A True Story of Perseverance By: Peter Snyder

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August 17th, 2018, draft night. Ya boy had the first overall and was coming off an abysmal season. But this year, things would be different. I thought I would be Mr. hot shot with my selection and decided to print a picture of my pick down, and put it in an envelope. As the draft officially began and I was told I was on the clock, I slowly pulled out the manilla envelope in a anxt and handed it over to the comish. “With the first pick in the 2018 draft, Pete Snyder selects, Le’Veon Bell,” he shouted. Needless to say, that pick  did not work out. But not all hope was lost, I had drafted Jay Ajayi who had been an absolute work horse for me just a season ago and also picked up a reliable RB from the Jets in the likes of Bilal Powell who was due to get me some productive minutes off the bench. Well both of them were placed on the IR during the first few weeks of the regular season. But hey little old me was not going to give up hope just yet. I had made a move to pick up TE O.J Howard and RB Leonard Fournette. Call me rocky because I was refusing to give up.

At this point in the season my overall record was 2-4, and was battling injuries like it was a war. As fellow fantasy goers saw my team begin to crumble, I began to be picked on for my lack of “fantasy knowledge.” I could take the heat deservingly so, but one weasel stuck out to me. One fantasy goer in particular called me a “disgrace to fantasy football.” I though to myself, he must of been undefeated for him to be able to make such a comment, right? Nope, he actually had the same record as I did at 2-4. When I called him out on it he had seem to have hopped on the excuse train and made every excuse imaginable. “Well actually the reason i’m losing is just because of bad luck and it is totally unfair.” I had to take my state of mind all the way back to kindergarten to understand where he was truly coming from. I than told him just wait until  we face head to head. I got laughed at again.

Fast forward a handful of weeks and the matchup was finally here. My record was 4-7 and the weasels was 5-6. I knew I wasn’t making the playoffs at this point so this was my Super Bowl. My Roster was quite depleted as I had previously lost OJ Howard to a season ending injury. It had began to feel like the injuries were suffocating me. But I refused to quit, I refused to give up. I was called a disgrace and was ready to shock the world.

It is currently 11:30 on a Monday night. I am tired, I am sweaty but I am happy to report that I the disgrace to fantasy football have defeated the all and powerful excuse train. Ask me how I’m feeling right now? Yea it’s better than sex. As I put in my rightful gloats to our fantasy GC, the excuse train made one final excuse instead of congratulating me. “My starting QB wasn’t playing so technically, you didn’t REALLY beat me.” Was I surprised by this comment no? But it didn’t matter because that man has to live for the rest of his life knowing that he LOST to a man that he called a disgrace. The late and great Jim Jim Valvano once said, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” I didn’t Jim, I didn’t.

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