Nick Bosa out at Ohio State, decides to focus on NFL Future Instead By: Peter Snyder

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Nick Bosa

The bombshell news of the day in the college football world takes us to Columbus, Ohio, where it has been reported by multiple sources that star Ohio State DE Nick Bosa has withdrawn from the school and plans to spend his free time rehabing and preparing for the 2019 NFL Draft where he has potential to be the number one overall pick. This news comes at great shock to Buckeye fans across the country as well as college football spectators far and wide as Bosa was fully set and prepared to return to the team in the coming weeks after being sidelined for the last 4 weeks with a core muscle injury. Sources say that Bosa met with OSU coach Urban Meyer and some of his staff on Sunday to let them know of the decision he, his father John Bosa and the family had reached about his future. In a statement made earlier Tuesday, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer had nothing but nice words to say about the Junior DE from Fort Lauderdale.

This is a huge blow to the Ohio State defense as Bosa was by far their most talented defensive player and his  expected return would have been a huge help to a seemingly helpless Buckeye defense. In the 4 games without Bosa this season, the Buckeye defense has given up a total of 72 points and has at times, looked lost on the field without their defensive leader. The fact that they will be without Bosa now for the remainder of the season in lue of this CFP run, has made things a whole lot more difficult and in a way, has been a giant step back for this defensive unit.

As for my personal opinion goes on this matter, I get it. The guy has to protect himself and when you have millions upon millions of dollars lined up waiting for you, why risk going out their and re hashing an injury that would mess up an opportunity to cash a fat pay check. If you are a broke college student (which Nick Bosa is not, his brother is in the NFL and his dad is a former NFL player,) and are projected to be a top 5 draft pick, why even step on a college field after an injury. That only has potential of danger and nothing good can come out of that. That is why a lot of times you see potential NFL draft picks skip out on their respective schools bowl game, because they do not want to risk an injury that could take away from their pay-day. As a counter argument however, let’s say you are a die-hard Ohio State fan. Your team is currently ranked 2nd in the nation and are poised to make a run all the way to the CFP and potentially, be a National Champion when all is said in done. You are frustrated with your defense, but you know you have an explosive enough offense behind superstar QB Dwayne Haskins to pick up the slack and defensive leader Nick Bosa is gearing up to make a return and fix all the falling pieces. Then you get the news that Nick Bosa is withdrawing from the school and shifting his focus directly towards the NFL. You are hurt. You are in shock and more than anything, you are pissed. Does Nick Bosa even give a shit about Ohio State football or for that matter has he ever? This notion totally defines the notion of what a team player is supposed to be and turns it around on its ass. It is just totally selfish and is a move that takes no one else’s feelings into consideration. As a business man it is smart, but as a team player and competitor, I have to say I am disappointed in Nick Bosa and am thankful to god that I am not a Ohio State fan because today would be a day filled with betrayal, anger and rage and make me wonder who on the team actually cares and wants to win, and who just uses this as a gateway to one day get paid.

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