America and I am excited to see when the Bruins pull these out during the 2018 season.

3. Oregon Ducks – The King of the Jersey Game


Let’s be honest, the Oregon Ducks have RUN the jersey game in College football for the last decade. Why is this some may ask. Well for starters the official Nike Campus which is a multi million dollar facility creating one of the most famous sporting brands on earth, is located on the campus of The University Of Oregon. This being said, Oregon athletics get the premiere acess to Nike everything. They are much like Maryland is with Under Armor but on a much higher level. As a result of this access and help from Nike, Oregon athletics , especially Oregon football, has some of the hottest equipment in all of football. Different jerseys every week, flashy helmets, bright spikes, vibrant gloves; it can at times seem all overwhelming. There is a stat that states if the Ducks wanted to, they could wear a different jersey combination every game, until the year 3344. That is absolutely mind-blowing. With all this said, I found it extremely difficult to pick out my favorite Oregon jersey to represent this list. My choice came down to what I thought was the cleanest and what stood out to me the most while searching through the hundreds among hundreds on google images. What I found, was this crisp yellow and green combination that blends perfectly and results in a fine-looking uniform. The Yellow pants are bright, but not too bright where its annoying. The jersey top is a light form of green that is highlighted with yellow letters and jersey numbers which pop, thanks to a light black highlight around them. On the left side of the chest, the Ducks are presented with almost a glossy looking Nike swoosh that looks like it almost has a shine to it. The shoulders have thin yellow stripes and on the top of the shoulders we see an old school Oregon Duck logo that compliments the Jersey very well and brings a nostalgic vibe to the alma maters that have attended the school in past years. We than move on to the helmets that feature a bright yellow base and face-mask, with a big green Oregon O, on the side. It is not the best helmet in CFB, but it blends so well with the top and the pants that they’re was no way this wasn’t landing a top 3 spot on this list. Overall, Oregon is like the Lebron James of CFB Uniforms. Some say they are the best, some say they are not but at the end of the day you have to respect them and all the greatness that is surrounding it.

2. Navy – It’s all about the name on the back



Every December, on a cold winters day, Army and Navy play in an annual game that is widely considered the biggest rivalry in college sports and is a rivalry that means way more than just a game. For the special occasion, Under Armor makes sure that the Naval Academy looks fresh for their special day. They do this by creating a different jersey for them each year, specifically for the Army-Navy game. These jerseys have deep rooting meanings and are some of the more memorable uniforms you will ever see. Last years jersey however, was exceptionally special. The Naval Academy ran out of a snowy tunnel rocking a special blue jersey with special helmets that gave a tribute to the famous “Blue Angels.” To start our examination of this jersey, we will start by breaking down the pants and top of these special unis. As the pants are concerning, Navy goes with a Navy (fitting) blue base with a gold stripe running down the sides. On the right side on the upper thigh we see a gold Under Armor sign and on the left we see the schools logo. The Jersey is a Navy Blue color, matching the pants that is highlighted by gold numbers, a gold UA symbol, and a gold Navy that runs across the chest. On the back, each Navy player wears the same last name, as the name reads, “Midshipmen,” a military rank that each player aspires to be and a bond that each player shares. It is a term that rings true and through throughout the Academy and is one that the school takes great pride in. On the shoulder of the Jersey, Navy is supported with a patch that demonstrates the official logo of the Blue Angels, The United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. The helmet continues to honor the Blue Angels as plastered on the helmets base, is different Naval planes that The Blue Angels fly. The Helmet is a baby blue color with a shiny gold face mask and looks extremely crisp and smooth. Although this jersey looks extremely nice and is one of the better looking jerseys in America, the reason it is so high on this list is because it shows a great job of showing that for The Naval Academy they are playing for so many more things than just the game of football, they are playing and will one day be fighting g for our country and foe our freedom.

1. TCU – Was this even a question?

TCU .jpg


Before I even started this list, I already had my mind made up on what Uniform would land the number one spot. I don’t think I have ever been so attracted to a jersey before and don’t know if I ever will be. I mean LOOK AT THESE BABIES. For starters, the mascot, a horned frog is one of the coolest mascots in all of college sports. Like what the hell even is a horned frog? I don’t know and I don’t care. The pants on these uniforms are just a basic gray and I will not spend too much time on them as they are not huge contributors to the overall uni. However, where this Uniform makes its money and why it landed number one on this spot is because of the finite detail of the top and helmet. Let’s start with the jersey. The jersey is a charcoal gray that is highlighted with a solid purple base to cover the shoulders. The jersey has white number along with players last names and what makes this truly special is what goes into the white numbers. If you look closely inside the white numbers you can see that someone meticulously sculpted little scales into the numbers to make it not only look like frog skin, but also create and beautiful pattern. The time, detail and effort that must have took is almost unimaginable and the person who laid this design out should be getting paid the big bucks. The scaly, frog skin pattern is than repeated on the helmet as little black lines fill the helmets purple, shiny base. Along the side of the helmet you see a white TCU logo along with a white horned frog mascot directly beneath it. As you move to the back of the helmet, you see an American flag sticker to go along with a Big 12 sticker as well as the players numbers. I don’t know why, but I find the American flag on a helmet to be very patriotic and I love it. Overall this Uniform has everything you could ever want. It is creative, unique, smooth, sleek, crisp and overall just a beautiful Uni.

There it is, I hope you enjoyed my list. Was there something I left out? Was there something I got wrong? Please free to let me know in the comment section down below and I hope you all have a blessed day!

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