Ranking The 2018-2019 NBA “City Edition” Uniforms By: Peter Snyder

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Last year, in Nike’s debut season with the NBA, the company launched a campaign which highlighted new, “City Edition,” uniforms which paid tribute to different geographical regions across the NBA. The campaign was a hit and due to the positive feedback from the league’s fans, the campaign has made its return. With a slate of fresh new uniforms set to make their on court debut in the upcoming days, it is only fair that I rank each jersey from least attractive to absolutely jaw dropping. I encourage you to sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the official rankings of the 2018-2019 NBA “City Edition” Uniforms.

30. Milwaukee Bucks

Yea, so these are just NOT IT. To start with the main base color of this uniform, the Bucks decided to go with a bland and boring banana color that comes off extremely boring and distasteful to the common eye. The thing that makes these uniforms so hideous however, is the tomato like shoulder patch/strip. Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix a boring red with dull yellow, needs to get fired immediately. Overall, I just do not love these jerseys whatsoever, and thought that they stood out for all the wrong reasons.

29. Cleveland Cavaliers

Another swing and a miss here as Nike and the Cleveland Cavaliers present us with an absolutely gross uniform. I’m gonna be honest, I actually really like the color way here. It pays homage to the franchise’s history and if they could have made this uniform more simplistic, this could have easily made it to the top ten. The reason that this jersey is so low on our list however, is because the formatting and execution of this jersey is extremely poor. For some reason, the makers of these jerseys thought it would be a good idea to split the blue and orange color way right down the middle, and do so by creating an almost shark head image that you would usually see kindergartener draw. It just does not work and frankly, looks extremely awkward. Although these uniforms have some bright spots, it is an overall bad jersey and will not look good on the hard wood during the upcoming months.

28. Memphis Grizzlies

Are these jerseys ugly? no. Are these jerseys boring? Absolutely. There is nothing special about this uniform that would make it stand out. It is kind of just….there. I think the Grizzlies, due to their standard blue and yellow color way, had the potential to make something truly special with this project but instead failed with these bland unis that draw no eyes. I am not going to bash these jerseys too much because I do not feel that they are awful, but due to the failure of execution of an opportunity presented to them, the Grizzlies find themselves of the back end of this list.

27. San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are one of two teams in the NBA to not change their NBA City Uniforms from last season. As a result of this decision, the organization has been receiving some back lash. Now, I am usually a fan of Camouflage jerseys but the black Camo seen here, is a tad flavorless and lacks any burst of true color. I also find myself getting a slight headache looking at this uniform as the Camo brings a lot of movement with it and is a very hectic pattern. I will say, the one thing I do like about this uniform is the thin, white outline staring on the bottom of the short and running up all the way to the bottom of the armpit. This uniform is not awful, but is nothing special and the fact that they decided not to get a new uniform for this season, gives them a point deduction which pushes them way back on our list.

26. Detroit Pistons

Ehhhhhhhh? The Detroit Pistons have been trying to market this “Motor City” slogan for YEARS now and it has yet to catch fire to the local or national public. The jersey has a nice Pistons emblem on the front of the short along with two racing motor stripes, running vertically across the chest of the uniform. I understand why the Pistons are incorporating the Motor City motto along with using the racing stripe, but it in a way, it just looks like something we have already seen before and comes off as extremely repetitive.

25. Utah Jazz

Along with the Spurs, the Utah Jazz have decided to stick with the same city uniform they rocked last year and although I actually like these jerseys, it stinks that they didn’t release something new. Throughout the years, the Jazz have supported some very clean color ways and the potential to make a new, crisp city uniform was there. However, I do like these current Jazz uniforms and think they look extremely sexy on the court. I love the sunset like color-way and think the ratio between dark to light colors is used just right. The Jazz also change the entire design of their court when the team wears these uniforms which gives a reason for the fans to come out and watch their team play. Overall, I like this jersey, a lot. However, I wish the Jazz could have found a way to make this an alternate jersey, giving them the opportunity to still make a new, vibrant city edition uniform for the 2018-2019 NBA season.

24. Indiana Pacers

These jerseys are clean, don’t get me wrong. They have a Reggie Miller like feel and are most likely going to look ascetically appeasing on the court. That being said, this looks like something that would be a teams everyday uniform. These NBA City Edition jerseys are supposed to be unique, creative and have the ability to stand out, by paying respect to ones city at the same time. Although these look good, they do not have that stand out ability and is a uniform that will not be remembered in the near future.

23. Boston Celtics

Now, I know what you guys are going to say. OMG WHAT? How are these so low on the list? They are absolute fire! While I agree that this is a good looking jersey, it is not that different from their current home jersey and lacks creativity. All the Celtics did here was bold their letters across the chest as well as across the back and added a gold trim to make the green letters pop. The one thing I do like about this uniform however, are the Shamrocks that are featured on the bottom of each short leg that pays tribute to a true Celtic as well as the Irish Culture. I like these uniforms, I do. But the lack of creativity shown with these jerseys is just a tad disappointing.

22. Portland Trail Blazers

I truly do not know how I feel about these uniforms. On one hand, I love a crisp black jersey and feel that the Trail Blazers along with Nike did a good job of making this jersey look sleek by incorporating a matte black color base. On the other hand, I am not a huge fan of the gray that is featured on the bottom portion of this jersey and feel that this is another scenario of a team trying to split a jersey in half. This very rarely works and a good looking uniform, will usually have only one base color. The Trail Blazers are also going with their Rip City campaign which much like the Pistons, have been trying to promote for years. Overall, this jersey has its good parts and has it’s bad, but in the end, is nothing to brag about. 

21. Philadelphia 76ers

When these uniforms first came out, I was absolutely in love with them. I love how they paid tribute to the historic Philadelphian icon, Rocky Balboa and thought they represented everything the city was about. As I still have these thoughts, my opinion has been slightly changed as the Sixers wore these jerseys for the first time on Friday night. For starters, the players looked like they were wearing pajamas out there. Yes, I understand that the fabric of these uniforms are supposed to represent the sport of boxing but we’re playing basketball here, not slipping on the gloves. Overall, I love everything this uniform represents, I just don’t love how they look on the court and feel that I could go to bed in these. (PS. Circles on the center of a jersey NEVER WORK.)

20. Toronto Raptors

Okay, I have a few problems with these uniforms. One, they are literally just the opposite color way of the City Edition Uniform that was presented last year by the Raptors. This comes off as extremely lazy. Two, I don’t love the gold mountain that runs up the chest on this jersey and find it rather ugly to be honest. And three, these jerseys are paying homage to Drake with this OVO color way instead of repping their entire city which at the end of the day, is the main purpose of the City Edition collection. I understand that Drake is a huge figure to the city of Toronto and does a lot for the Raptors, but he is not everything that Toronto represents. The Raptors could have easily found a way to make this jersey stand out by adding some Toronto flair to it, as well as using the OVO color way at the same time. 

19. Dallas Mavericks

Now that we have gotten past the ugly/sub par uniforms, it is time to start talking about the teams that hit the nail on the head with this campaign.  Starting with the Dallas Mavericks, I find this uniform to be extremely crisp. The general consensus on these have been negative for the most part and I have to say, I just do not see where they are coming from. For starters, the black and teal color scheme that the Mavericks used here looks super pleasing to the eye and should get fans excited. I also love how the Mavs changed their center emblem by the slightest, to add a pinch of uniqueness to the jersey and establish a way to stand out.  The only reason this jerseys aren’t higher up on this list is that although it is a very clean looking uniform, it is not memorable and is not something we are going to talk about for the next century.

18. Atlanta Hawks

This year, the Atlanta Hawks are celebrating their 50th year in Atlanta and along with having a special court design for select home games, the Hawks decided to design these special “Anniversary” esk jerseys. If I had only one adjective to describe these unis I would simply describe them as “fresh.”  It is clear that the Hawks did not try too hard and put the perfect amount of effort to make these bad boys stand out. The thing I like most about this uniform is the zebra stripe pattern running along the sides of the jersey. It looks extremely crisp and is something you wanna stare out for awhile. Overall, this is a really nice job done here by the Hawks. Not to much yet not too little. I am excited to see these jerseys be worn on the hardwood throughout the year.

17. LA Clippers

The Clippers go to their olympic roots with these uniforms as they honor and commemorate the 1984 Olympic games, which also happened to be their inaugural season in Los Angeles. The Clippers also decided to incorporate 5 stripes on the side of their uniform to represent the five olympic rings. The symbolism throughout this uniform is absolutely fantastic. When I first looked at this jersey before having any knowledge of the olympic intent behind the uniform, the first thing that came to my mind was track. The LA letters reminded me of the New Balance logo and the stars had a patriotic feel to them. Overall, I love this jersey. I love the meaning behind it. I love the symbolism is portrays and love the look of it as well. Personally, I would not be mad if the Clippers decided to go with these as their main uniforms for the remainder of the season.

16. Phoenix Suns

Are these the sexiest uniforms ever? No. However, the thing that makes this uniforms so special and the reason why they land so high on our list is because of the “Meaning behind the uniform.” With this jersey, The Suns decide to pay recognition and respect to the Hispanic community in Phoenix which is quite large and makes up a good portion of their fan base. This is an awesome gesture and shows the Hispanic community that they do care about them and appreciate their loyalty to their organization. This is also a tremendous marketing strategy as it should grow fan attendance and jersey sales. Overall, I love the message behind this jersey and think that this is what the NBA City Edition uniforms should be all about.

15. New York Knicks

When one thinks of New York City, they immediately think of the big bright lights that are associated with times square. However, the Knicks wanted to highlight the neighborhoods and boroughs throughout NYC with these special City Edition Uniforms. The orange and blue striped pattern across the side of the jersey pays homage to different neighborhoods throughout the city as well as the different languages being spoken across the region. I personally love the meaning behind this Uniform but also think the jerseys look extremely clean as well. The Navy Blue base with white lettering blends together perfectly and the symbolic pattern running up the side of the jersey adds a flair to the Uniform that plays nicely. Overall, the Knicks did a very good job here and feel that the overall feedback around the city will be nothing but positive.

14. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lake Show. An era that featured household names such as Magic Johnson, Kareem the Dream, Shaq and Kobe. An era that most importantly, brought a boat load of championships to the city of Los Angeles. The Lakers have decided to not only pay tribute to Laker legend Magic Johnson who signified the lake show era, but are also trying  to bring the Lake show back to town with the help of newly acquired superstar, Lebron James. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at these jerseys are how flashy they are. The jersey features a bright gold trim with bold black letters to go along with the Laker signature, purple base. A nice touch that is done here with these Uniforms are the addition of thin, black pinstripes. Pinstripes signify old school basketball and  look extremely bad ass. Overall, this jersey is everything that the Lakers represent as well as a glimpse into the future as they begin to dive into the Lebron James era.

13. Orlando Magic

I have always been a huge fan of the Orlando’s magic color scheme and feel that they have shelled out some of the nicest jerseys the NBA has seen over the past couple of decades. Although their newest jerseys are quite simple, they are extremely sexy. The thing I like most about this Uniform is the galaxy like pattern that runs along the side of the jersey. This pattern goes  so well with the black base incorporated here , you feel as if you are staring at a picture of the solar system. I also think the jersey makers did a beautiful job with the main logo, as it is a light shade of gray that is not too bright, but no where near too dull. This is personally a jersey that I would rock on a daily basis and give a ton credit to the jersey makers, as they hit this one out of the stratosphere.

12. Washington Wizards

These bad boys are just beautiful. The Washington Wizards have decided to show some love to their city with these special “District of Columbia” inspired uniforms. These jerseys look extremely smooth and this is honestly, one of the top black jerseys out of  the city edition set. I am a big fan of the white stripe that runs across the side of the Uniform. I also like the red basketball that dots the I on the chest and love the creativity they used to spell out District Of Colombia across the chest, rather than just say Washington D.C, which most people commonly refer the district as. It’s new, it’s refreshing and overall, it’s a stellar uniform.

11. Minnesota Timberwolves

I’m gonna be honest, when I first saw these uniforms, I was not a huge fan. Reason being that I just didn’t understand them. What does purple have to do with the Minnesota Timberwolves? I thought to myself. I than did some research, and was instantly amazed. I found out that these jerseys are in tribute to the late and great musician Prince, who was a Minnesota Native. Prince+Purple Rain+ Minnesota= A memorable uniform. I mean seriously, how awesome is this. A man who had made such an impact to a city is now being remembered by having a jersey made specifically in his honor. I am sure that he is smiling down from heaven, singing his famous hit to the place that he had so frequently, called home.

10. Golden State Warriors


Let me explain ^.  After searching for about an hour for any official post announcing this jerseys release, I found nothing. This may be a leak, this may be real or fake, I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that these jerseys are absolutely fire. I read that this jersey is in respects to Chinese heritage throughout the Bay Era as well as a tribute to the upcoming Chinese New Year. I love the mix between the Navy Blue and yellow here as well as the attention to detail that is presented in this jersey. There are so many funky patterns throughout the uniform that look so sick and although some people may say it looks congested and crowded, I think it’s awesome. I have honestly contemplated buying this Uniform because I like it so much but than I remembered that they were the Golden State Warriors and I am no KD.

9. Sacramento Kings

This jersey for some reason, gives me a nostalgic vibe and It took me awhile to figure out why. After contemplating for quite some time, I resized that this jersey reminded me of an ice cream truck which immediately takes my back to my childhood. On top of that, these jerseys look freaking insane and if we are talking pure color ways alone, this takes the cake. It is very seldom you see a trio of colors blend this perfectly together and it makes for a truly special jersey. The Kings also have announced that with the wearing of these uniforms, they will change their court design to match the fit, giving the fans the complete City Edition experience.  Due to the nostalgia factor that I get with these Uniforms alone, I feel that if I were to go to a Kings game this year while they were supporting these, I would just pass out and go back to the good old days that is my 7 year old self.

8. Charolette Hornets

BUZZZZZ CITY BABY. The Charlotte Hornets have the nicest combination of jerseys in the NBA in my opinion, so I was so excited to see what they were going to cook up for this project. Although I was a tad disappointed at the finished product as I feel that the potential was their to make one of the better jerseys we have ever seen, the jersey is still absolutely stunning. It is almost un fair to combine the colors Black and Neon Teel together as they just blend together too perfectly and look extremely sexy on a jersey. This uniform reminds me of what your clothes would look like when you went to play lazer tag as a kid. I’ve always wanted my clothes to look that way. Overall, the Hornets did an amazing job in designing this jersey and with a color scheme with so many bright colors and opportunities, we are sure to see plenty of more great projects come along in the near future.

7. Houston Rockets

I don’t know about you guys, but I find Chinese lettering on an NBA jersey to be absolutely fascinating. One, I love the way it looks. I feel that it comes off as unique and and in a way, antique. I also love to look up the meaning behind the words and letters which gives me the opportunity to learn something new behind the Chinese culture. The reason these jerseys are so special however, is the thin, fine detail designed and engraved throughout the uniform. If you look closely, you can see different “auspicious clouds” that are carefully matriculated and sculpted into each crevice of this jersey. I can only image how long that must of taken to perfect and for the attention to detail of these uniforms alone, this jersey finds itself in the top 7.

6. New Orleans Pelicans

When you think of New Orleans, you think of Mardi Gras. Green, Purple and Yellow beeds. Big parties. Burban Street. It is all a fun time. The Pelicans knew this and had no other way to honor their city. These Uniforms scream Mardi Gras and the second you lay your eyes on them, you want to go to Louisiana, and party! These jerseys have not been getting positive feedback from the general public but I say to that, screw em! These are fun and if you have a problem with them, you should just get on a float to the no fun parade. These uniforms are filled with Vibrant colors, have a bold crisp font, and are overall a jersey that I want to have a good time in. You can definitely expect these bad boys to worn loud and proud during the celebration of this years Mardi Gras.

5. Brooklyn Nets

Have you ever been to a rave? A music festival with bright, neon lights where it seems like everything is going in slow motion? Me neither. However, those types of events remind me of these jerseys. They are bright, they are different, and they are effing fantastic. Whoever made these jerseys had to have been on some sort of drug, but honestly respect, because as a result we got this masterpiece.

4. Denver Nuggets

Back in the day, the Denver Nuggets used to wear a uniform similar to this, but the difference was, it was in all solid colors. They were absolutely electric and everybody loved them. This year, the Nuggets decided to replicate the jersey, but in a more digital sense, going with lines instead of colors. I must say, these look better than the old ones. The Mountain Top, the Buildings that look futuristic, the pretty rainbow skyline, it all just works. Sometimes the best success comes when you go back to the classics and this is exactly what we have here.

3. Chicago Bulls

These………are……….absolute………FLAMES!! The Chicago Bulls decided to incorporate their state flag into their city edition uniforms and I must say, I think it is the best choice they have made since drafting Jordan. For starters, the black base plays here. It is simple, but also crisp and establishes the tone of the jersey right off the jump. Than you transition to the state flag which is incorporated across the chest of the Uniform and this addition alone,, transforms it from an average jersey, to a special one. The light blue and red mix beautifully. The stars are aligned perfectly. The white trim is sexy. This jersey does not have a flaw. If I was a Bulls fan, I would camp out behind a Dick’s Sporting Good’s parking lot for a week if it meant I could get my hands on one of these. They are that special.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

When I was doing these rankings, one factor that I looked for was uniqueness. I wanted to see which team would step out of their comfort zone and use a bright color as their main base, knowing it would be a huge risk. The Oklahoma City Thunder were that team. Let me be the first to say that the risk paid off as these are one of the nicer NBA Uniforms I have ever seen. For starters, the turquoise base color that are used with these uniforms look absolutely incredible and are going to look even better on the court. I also love the unique and stylish font that the Thunder went with here as it stands out tremendously and is like no other in the NBA. Finally, I found out that these jerseys are in honor of Oklahoma’s Cities Native American heritage and that is so amazing because they do not always get the proper recognition they deserve. I want to find out who made these jerseys and personally shake his or her hand, as these are an absolute work of art.

1. Miami Heat

We have finally reached our #1 Jersey of the 2018-2019 NBA City Edition Uniform Rankings and I have to be honest with you guys, this thing wasn’t even a contest. The second you lock eyes on these jerseys it is clear that they are by far the best uniform in the NBA. They are bright. They are vibrant. They are Miami. This is the type of Uniform that you druwel over as is so sexy, it is almost appetizing. I was watching the Heat game the other day and they were wearing these for the first time along with debuting a special court to compliment the jersey and frankly, I was blown away. These are the Alabama of Uniforms. The Jennifer Lopez of NBA Apparel. They are the king of the City Edition collection and for good reason, as they dominated the competition.


There you guys have it! Your official rankings for the 2018-2019 NBA City Edition Uniforms. What did you agree with? What did you disagree with? Please feel free to let me know in the comments and have a spectacular rest of your day! Until next time.

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