Michigan decides to leave defense in Ann Arbor, gets absolutely embarrassed By: Peter Snyder

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Ohio State. Michigan. The best rivalry in college football. Now add a berth to the Big Ten Championship game on the line, and the stakes are instantly increased by 1000 decimals. Gus Johnson on the call with his beautiful pipes and 100,000 strong filling the Horse Shoe covered in red. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Although they were set to embark into a hostile environment, the Michigan Wolverines were primed and ready to win their first game in Columbus since 2000. They were winners of their last 10, had the best defense in the country and were just two wins away from clinching a birth to the College Football Playoff. For all intensive purposes, the Wolverines came into the contest as the more talented team. However, what transpired was an absolute slaughter fest that will go down as the most embarrassing loss in Michigan Football history.

Michigan must have left their first team defense in Ann Arbor, because what we saw on Saturday afternoon by the Wolverine defense, was anything but the best defense in the country. Ohio State’s QB, Dwayne Haskins put on an absolute clinic in front of the home crowd, throwing for a total of 318 passing yards to go along with 5 TD passes. Parris Campbell, a Senior WR for the Buckeyes decided to join in on the fun and racked up a total of 114 REC yards which included a receiving TD and an explosive 78 yard TD run. When all was said and done, Michigan had given up 62 points, the most they have ever allowed during their 139 year history.  Embarrassed? Doesn’t even come close. Humiliated? We are getting warmer. The Michigan Wolverines should be ashamed of themselves. They had the perfect opportunity to not only beat their long time rivals for the first time in forever, but also solidify themselves in the CFP.  Instead, they flat-out blew it and looked like an absolute joke. I can not even imagine what it must be like being a Michigan fan right now. For the last decade and a half, you have been absolutely owned by the big bad boys from Columbus. When you try to talk back, you have to immediately sit down because Brutus and the Buckeyes own you. Then, you finally have the chance to go into the bullies house and build a new narrative with this big bad defense and you get absolutely annihilated. It is an absolute abomination. Jim Harbaugh has got to go. Don Brown, see ya later. Pep Hamilton, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. This one is going to sting for a long time and you can not let anyone who was responsible for this disaster free without consequences.

Now all this being said, I do want to give Ohio State credit. They played an almost flawless ballgame and it was clear from the very first snap that they wanted it more. Urban Meyer proved that Harbaugh doesn’t even come close to using the same toilet paper he does. To cap this thing off I just gotta say, Michigan you blew it. This was your year to change the narrative but instead, you are making the Sunday papers as the laughing stock of the college football world.  This will always be known as the season that could of been for the 2018 Michigan Wolverines.

PS. Shea Patterson is a joke.

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