Good Morning, Jimmy Butler is a Sixer By: Peter Snyder

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Butler-Sixers (1)Good morning, Jimmy Butler is a Sixer. As I woke up this morning, it had suddenly hit me. By 7:00 PM tonight, All-Star Forward Jimmy Butler will step on the court in Orlando, repping “PHILA” across his chest. This is exactly why I have trusted the process. This is why I have sat through losing season after losing season, for moments like these. Jimmy Butler was the key missing piece in the Sixers cog. Butler will be the piece that helps finally bring an NBA championship to the great city of Philadelphia. This is the team that will one day, take down the evil empire in Golden State. The NBA better watch out and take cover, because there is a new big 3 in Philly and they are ready to take over.

On November 10th, 2018 it was announced that Jimmy Butler had been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers along with Justin Patton. In exchange for the two players, the Timberwolves received Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 second round pick. When the news first broke, I got a text from my friend that read “WE GOT JIMMY.” I was in shock. I ran around the house, blasting the famous Sixers anthem for the whole neighborhood to hear. 1,2,3,4,5 SIXERS! I yelled. 10, 9, 8, we just got Jimmy! The reason for all my excitement was because I knew this was the missing piece in our puzzle. For the last half decade, the Sixers have started to slowly form a successful product and have picked up some amazing talent along the way. Some of this talent has included players such as Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz. All that being said, something was still missing. Whenever the Sixers would play elite competition in the Eastern Conference, they would get embarrassed. Why could they not hang? The talent was there but something was just missing. Nobody could quite put their finger on it. That “missing thing’ was Jimmy Butler. Butler strengthens this team in a variety of ways.  For example, for the last couple of seasons, one of the Sixers weakness has been scoring the ball outside of Joel Embiid. As a result, they have found themselves going on extreme dry spells that allow teams to go on runs and start to pull away from games. Butler is going to help fix that patch and do so in a big way. Butler is currently averaging 21.7 points a game and is the type of player who is not afraid to shoot the basketball. Another weakness that the Sixers have had recently is the ability to hit a mid range jump shot. The mid range jumper is Jimmy Butler’s middle name. You start to see the pattern here. The Sixers weaknesses are Butlers strengths and he is going to fit perfectly into this system. 

Trust the process. This has been a term that has become essentially transcended into a battle cry from a desperate fan base, who is desperate for success. Let me take you back to 2015. The Sixers finish the season with an overall record of 10-72, one of the worst seasons in NBA history. Trust The Process they said. Fast forward a year ahead to 2016. The Sixers finish the year with a record of 28-54, a record that was improved from a year ago, but still nowhere near acceptable to a city where the expectations are always at an all time high. Again, we were told to just Trust the process.  Skip ahead to 2017. Joel Embiid has started to establish his stardom in the NBA. Ben Simmons breaks on to the NBA stratosphere and wins ROY. The Sixers finish with a record of 52-30, make the playoffs, and even win a playoff series in the process. That brings us to today, November 14th, 2018. The Sixers are 9-6 . Joel Embiid is among the leagues leading scorers and is an early MVP candidate. Ben Simmons is starting to look for his shot more and more everyday and is one improvement away from being an NBA superstar. Markelle Fultz is establishing himself as a solid NBA role player and is building his confidence with every game he plays. And now, Jimmy Butler, a 4 time all-star and one of the league’s best overall players, is set to make his Sixers debut. Sixers fans, our time is now. Trusting the process IS OVER. The term “Trust The Process” has now turned into fear the process. It is our time to shine Philadelphia and all we can do now is sit back, and enjoy the freaking show.

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