Is Alabama’s Dominance Bad For College Football? By: Peter Snyder

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January 3rd, 2007.  The sun rose on a brisk Tuscaloosa winter’s morning with the tough reality settling in that the communities beloved football team had just wrapped up an abysmal season which featured an embarrassing 2-6 record in conference play.  Rumors had been circulating however, that the light at the end of Alabama’s tunnel was going to come from the likes of Nick Saban, a coach with years of experience who had a BCS National Championship under his belt that he won with the LSU Tigers in 2003. Around mid day of January 3rd, 2007, Saban announced that he had agreed to terms to become the 28th head coach for Alabama’s historic program. A day later, it became official as Saban was sworn into the program with a traditional press conference held by the University. As the days went on, it became knowledge that Saban had signed an 8 year, 32 million dollar contract with the Tide, making him one of the wealthiest coaches in America. Crimson Tide fans rejoiced as they felt they had finally found their guy. Saban came in to Alabama looking to take the program to a new level, but what has transpired in the last 11 years, has become known the most dominant run in the history of sports.

Since Saban has taken over the reigns for the Crimson Tide, Alabama has won the BCS National Championship 3 times (2009, 2011, 2012,)  as well as bringing home the College Football Playoff trophy two times in 2015 and 2017. Saban has also crafted two Heisman trophy winners (Mark Ingram 2009, Derrick Henry 2015) and produced over hundreds among hundreds of players to go on and play in the NFL. Fast forward to present day, and Saban and the Crimson Tide are getting ready to add more pieces of hardware to their already historic trophy case. The Tide are currently placed as the top ranked team in the nation with a record of 8-0 and have the current Heisman favorite playing under center in the likes of Sophomore QB, Tua Tagovailoa. The Crimson Tide are almost a shoe in to win their 6th national championship under Saban and if you don’t believe me, take a look at some of these stats.

  • Alabama has held a lead of ten or more points during 82.6 percent of the plays in their games played thus far in 2018 (leads the nation.)
  • Alabama is going to the locker room this season, with a lead of 31.5 points on average.
  • Alabama points per game: 54.13 (leads nation.)
  • Alabama Points allowed per game: 15.88
  • Leads the nation in total offense (4,514 total yards) (564.3 yards a game.)


Why is this all relevant? Why am I telling you all this? Well I think it brings up a good question; is Alabama’s run over the last decade a bad thing for college football? Is the 2018 college football season essentially a race for second place? We are seeing teams such as Ohio State and Georgia show signs of weakness and lose on a bad day but there has been one team that has been stiff as 1,000 cement blocks since this dance started in September and that is Alabama. I watch a lot of college football. I study a lot of college football. And with that being said, I have never been so certain that a team is going to win a National Championship and I could see it from the very first snap of the season when the Tide embarrassed Louisville in Orlando. Alabama is on a different level, a different playing field than everybody and has been for upwards of a decade now. Their players are faster, more physical and flat-out better football players. They are also better coached than anyone in the entire nation as Nick Saban is a man upon boys. When will this period of dominance ever end? When Tua leaves, the next great QB will be lined up ready to take snaps. When Alabama’s defensive phenoms go to the league to play on Sunday’s, the biggest and brightest recruits will commit to the crimson and white because the best want to play for the best and want to play for the University that will give them the greatest chance to succeed. I watch these week out and think to myself, what significance does this game actually have. Purdue might have shocked Ohio State this past weekend and it was an awesome scene in West Layfeyette, but neither of those teams is even going to touch Alabama in the post season. Michigan has a great defense, but Alabama’s offense would turn them into a soft pretzel. Alabama’s dominance is slowly ruining college football and over the next decade, if Saban stays under the reigns at Alabama, you could see the Crimson tide take home 7-8 more national titles and go down as the most unstoppable force the world has ever seen.

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